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Which fertility clinics in India do affordable surrogacy?

Renting a womb for creating your family

Surrogacy is a term for an arrangement that facilitates pregnancy for a couple but in some other’s womb. The woman that agrees on the prospect of making the child of the intended parents and they might have to pay in return for the pregnancy services rendered. But nowadays, surrogacy is conducted on an altruistic basis means the surrogate carries the pregnancy without any monetary expectations and delivers the child to the intending parents.

However, the intending parents have to pay for the expenses incurred meanwhile she carries their baby in her womb for the maintenance of her health. The whole process of surrogacy is quite transparent as it is backed by legal documentation where the involved parties sign a contract mentioning their roles with regards to the future child. Both parties have to abide by the rules and none of them can refuse giving or to take the child when the time comes.

The legal facility and the hope of sharing a genetic affinity with the child are what make surrogacy a popular option.  Every year, many celebrities take the help of surrogacy for getting a child that is biologically connected to them. Surrogates hold the place of utmost importance in surrogacy as they are the one who carries the outcome and is responsible for the health of the child. Therefore, finding a surrogate becomes a daunting task especially when searching a potential surrogate that shares some of your genetic or other qualities.

On the top of it, another matter of great concern is the cost of surrogacy treatment or finding the best fertility clinic for affordable surrogacy because it is a long process requiring the involvement of different fertility treatments, lab tests, and ultrasounds and the cost is even more magnified if you are not able to find a surrogate mother of your own. The surrogate mother has to be someone known to you or biologically linked to you and the one who agrees to take the plunge into pregnancy on your behalf in return of no compensation.

In the scenario when you fail to find such a benevolent woman, then you have to search a top-class surrogacy centre that has the reputation of offering healthy surrogates to the patients at an affordable surrogacy cost. It is hard for you to find a surrogate, therefore, skim through the profiles provided by the fertility hospital in order to find a suitable match for yourself. It is better to rely on a surrogacy hospital that has a huge repository of the surrogate mother’s profiles that is formed after comprehensive screening and medical testing of the potential candidates.

For cutting down the cost of surrogacy, it is crucial to find a centre that is known for providing the best surrogacy services and also form a cost-effective treatment plan tailored according to the requirement of the patients. At Select IVF India, we are a popular medical tourism company in India that provides the services of the best fertility specialists and surrogacy doctors owning a great deal of experience in the domain of the ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) methods. Our success rates are comparatively the best and the services offered by us are exceptional. That’s why you no longer need to be confused as you can blindly trust your surrogacy treatment.

The two main types of surrogacy practices

Surrogacy uses two methods that are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. 

Traditional Surrogacy

In the traditional method of surrogacy, the surrogate chosen by the intended parents undergoes artificial insemination where the doctor purposefully inserts sperms into her uterus for inducing pregnancy. In the process of traditional surrogacy, the surrogate’s eggs are used for pregnancy which makes her genetically related to the baby. Before undergoing the procedure, the surrogate mother is given fertility medication for promoting the production of eggs inside her ovaries. The high quantity of eggs is essential for increasing the chances of conception.

However, the traditional arrangement of affordable surrogacy is less appealing since the intending mother does not share biological ties with the baby to be born. But the intending father can share a genetic affinity with the baby if he offers his sperms for the insemination process. The surrogate mother gets pregnant with the father’s sperms and carries the pregnancy to full term and delivers the baby to the intended parents in due time.

Gestational Surrogacy

On the contrary, a gestational surrogacy arrangement gives the extra benefit of sharing a biological connection with the child since IVF treatment is used in this method. During the process of gestational surrogacy, the intending mother is required to take fertility medicines and injections for encouraging her ovaries to maximize the production of fertile eggs. On the other hand, the intending after is asked to provide his semen sample wherein the doctor retrieves the finest sperms and abandon the unhealthy sperms.

After observing the maturity of the eggs, they are extracted from the ovarian follicles in the process of egg retrieval. The retrieved eggs and sperms are combined in a lab environment for activating fertilization. As a result, one or more embryos are formed due to fertilization. The next part involves a surrogate mother as the formed embryo is embedded inside her uterus. The effective embryo implantation leads to pregnancy, which is confirmed after performing blood tests and ultrasounds on the surrogate mother. The facility of having the child genetically associated with both the intending parents makes this surrogacy practice much more desirable than the traditional surrogacy.

Seeking the best fertility clinic for affordable surrogacy

The clinics under Select IVF India are known for providing affordable surrogacy. Our medical tourism company in India works with the best fertility specialists and hospitals. They have significant expertise in providing the best quality treatment to the patients with positive outcomes. They make sure that you get the best treatment experience and do not face any problem while receiving treatment at our various network hospitals.

We provide the best fertility clinic for affordable surrogacy in India. Our fertility experts have over three decades of experience in performing the most effective surrogacy procedures in India. They put all their efforts into ensuring that you get the best treatment and return home with a baby. Our main aim is to eradicate the tag of childlessness from your life so that you can experience the beautiful journey of parenthood. Our success rates speak for themselves as they are the highest if you observe or compare them with the other fertility clinics in India.

Our high success rates and affordable surrogacy is the reason why infertile couples are compelled to choose our surrogacy services. We facilitate the services of the healthiest surrogates in the town as our surrogates are selected after scrutinizing them for their mental and physical health. We ensure the successive results for the patient’s surrogacy treatment and ensure they receive a satisfactory treatment at our network fertility clinics.

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