Thank you just isn’t adequate to express the joy you have brought into our lives. Our son, was born on February 18, 2012 because you saw hope in our case when we saw none. He is a month old today, and even though we are in the midst of many sleepless nights we wanted to take time to express our gratitude to you. We are grateful for the kindness and positive attitudes that everyone at your office provided. Even when our first IVF attempt failed, you still provided a positive outlook for us. One of the things I loved most about your office was there was always someone available to talk to if I had a concern or a question. The nursing staff makes it known that they will be there with you every step of the way guiding you to a successful outcome, and they fulfill that promise. Infertility caused us four years of misery and hopelessness, but we are so grateful to have met a group of people who were able to guide us through this challenging time with honesty, hope and faith in the possibilities. You have enriched our lives and we are forever grateful."

“After six years of infertility we came to you with low hope to have a child. We felt empty as we always wanted a family. We put our trust in you that somehow you would help us overcome this incredible battle. You gave us inspiration, support and love along the way. Then our miracle happened and we became pregnant. After having our precious son for two years of course we hoped we would somehow get pregnant again on our own but didn’t. Although we were fulfilled, we didn’t want to give up the chance to be a complete family with a sibling if possible so we turned back to you. Not as desperate this time, but still scared we were giving it one more try. Amazingly, you performed a miracle again and this time with twins! This is more than we could have EVER hoped for. It’s actually what we wanted before we knew we had infertility! We cannot thank you enough for helping us have the family that we ALWAYS dreamed of!”

How to Receive Speedy
medical opinion from MI.
  • Write to us your country / city name from where you are seeking medical opinion with your full contact details.
  • Send by email or by post copy of recent clinical observations / diagnosis / medical report translated into English.
  • Send any images in JPEG file format.
  • Send us your age, transfusion received so far and / transfusion requirement frequency at present, your current blood counts and hemoglobin report / Pathological Reports or a summery of observations on them.

Testimonial by: Brenda of USA

Date added: 07/09/2012

Title: Sharing good news

I'd like to share with you a good news: I had an IVF implantation on June 19, and I'm now pregnant! I've been doing 5 IVF cycles before, without any success. This time, apart from the necessary medications given by my doctor, I've been taking baby aspirin and your IVF herbal support product. I believe your product has definitely played a great role contributing to my getting pregnant, because I'm already 48 year old, and my blood circulation is not as good as, say, 20 years ago. Many thanks! Brenda

Testimonial by: D.M. of Canada

Date added: 03/30/2012

Title: Testimonial

I am very glad I found your website. We have been trying to have a family for 8 years now. Initially I had no problems becoming pregnant but I miscarried every pregnancy. After the second miscarriage my ob/gyn ran tests and said there was nothing wrong. It took longer to get pregnant the next time and I lost it right away. I was sent for IVF - while waiting I got pregnant several more times and lost all of them. But it took several months to get pregnant each time. We have tried 3 rounds of IVF and although each one seemed to go well and I got pregnant I miscarried early. I have not gotten pregnant naturally for at least 3 years now. My fertility specialist says I have old eggs (I am now 45) and is encouraging us to use donor eggs. We wanted to try one more time. But I wanted to address the 'old egg' issue. I found your website and started taking the FHS herbal support. After taking it for 5 months we got pregnant naturally, the month before we were to start IVF. Unfortunately I have lost that pregnancy too. But getting pregnant naturally after 3 or 4 years gives me some hope that our next round of IVF will be successful. I fully believe that the only reason we were able to get pregnant was because of the herbal supplements from Dr. Politi. My cycles have gotten much better in every way possible, including my general health and energy level, and returned fertility is very promising. I see my own Dr. TCM and consulted her about what herbs to take after becoming pregnant. She told me not to take the ones she usually prescribes and to take the ones from Dr. Politi as they obviously work better for me. According to her diagnosis I was in better health since starting them too. I hope that fertility clinics around the world will hear of and start to work with Dr. Politi especially for us older patients and start us on these herbs early so we are not wasting time on lost cycles.

Testimonial by: Elena

Date added: 03/27/2012

Title: Dear EYAL


Testimonial by: jayne lee of england

Date added: 02/11/2012

Title: mrs


I had used the implantation product previously had a successful positive pregnancy. Since then i have gone back to use the frozen embryos we had left. Again i have used the implantation support and i am now 24 weeks pregnant - would definitely recommend anyone going through ivf as an aid to a successful pregnancy. :-) . Just want to say a big thankyou to to ivf herbal support team. Many thanks. Jayne

Testimonial by: Lukkhoo Sunita

Date added: 01/24/2012

Title: Good News

Dear IVF HS Team, I just want to share good news to you. I don’t know if the supplement that I took help me in my pregnancy but I have been using it and got pregnant thereafter. I have a healthy baby of 6 ½ months. I definitely recommend it to others. It was a miracle. I have been trying everything possible. The products are expensive but the end result has no price. I would like to thank the person who has put this in place. Best Regards, Sunita

