How much does the PGD Cost Delhi?

The PGD Cost Delhi is around USD 15,000 which includes the full cycle of IVF, preimplantation screening etc. PGD is a complex procedure and requires a lot of laboratory work so the PGD Cost Delhi is little expensive than other procedures. We also offer the PGS with an additional cost. Testing of 4 embryos will cost you around USD 2000 in Delhi and after that, if you require more testing of the embryos than it will cost you around USD 200 per embryo testing. PGD for specific genetic abnormalities requires the development of the probe. The probe development can range from USD 2000 to USD 4500 depending on the genetic mutation being tested.

The purpose of the PGD is to screen the genetic abnormalities which can occur due to early miscarriage or failed implantation of the embryos. Some of the patients have risk factors that make the chances of genetic abnormalities and to reduce this factor the PGD screening is done.

PGD Cost Delhi

PGD Clinic Delhi – A leading and trusted clinic to screen the genetic abnormalities

PGD Clinic Delhi is a leading and trusted clinic where the embryos are tested for the diseases genes and only the healthy embryos will be transferred into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy. These embryos are obtained by combining your eggs and your husband sperms in IVF lab. Your fertility expert will remove the one or two blastomeres from each embryo and will transfer the healthy embryo into your uterus.

The couples did not want that if they are dealing with any kind of genetic disorder that will pass to their new-born and this is the reason that people across the globe prefer to visit PGD Clinic Delhi because this is the clinic where fertility expert will do proper screening of the embryo before putting up into the women uterus. PGD helps any couples to have genetic disease-free baby as earlier the couples have no choice and the genetic disease transfer to the baby born from them but now with the help of IVF PGD embryos free from the genetic disorder will be transferred into the women uterus and once implanted the couple will have their own genetic disease-free baby.

How does the PGD Delhi procedure works?

PGD Delhi begins with normal IVF procedure where your fertility expert will collect the eggs from your ovaries and mix them together with your husband sperm to facilitate the fertilization in IVF lab. After 3 to 5 days the embryos will be divided into multiple cells.

The following are the steps involve in PGD Delhi procedure:

In the first step of the PGD Delhi procedure, the couples few cells are microsurgically removed from the embryos which will take around 5 days to develop and after this the cell collection will be done and the embryos will be safely frozen.

The entire PGD Delhi procedure from the time of egg retrieval to the final results of PGD will take around several weeks as this procedure includes the collection, fertilization, 3 to 5 days of development, 1 to 2 weeks of testing the embryos, and scheduling your appointments with your fertility expert regarding the chances of your successful pregnancy etc. While undergoing for PGD Delhi procedure it is important to keep in your mind that what you will get at the end of the procedure, so that you can plan accordingly your treatment. As we understand your goal of success is your healthy and disease free baby which we will ensure that you will get by having the PGD Delhi procedure. This is the reason that people across the world prefer PGD Delhi procedure because they achieve their dream of success which is their own baby and at very reasonable cost.