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What are my chances of conceiving with IVF at age 51?

Many women choose to get married later in life or have a certain lifestyle that doesn’t comply with their wish of becoming pregnant at an early age. So they try to conceive at an old age or at an age which is considered too late for becoming a mother. However, with the aid of modern technology and the service of fertility specialists, it has become possible to fulfil your dream of experiencing motherhood at an old age.

We have seen so many cases of women conceiving at an older age, when it is impossible to conceive as age is a key factor in determining whether you can conceive or not and fertility tends to decline as a result of increase in a women’s age. Your ability to conceive is majorly determined by your age, and once a woman reaches her 30, fertility rate starts to decrease and constantly keep on decreasing till she hit menopause.

A woman is born with 1 million eggs and these eggs continue to diminish with age, and lesser the eggs, lesser are the chances of conception. A female is considered to be at fertility peak in her 20s and the chances of conceiving are more than 90%. At age 25, this percentage comes down to around 80, and when you reach 35 your chance of conceiving is up to 75%. By the time you turn 50, your chances of getting pregnant have reduced to 4%.

However, with the help of assisted reproductive technology, it has become possible to achieve pregnancy at an old age. At Select IVF India, we have helped many women to become a mother by using various IVF techniques and have provided desired outcomes to them.

Pregnancy using IVF at 51

In Vitro Fertilization, often referred to as IVF, is an ART (Assisted Reproductive Technique) used for facilitating pregnancy. In this technique, fertilization takes place outside the woman’s body; the mother’s egg and the father’s sperm are combined and kept in a lab for a few days, and once fertilization occurs, they are placed back inside the uterus of the mother.

IVF is the most common method to treat infertility amongst women and has proven to be beneficial for old age women as well, as there are still some eggs left increasing the possibility of her becoming pregnant. Many old age women have achieved pregnancy using the IVF treatment in Select IVF India, as the IVF treatment is offered at a lower cost and with a high success rate.

IVF with donor egg

In case, the woman doesn’t have fertile eggs, then she can opt for donor eggs. The only difference in IVF with donor egg is that the egg used for fertilization is of a donor, and everything else is the same. The woman can still carry the child in her womb after the procedure of embryo transfer is done. After the completion of the IVF process, the old aged woman can become pregnant and have a child of her own.

IVF Surrogacy

Women can even opt for surrogacy if they are unhealthy for carrying a pregnancy, as the chanced of a miscarriage at an old age are substantially higher. She might have certain health issues and conditions related to her uterus, such as a damaged fallopian tube, endometriosis, and other uterine diseases that won’t allow carrying a pregnancy on her own. In such cases, she can choose a surrogate that will carry the pregnancy for her and deliver the baby to her when the time comes.

Therefore, it is still possible for a woman to become a mother at age 51. Select IVF India provides several options to help a woman achieve her dream of enjoying parenthood.

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