Testimonial by: Elina

Date added: 01/24/2012

Title: FSH Reduced

Dear Eyal I have tested my fsh was 5.62 and estradiol level 90 first time after years to see my fsh so low . Thanks Elina

Testimonial by: paige johnston of Los Angeles

Date added: 01/05/2012

Title: 8 yrs and a genetic issue and Pregnant after taking herbs

After 8 yrs of miscarriages, and being diagnosed with a rare genetic issue that makes my FSH high and miscarry...we are pregnant after taking herbs!!! I tried other herbs and nothing happen..I took your herbs and my FSH went from 27 to 10!!! My first Ivf cycle I was too scared to take the herbs and it was unsuccessful...Second try, I took them and I'm pregnant with twins!!! I'm making a documentary about the anguish fertility can be and will be talking about these herbs!!! I wish everyone knew of these herbs and I'll do my best to get the word out!!! Please note..after seeing an acupuncturist/herbalist at a well known University in Los Angeles, she looked at your herbs and said to stop the University's herbs and take yours because they were better quality...well should I say more..yours worked!! Thank you and blessings!!! Paige

Testimonial by: Selena of Australia

Date added: 12/09/2011

Title: Hi Eyal

Hi Eyal I wanted to send you this testimonial. My husband and I have been on ivf for 4 years after countless failed cycles and 8 miscarriages we were beginning to lose hope. I came across your website and with much skepticism but nothing to loose I ordered your Ivf implantation support. After taking it for 6 months we have just confirmed a pregnancy and had our first scan that shows a strong heartbeat- who would have thought! We are so grateful we found your product and I would highly recommend it. My only wish is we found your product sooner! Thank you so much. Regards Selena.

Testimonial by: Mally

Date added: 02/21/2011

Title: lining thickness

Hi for the thickness of the lining try Eyal Politi, the ivfherbalsupport.com site . I tried them with my last cycle with frozen sperm , and I bet you the Doctors were amazed at how thick my lining had become , from 7mm from previous cycles to 15mm not to talk of the quality ovary they saw during the scan of the womb; they wondered how I could have had such a quality ovum naturally. I am perfectly ok, but DH has low sperm count. That cycle I at least passed the 2WW without a sign of spotting. I believe the herbs I got from the name mentioned above helped me a lot. I intend to use it a gain when I try the next cycle with a donor sperm. Visit their website and see things for yourself, you never know what might help. Best of luck! Mally-Age 35 DH- 40 male factor ICSI May 2008 - BFN ICSI Nov 2008 - BFN FET NOV2009- BFN

Testimonial by: T.S

Date added: 07/19/2010

Title: Greetings Eyal

Greetings Eyal, we came to you for consultation on March 2008 after 18 failed IVF cycles. You have suggested us to go for natural IVF Cycle with professor Zeidman and gave us your formula for reducing FSH levels and improving Egg quality. We have used the formula from April -August 2008.On January 2009 our treatment was finally successful thanks to you and we gave birth to a healthy boy who is almost 9 months now. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you dearly and also for you recommended Natural cycle treatment. We wish you all the best.

Testimonial by: S.R

Date added: 06/27/2010

Title: Hi Mr. Politi

Two years ago my husband and I came to see you after few unsuccessful treatments.On the 8th treatment after using your formulas we had finally got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.We would like to try again just with your treatment and not with IVF -what should we do-thank you for your reply. S.

Testimonial by: O.H

Date added: 06/27/2010

Title: Hello Dear Eyal

We were treated by you 3.5 years a go with your formulas to support IVF. On the second cycle we have had a success treatment that result a birth of our baby boy-thank you. Now, we would like to try again with your medications and will let you know how it goes. God bless you.

Testimonial by: R.Z

Date added: 06/27/2010

Title: Dear Eyal Politi

Firstly,we would like to bless you and your family for what you have done for us. We came to see you on 12/31/2006 with infertility problems and you gave us your formula to support our IVF procedure. We had 18 embryos with one successful pregnancy that gave us our baby girl. We are trying again and would like to ask which formulas do we need to use , or can we use the same formula that we had left? Thank you for your answer. R.

Testimonial by: Ilanit

Date added: 05/10/2010

Title: Dear Eyal

Dear Eyal. Our daughter was born 10 months ago thanks to your formulas and the help of professor Zeidman. I am sorry I have not written before as time fly's by so quickly. After using your formula for 3 months I got pregnant and it all went well with the pregnancy. It was a remarkable experience for me especially our first encounter with my daughter which we have named Talia and since then we love her so much and raising her with a lot of joy. I can’t describe in words the happiness you brought to us after 6 years of trying with no success ,thank you so much. We are now planning to have another baby and would be happy to meet you a gain in Zefat and thank you in person. We will be in touch with you to set up a meeting. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Ilanit.

