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Laser Assisted Hatching Cost Delhi

Laser Assisted Hatching Cost Delhi

Laser Assisted Hatching Cost Delhi is very reasonable and can be easily afforded by each individual whosoever dealing with the cause of poor prognosis. This new technique increases the implantation especially for the women over the age of 35 years and also for those who have an elevated FSH level of the menstrual cycle on their third day. The couples who have had the failed IVF cycles can also undergo for the Laser Assisted Hatching to achieve their goal of success which is their own baby. The fertility experts at the Select IVF clinic offer the reasonable Laser Assisted Hatching Cost Delhi because they understand the condition of the couples who all are going through with the condition of not giving a birth to a child and many of the women have been forced to leave their husband.

The study says that the women who have the good quality of eggs, healthy fallopian tubes with good quality of partner’s sperm but still unable to conceive a baby because they might have a trouble at the blastocyst stage and the best option is the Laser Assisted Hatching which provides the successful pregnancy and that too at very reasonable Laser Assisted Hatching Cost Delhi.

Laser Assisted Hatching Cost Delhi

Why is Laser Assisted Hatching Delhi required?

    Laser Assisted Hatching Delhi is a new technology through which the embryos will be attached to the women womb. With this procedure, the pregnancy will not take place until the human embryo hatches. According to study, the success rates of the pregnancy of IVF with assisted hatching are high as compared to those done without hatching.

    The Laser Assisted Hatching Delhi is a procedure which is mainly required by the couples who are in a depression mode after having the IVF or ICSI failed treatment as the healthy embryo was not implanted in the women womb. Your embryologist will transfer the embryo generally on the second or third day when they are in 4 cells or 8 cell stages. Once your fertility expert at Select IVF clinic place back the resulted embryo into your uterus and after that your fertility expert will monitor the development and growth of the embryo for 5 days post egg retrieval procedure. At the time, embryos are multicellular and are segregated into a cell mass inside and have a cover on the exterior which is known as Trophectoderm and this embryo is referred to as a blastocyst.

    At the time when embryo reaches to its blastocyst stage, it starts expanding and cracks open the cover from the zona which comes out in this manner and this entire procedure is known as Laser Assisted Hatching. Zona pellucida becomes harder during the cleavage of the early fetus. This is a normal development to keep the cells in the egg safely together. Your fertility expert will remove your eggs from the natural environment so that IVF and micro insemination will take place. This is a procedure where egg shells tend to harden faster as compared to normal egg fertilization process. According to study, the women above the age of 40 years usually produce the eggs which have a harder zona pellucida as compared to younger women. Similarly, the women have a high level of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) have the harder zona pellucida.  This can be diagnosed with the help of blood test and Laser Assisted Hatching become necessary to get pregnant. It became difficult to hatch the eggs from the older women and hence some of the older women experience problems while getting pregnant. In Laser Assisted Hatching, your fertility expert at Select IVF clinic will cut the zona and this is done when the embryos are at the 4 cell which is the day 2 or in day 3 stages which is 6-8 cells. These embryos will be transferred back into the women uterus. The cut which your fertility expert has made will help to weaken the zona and assists the hatching process. This procedure will increase the chances of the successful pregnancy. The Laser Assisted Hatching becomes very important in IVF when the following indications are seen: 

    • Age: Age of the couples who are undergoing for the IVF where the female partner is above the age of 35 years.
    • Failed IVF: The couples who have had repeated failed IVF cycles.
    • Embryo Quality: The couples who are undergoing for the IVF and have the poor quality of embryos.
    • Zona factor: The couples undergoing for IVF with embryos which have a thick zona pellucida.