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September 8, 2023

Surrogacy Cost in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu 2023: Navigating the Path to Parenthood

Surrogacy Cost in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu: Exploring Your Parenthood Options

For many individuals and couples in Anna Nagar, Tamil Nadu, surrogacy offers a ray of hope in fulfilling their dreams of parenthood. As a bustling residential and commercial hub in Chennai, Anna Nagar has witnessed a growing interest in assisted reproductive technologies, including surrogacy. However, one of the critical considerations for anyone embarking on this remarkable journey is the Surrogacy cost in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu.

Surrogacy is a process that involves multiple stages, including medical assessments, legal formalities, compensation for the surrogate, and medical procedures. The cost can vary significantly based on individual circumstances and choices. Understanding the intricacies of surrogacy costs in Anna Nagar is essential for making well-informed decisions.

In this informative guide, we will delve into the factors that influence surrogacy Charges in Anna Nagar, providing you with valuable insights to navigate this emotional and financial investment. Whether you’re considering surrogacy as intended parents or contemplating becoming a surrogate, understanding the financial aspects is a crucial step towards realizing your parenthood dreams in Anna Nagar.

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Understanding Surrogacy in Anna Nagar

Understanding Surrogacy in Anna Nagar involves navigating the legal landscape of Tamil Nadu, distinguishing between traditional and gestational surrogacy methods, discerning eligibility criteria for intended parents, and recognizing the pivotal role of surrogacy agencies in facilitating this complex yet hopeful path to parenthood.

Legal Framework for Surrogacy in Tamil Nadu

In this section, we will delve into the legal aspects of surrogacy in the state of Tamil Nadu. We will explore the existing laws and regulations that govern surrogacy arrangements. This includes an overview of recent changes in surrogacy legislation and how these changes impact the process and costs in Anna Nagar. Additionally, we will highlight the importance of complying with legal requirements to ensure a smooth and legally sound surrogacy journey.

Types of Surrogacy Arrangements

  • Traditional Surrogacy Here, we will explain the concept of traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate mother uses her own eggs for the pregnancy. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traditional surrogacy, its prevalence in Anna Nagar, and the emotional and legal complexities associated with this form of surrogacy.
  • Gestational Surrogacy This subsection will focus on gestational surrogacy, a more common method where the surrogate mother carries an embryo created through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) using the intended parents’ or donor’s eggs and sperm. We will elaborate on the medical procedures involved, the role of IVF clinics, and the reasons why gestational surrogacy is preferred by many intended parents.

Eligibility Criteria for Intended Parents

To proceed with surrogacy in Anna Nagar, there are specific eligibility criteria that intended parents must meet. We will provide a comprehensive list of these criteria, including age restrictions, marital status, and medical prerequisites. This section will help readers understand whether they qualify for surrogacy and what steps they can take if they don’t meet the criteria.

Surrogacy Cost in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu
Surrogacy Cost in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu

Role of Surrogacy Agencies in Anna Nagar

Surrogacy agencies play a crucial role in facilitating surrogacy arrangements. In this part of the outline, we will discuss the functions and responsibilities of surrogacy agencies in Anna Nagar. This will include information on how these agencies match intended parents with suitable surrogate mothers, handle legal documentation, and provide emotional support throughout the surrogacy journey. We will also touch upon the benefits of working with reputable surrogacy agencies and how their involvement can impact surrogacy costs.

The Surrogacy Process

The surrogacy process involves finding a suitable surrogate mother, undergoing essential medical procedures like In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and establishing legal contracts to define the roles and responsibilities of all parties. Throughout the journey, continuous monitoring of the surrogate’s pregnancy ensures the well-being of both the surrogate and the intended parents.

Finding a Surrogate Mother: This section discusses the process of selecting a suitable surrogate mother in Anna Nagar. It covers the steps involved in matching intended parents with a surrogate, including compatibility factors and background checks.

Medical Procedures Involved: This subsection delves into the medical aspects of surrogacy. It explains the procedures like In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer, which are crucial in the surrogacy process, ensuring that the embryo is successfully implanted in the surrogate mother’s womb.

Legal Aspects and Contracts: This part explores the legal side of surrogacy, focusing on the legal agreements and contracts involved. It explains how surrogacy agreements outline the rights and responsibilities of all parties, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant process.

Monitoring the Pregnancy: Here, we discuss the ongoing process of monitoring the surrogate mother’s pregnancy. It covers the importance of prenatal care and emotional support to ensure the health and well-being of both the surrogate mother and the developing baby throughout the pregnancy journey.

Surrogacy Charge in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu
Surrogacy Charge in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu

What is the Cost of Surrogacy in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu?