Testimonial by: Kelly Gillespie

Date added: 04/29/2010

Title: Ms

We spent 10 years trying to conceive number 2 and were on our 6th IVF attempt. Decided to try Herbal Support this time and ended up with the best quality eggs/embyros we've ever had and now I'm 10 weeks pregnant! I would definitely recommend it.

Testimonial by: K

Date added: 04/20/2010

Title: IVF Herbal Support

I bought "IVH Herbal Support" before my first IVF attempt back in Oct 09. However, I chickened out of using it as when I asked the nurses they said you should take nothing except Folic acid when your pregnant. After two embryos were transferred I took an early pregnancy test (I couldn't wait...) and it was positive....however I started to bleed that evening & subsequently lost them. On my second IVF attempt I started to take the "IVF Herbal support" when I started spotting. The spotting stopped & I am now 5 weeks pregnant. Thanks you so much :) However when I visited my doctor & my acupuncturist, when they asked me what type of herbs I taking I couldn't answer them. Obviously your formulations are confidential; however could you tell me at very high level what they contain, to put my mind at ease so I can continue up to week 12? A sincere "Thank You" for getting me this far, Regards K

Testimonial by: Sofiya

Date added: 03/22/2010

Title: Dear Eyal.

" We've been trying to conceive two-and-a-half years. Early on we knew there was some kind of problem with my husband's sperm. A year ago, I got pregnant spontaneously, but miscarried in the 6th week. After the miscarriage we decided to get serious and start IUI (intra-uterine insemination). During the pre-IUI testing, the problem with the sperm was more severe than we had thought and our doctor recommended that we skip IUI and go straight to IVF to avoid wasting time. I insisted on trying naturally as long as possible and I truly believed that if we were patient enough we would succeed. I refused to take hormones. After just two IUI's, I got pregnant... only to discover that the pregnancy was ectopic. The pregnancy ended with bleeding in the sixth week and then with a D&C I could have lived without. We took two months to recover before getting back on the roller-coaster. This time my doctor was able to convince me to take just one shot... It caused me to have terrible mood swings and nausea. And I didn't get pregnant. It was time for something new, so we went to Safed, where we had heard about Eyal Politi. He too was not optimistic about my husband's sperm, but was ready to give us two months to try naturally before sending us on to IVF. After two weeks of taking the herbs he had prescribed, we went for IUI. Amazingly, the sperm quantity and quality was 50% better than it had been before. Still nothing to write home about, but definitely looking better! The IUI failed and we decided to take a break and work on our relationship that had taken a turn for the worse during the last several months. During those months, we kept the doctor happy by showing up for the semi-daily ultrasounds, but slyly skipped the IUI's... We were just sick of our sex-life being taken over by doctors and labs. And then, just when I told my husband that I was sick of it & that despite my age I was ready to quit and didn't care even if it would take another year... and I ate like a pig, drank, and smoked like there's no tomorrow... everything I shouldn't do... It happened!!! I had really bad PMS and still no sign of my period... Two days late... I picked up a home pregnancy test & there they were -- two pink lines!!!!! We're still at the beginning of the pregnancy - first ultrasound just a week ago (in the beginning of the 7th week) and we already saw a tiny pearl with an even tinier heartbeat! "

Testimonial by: Hinna

Date added: 03/22/2010

Title: Eyal hello

" I would like to tell you that exactly after 3 months of using the herbal powder that compounded for my husband, we got pregnant!!!!!! Indeed in the last mail that I sent you my husbands' morphology descended but a month later I got pregnant with my last period on May 22. Now I am in the 13th week of natural pregnancy!! … and the big miracle was that were already at the start of an IVF process and I started to receive Decapeptyl and after two weeks of injections a moment before the injection of the hormones in the ultrasound, they saw a black point. After blood test I was told that we are pregnant. The unbelievable happened and exactly like you said after 3 months!!! I hope that all the pregnancy will pass at peace and with god's help, we will have a healthy baby. Again a great deal of thanks to you and wish you success with all the other couples."

