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Tourism Ministry has announced relaxations in E-Visa charges on 19th August 2019

In 2014, India has commenced a policy for e-Visa, who are wishing or planning to come to India for a short trip, business deals or even medical treatments. Since this arrangement came in the light, several natives from foreign started to receive an ESTA validation that makes them easily enter in India and avoid all the delays of embassy/consulate to obtain Visa stamped.

Recently India has made the e-visa fee changed by introducing the most relaxed charges that a visitor is required to pay to come to India. India’s system has been stabilized majorly for the past years and Indian government now targeting a goal to fix a number of foreigner visitors coming to India in each year. In 2018, the Indian Government publicized the arrangement to increase the number of foreign tourist coming to India to 20 million by 2020.  

According to the latest announcement on 19th August 2019, the Home Ministry has set stress-free charges of e-Visa for abroad travellers. True! The changes introduced by the Indian Government on e-tourists visa is much cheaper than the prices of e-Visa India had previous.

The E-Visa for foreigner visitors now follows two sets of prices, lean and peak cost of e-Visa.

  • The lean period that has been set from April to June, visitors coming during these months for a short stay (30 days) are required to pay only $10.
  • The Peak period (from July to March) cost of e-Visa is $25 (considerably very low)

If a visitor is planning his or her stay in India for at least 5 years or even 1 year, then the concern traveller needs to –

  • He or she has to pay just $40 for a 1-year stay
  • and $80 for a 5-years stay in India

Additionally, for Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Ukraine, the UK, and the US, duration of 30 days stay during lean period, the cost of e-Visa is $10 and during the peak season, the cost of e-Visa is $25 (for 30 days).   The above-revised scheme of e-Visa fees has been consented by the Home Ministry team and now this plan is under consideration by the Ministry of External Affairs. This change of e-visa fees by the Indian Government is soon to be regulated in India.

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