The Cost of surrogacy in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the fertility clinic, the specific surrogacy program, and any additional medical procedures required. On average, surrogacy in Tamil Nadu can range from INR 10 lakhs to 30 lakhs or more. This cost typically covers medical expenses for the surrogate mother, legal fees, surrogate compensation, IVF procedures, and administrative expenses.

It’s important to note that the renowned Fertility Center in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu, known for its expertise in reproductive medicine, may have its own pricing structure for surrogacy services. For precise and up-to-date information regarding surrogacy costs at Fertility Center, it’s advisable to directly contact the center or visit their official website. Additionally, consulting with a fertility specialist is essential to understand the full breakdown of expenses associated with your specific surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy ProcedureCost (Surrogacy Package)
Surrogacy using own eggs & own spermsRs. 15 Lakh To 18 Lakh
Surrogacy by donor eggs and own spermsRs. 16 Lakh to 19 Lakh
Surrogacy with donor sperms and own eggsRs. 16 Lakh to 20 Lakh
surrogacy  (cost) & Embryo Transfer (Cost)Up to Rs. 4 Lakh
Surrogate Mother Selection (Cost)+ Blood Tests (Cost) + Surrogate Mother Preparation (Cost)Up to Rs. 2 Lakh
Normal Vaginal Delivery CostUp to Rs. 70,000
cesarean section or C-section Delivery CostUp to Rs. 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh
Housing for Surrogate mother (Cost) + Food (Cost)Up to Rs. 3 Lakh

The success rate of surrogacy in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu

The success rate of surrogacy in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu depends on the challenges that get faced by couples. But if you want to get a rough idea then this success table is for you where you can get a rough idea regarding your surrogacy treatment. There is a success rate mentioned as per the different cases such as surrogacy with self-eggs and sperm, surrogacy donor’s eggs and sperm, etc. 

No.Surrogacy TreatmentsSuccess rates
a.        surrogacy with self-eggs50 to 60%
b.       surrogacy with self-sperm55 to 60%
c.        surrogacy with donor eggs70 to 75%
d.       surrogacy with donor sperm73 to 77%
e.       surrogacy with FET60 to 65%
f.         surrogacy with ICSI50 to 65%

Success rate of surrogacy in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu

Surrogacy Cost in Anna Nagar - Tamil Nadu
Surrogacy Cost in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu

The success rate of surrogacy with self-egg and sperm provides more than 50% to 60%, whereas the success rate of surrogacy with donor’s sperm and eggs provides a high success rate which is around 70% to 75%. 

  1. Women who are 45 years or older have a 15–20% probability.
  2. Women who are 40 years or older have a 20–21% probability.
  3. Women who are 35 years or older have a 25–28% probability.
  4. Women who are 30 years or older have a 33–35% probability.
  5. Women who are 25 years or older have a 40–50% probability.

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When considering the Surrogacy Price in Anna Nagar, Tamil Nadu, it’s vital to recognize that this financial aspect is a significant part of the surrogacy journey. Select IVF, a leading fertility center in Anna Nagar, understands the importance of transparency and affordability in surrogacy.

In Anna Nagar, Surrogacy is an option that brings hope to many aspiring parents. Select IVF not only offers state-of-the-art medical facilities but also strives to make surrogacy accessible and manageable for those seeking this path to parenthood.

The Surrogacy Cost in Anna Nagar – Tamil Nadu can vary based on individual circumstances and requirements. However, Select IVF is committed to providing clear cost structures and financial guidance to support intended parents in their pursuit of happiness and family expansion. Surrogacy in Anna Nagar can indeed be a transformative experience, and with Select IVF’s dedication to affordability and excellence, it becomes a promising avenue for many.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average cost of surrogacy in Anna Nagar?

The average cost of surrogacy in Anna Nagar can vary, but it typically ranges from INR 10 lakhs to 30 lakhs, depending on various factors such as clinic fees, surrogate compensation, and medical expenses.

How long does the surrogacy process usually take?

The surrogacy process usually takes around 12 to 18 months from the initial consultation to the birth of the child. However, the timeline can vary based on individual circumstances and legal requirements.

What legal documents are required for surrogacy in Tamil Nadu?

Legal documents required for surrogacy in Tamil Nadu include a surrogacy agreement, medical records, consent forms, and birth certificates. It’s essential to consult with legal experts to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Can same-sex couples opt for surrogacy in Anna Nagar?

Yes, same-sex couples can opt for surrogacy in Anna Nagar, provided they meet the legal and medical requirements of the surrogacy process.

What happens in case of pregnancy complications?

In case of pregnancy complications during surrogacy, medical professionals closely monitor the situation. The course of action will depend on the specific complications, and decisions will be made in the best interest of the surrogate mother and the baby’s health. Legal and medical experts will guide the process.

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