What are the signs of not being able to have a baby in a woman?

What are the signs of not being able to have a baby in a woman?

What are the signs of not being able to have a baby in a woman?

Infertility can happen to anyone at any age, there are medical reasons behind it. But what are the signs of not being able to have a baby in a woman? – This is the question whose answer many women are trying to find out. Through this article we will help you and give you required information on the signs of infertility, so that you don’t delay much in holding those tiny hands at any age of your life.

But first let’s find out, what is infertility? – Infertility is a health issue that works as a barrier in a man and woman to have a baby through natural process.  If we observe, the rate of infertility is growing day by day. There are numerous reasons for growing infertility. If we talk about urban areas, changing lifestyle is considered one of the important reasons. And in rural area it could be ignoring the health issues after or before pregnancy. 

Let’s find out in detail what are the signs of not being able to have a baby in a woman of rural and urban areas?

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What is the reason for a woman can’t get pregnant?

Medical science has done a thorough research in identifying the signs of not being able to have a baby in a woman or we can say the symptoms of infertility in a woman. Given below is the list of symptoms of infertility issue in a woman.

Irregular period: a menstruation cycle is of 28 days, it may vary from woman to woman. Some women have 31 days cycle, some woman have 35 days cycle. But the most important thing is consistency or regularity in periods. If there is no regularity and you cannot keep the record of your cycle because of inconsistency, this might be the sign to check your fertility.

Heavy and painful periods:  cramps is a common to feel during periods, some may even don’t feel cramps, so lucky, but if the periods are extremely painful and discomforting and the flow is heavier than normal, you should consult the doctor  as it may be the sign of endometriosis. Endometriosis is one of the causes of infertility in a woman.

Missing periods: missing periods for a month can be because of stress or physical changes for example excess workout, but if there is no period for months then it could be the symptom of infertility.

Fluctuation in hormones: if you are a woman and experiencing issues in skin, changes in weight, growing facial hair, thinning of hairs and reduce sex drives; if these symptoms are for months or even years this could the sign of infertility in a woman.

Overweight: according to a study if a woman loose 5% to 10% of weight, it can give a boost to the ovulation in a women with obesity. It is seen that a woman with obesity has experienced risks of infertility. 

What are the signs of not being able to have a baby in a woman?

When you should see a doctor?

Often people delay to meet the doctor about their condition it could be because of any personal reasons but if you want to have a child it is better you should consult a doctor as soon as possible after observing the above mentioned factors. If we take the case of a couple, a couple is trying to conceive naturally for over a year and still there is no result, they should consult a doctor as it could be the sign of infertility.

Age is also an important factor when it comes to fertility issue. It is medically proven that a woman of age 35 and above faces problems in conceiving naturally as increasing age decreases the quality and quantity of eggs present in woman ovaries. In some cases of women above age 35 or in 40s can conceive easily with the natural process; it is because of her health and the healthy lifestyle she might be following. But generally a woman starts to face problems from her late 30s. if you are a woman in her late 30s and above and experiencing problems in conceiving, you should see a doctor.

If you observe any symptoms within you that we have mentioned in this article till now, it is the time to see a doctor. Generally even if you doesn’t observe any of the symptoms of infertility, you should check your fertility if you have planned to have a biological child in any time of the future. Now you might be wondering how I can check fertility. – You don’t have to worry about it because we are going to mention it further.

How can I check my fertility?

In today’s time, there are many things to keep in mind before starting a family such as financial stability, future planning and many more. Now an individual wants to accomplish her or his goals and fulfil his dreams. Let’s see within your circle, if you are unmarried or married and you have friends, you might have heard any of them saying I want to do this or that first and then I will think of marrying or have kids. Everyone have heard this or said this to someone. It is about priorities. Everyone wants to live their life and enjoy with their partner and there is nothing wrong in it. We all know that having a child is a huge responsibility and we should be preparing for it if we desire to give our child a good quality life.

But it cannot be ignored that fertility is related to age also. We have already mentioned it; as the age increases, the quality of eggs or sperm decreases. So if you are willing to have a child in future but right now you have different plans, it is advisable to consult fertility doctor. Checking fertility could help you even better in starting a family.  

How can you check fertility? – To check fertility there are various types of fertility tests available. If you will consult a doctor for the check up, he or she will ask you for a blood test. The blood test is done to check the count of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH). This hormone is related to the eggs of a woman. With age when the quantity of eggs decline the level of hormones also decline.

Through this test the doctor will check the level of these hormones, it the level of AHM is appropriate, and doctor will advise you accordingly. The blood test is also done to check the level of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). This hormone increases if the count of eggs decreases. The test will consider if the level is normal according to her age or not.

What are the signs of not being able to have a baby in a woman?

What can I do to get pregnant this month?

To get pregnant a woman should have ovulation. What is ovulation? – Ovulation is a process where egg releases from ovary to fallopian tube. This happens every month before two weeks of periods in a woman. This time is considered best for conceiving as the chances of pregnancy is high at that time. Even if having intercourse regularly for a year without protection is not giving you desired results, it is the time to go to the doctor.

There are various fertility and advanced fertility treatments available. For many infertile couples it turns out as a blessing. Some of them are expensive but worth a try. Before advising you a treatment, doctor will do complete checkups to know your exact fertility condition and then he or she will suggest you a fertility treatment accordingly. The days have been gone where infertility could not be treated and a couple had to live with it. But now infertility treatment like IVF, ICSI and many more has changed many lives till now.

At Select IVF we provide you almost every type of infertility and advanced infertility treatment at a reasonable amount. We have a team of fertility specialist who examine their patients closely, and then suggest them a customize treatment that they have made especially for the client by keeping his conditions in mind. The customize treatment is made to achieve a successful outcome. Till now Select IVF has treated thousands of infertile individuals and determined to do the same.

Unlike many fertility centres we believe in clarity that we maintain throughout the process of the treatment opted by our clients. Since the beginning of the process we tell them everything about the treatment and the client’s condition and the success rate so that the client doesn’t feel tricked.

For more information regarding the treatment and fertility tests to know what are the signs of not being able to have a baby in a woman you can contact us. The contact details are mentioned on our website.

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