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karyotyping cost

Karyotyping: an easy way to diagnose diseases and disorders for the expert in the field of science and technology

Karyotyping is the easy way for the patients and the team to diagnose diseases and disorders with the help of science and technology. It is the process of pairing and ordering al the chromosomes of organisms, providing a genome-wide snapshot of an individual’s chromosome. The procedure starts with the staining mechanism of the chromosome. Karyotyping can be used in other genetic disorders as it can read the gene pairing and al the modifications occurred to the genes.  Normally in medicine karyotyping is used in chromosomal disorders. The karyotyping analysis can reveal abnormalities such as missing chromosomes, extra chromosomes, deletions, duplications, and translocations. These abnormalities cause different diseases as Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, and fragile X syndrome.

Karyotyping will analyze your chromosome to ensure the problem faced by you or alter you at the initial stage

Karyotyping, a laboratory procedure will allow the expert to know or read the chromosome. Chromosomes are the genetic material in every cell which carries the genetic material. Total of the chromosomes is 46 among which 4 is the reproductive chromosome and rest all are somatic chromosome. Total 2 pairs of the chromosome are somatic and rest 1 pair non-somatic chromosome.  In the prices of kartyotyping, the test is viewed on the dividing cells when the division of cell takes place. A karyotype test examines that the chromosomes are arranged by the size or appearance or not.  The process of karyotyping starts with the sampling process in which sample cells can be taken from tissues as bone marrow, blood, amniotic fluid, and placenta. Sampling involves a number of methods it all depends upon the area of your body is being tested. After the collection of the sample it’s placed in a laboratory dish that allows the cells to grow. This makes the cell to be studied easily. The stained cells are observed under a microscope after which the study of chromosomes is possible.      

karyotyping cost

Pros and cons of the karyotype test

The procedure is used for a variety of genetic disorders. For example, woman having a premature ovarian failure, identifying Philadelphia chromosome, baby can have the test before birth to diagnose any abnormalities, and etc. infertility can also be diagnosed by the test, sometimes chromosomes defects are preventing the women to be pregnant or have miscarriages.   Many of the diseases are not diagnosed by the karyotype methodology as- coronary arteries diseases, hypertension, diabetes, Cancer, multiple sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and such diseases. Similar to other methodology, karyotyping is a concern to the diagnostics related to the nucleus and gene of the patient or the newborn.    

Karyotyping cost: nominal budget will be appropriate for the analysis of your need; will vary as per the sample was taken for the test

Karyotyping cost is very nominal under your budget which suits the need of the patient. The sample can be any cell or tissue of the patient body. Sometimes the sample might be the blood of your body. The costs of the test vary as per the type of sample taken for the test. The cost of the test might be in a few dollars and it may vary up to a hundred dollars. The exact cost of the test varies from centre to centre, but we do not charge extra of the fess as for the convenience of the patient ranging from INR 3, 500(50 dollar) to INR 14, 000(205 dollar). There are many centres in India where is the test is done, but the accuracy of the tests might alter as per the centre. The choice of the selection of the centre should be only of the patient and the family concerned and should have a serious decision.  We have provided the facility for the karyotype test in almost most of the cities of India; one can have the choice of the nearest place. Karyotyping cost will be an unbiased cost of the test which would be valid for the entire intending candidate to our centre.

Book your test soon: save your time for the karyotyping test

Karyotyping test should be booked by the patient before you want your test done. Most of the patients wastes time in the test duration, thus to save the time of busily scheduled patient you should book the test. Booking the test will ensure the money and time of a patient with the highest accuracy of the test.