Testimonial by: rosen

Date added: 03/22/2010

Title: Hello Eyal

" About a year ago we were at your place after getting a result of testing my sperm that showed a problem in its quality. After meeting with you, I started to drink the herbal plants you gave me, and some more plants in addition that gave me another colleague. After consultation with him I have changed my diet and also took weekly acupuncture. Immediately upon completion of that treatment my wife got pregnant spontaneously. Six days ago our daughter was born, a charming girl by the name Shira. When we met, you explained us in a calm way that the treatment that you offer is supposed to be supporting IVF, and chances of pregnancy. You explained also that sometimes spontaneous pregnancy occurs, but speaking in the matter of chance, it seems that our chance was not high. But than you have said "maybe you wont t need any treatment", and my role will be only to be the messenger from above". I have no doubt that almighty gave you what you have asked for and that you were god's messenger. We relate our story as to a long continuum of miracles, that also if I will try I will not succeed to write all of them. And who knows… maybe heaven have directed us on that way that we will be able to see miracles with our eyes. When we have contact you, we received an automatic mail that unoccupied meetings at this time will be in three more months from now. In retrospect we met you after a week. Also in the meeting with you gave us to understand, in different from the doctors, that a chance exists, and the problem is not such a difficult one. I wanted to tell you the story, because I wanted to thank you kindly, on your guidance, on your good heart, and on your mission. Continue to rescue couples like us, thank you very much."

Testimonial by: Malinda

Date added: 03/22/2010

Title: Dear Eyal

" I wanted to ask you a question regarding my state of being in the 8th week of pregnancy (with twins) thanks to you… after 8 fertilization. Do I need to continue the pills you gave me until week 12? I wanted to ask you if this is okay to stop taking them at this stage… and if this is important to notify you about my urinal infection? and that I have been prescribed to take antibiotics three times a day. Is it OK to take this? I will be happy to get your answer soon."

Testimonial by: Herman

Date added: 03/22/2010

Title: Last year we visited Eyal's clinic

Last year we visited Eyal's clinic for consultation " A young couple with unexplained infertility. We were then after two fertilization treatments, one treatment with unfertilized eggs and another treatment with one low grade quality fertilized egg. We have met you in a very downhearted state. You took a glance in our data, calmed us, and offered us herbal plants and also changed our hormone dosages. In the following treatment we had 100% high-quality fertilized eggs. We had two embryo implantation, one went all the way and about a month ago with god's blessing our eldest son was born. We wanted to thank you again, no doubt that you had an important role in the success of the treatment. In our next attempt to get pregnant we would like to try firstly with herbal plants only and therefore we wanted to know how we can continue to consume the plants and if the recipe still exists in the drugstore or do we need to return back to you. In addition is it possible to take the herbal plants during nursing? Thank you very much and all the best to you."

Testimonial by: Lisa of USA

Date added: 03/22/2010

Title: It's worth reaching out to Eyal Politi

I am proof of one from many. I'm in the 11th week, thank G-d, after two months of treatments for both of us with Eyal Politi. We came from the sperm department and even Eyal was skeptical about his ability to help us. He decided to try two months of treatment and if there would be no results we would go for IVF. But we never needed to. After using the medicinal herbs I immediately got pregnant without any artificial insemination. We don't have solid data since the sperm was not enhanced that month. I only know that two weeks from the time I started taking the herbs the sperm count rose by 50% and that is significant! It's worth trying and it can't hurt. It's beneficial to health and G-d willing could help you get pregnant soon.

Testimonial by: Hellen S.

Date added: 03/22/2010

Title: Week 18 with a thin uterine lining (endometrium)

"…The only thing that helped me was Chinese Medicinal Herbs that warmed up the area (uterus) again and thickened the lining somewhat. The treatment was given by a fellow name Eyal Politi and you can find him on the Internet in a search for 'Alternative Medicine + Fertility'. (He's an amazing person and warmly recommended). Anyway, it's not an exact science and it's impossible to know what helped the uterine lining get back to 6+ and I'm about to finish my fourth month. So really, don't give up hope, as other women have written about getting pregnant with thinner uterine linings. I wish you the very best."

Testimonial by: Dinna H.

Date added: 03/22/2010

Title: Support treatment for IVF

"We were treated by Eyal Politi – maybe you've heard of him? For more than 3 years, an embryo never implanted and the last time 4 out of 4 that were implanted successfully. I tend to think that the implantation were the result of his work…"

Testimonial by: Roth

Date added: 03/22/2010

Title: Dear Dr.

"Well, for me he's a magician! After 4 years of no success (not even chemically, no, absolutely nothing) – 2 consecutive pregnancies!". The decision is yours. I was very skeptical at first; I went to him out of complete desperation (and at my own risk). So far nothing I have tried helped, so I said myself, if it doesn't work, it certainly won't make things any worse. Whatever you decide - I'm rooting for you.

Testimonial by: Shona

Date added: 03/22/2010

Title: My IVF support experience

"We were in treatments for more than 3 years including more than 2 years in IVF, regular and frozen cycles and everything else and nothing helped. The embryos wouldn't implant for reasons that were unclear. We were recommended by friends who have the most beautiful set of twin girls from embryos implanted after Dr. Politi's treatment. In that same cycle, my last one, with the support of the medicinal herbs that he gave me, 4 out of 4 of the returned embryos implanted.


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