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What is The Cost of Test Tube Baby in Hyderabad 2023?

All the Significant Information about Test Tube Baby Hyderabad –

Test Tube Baby Hyderabad is one of the most effective treatments to get to the bottom of infertility disorder. Infertility is all about the hormonal imbalances that occur in individual’s body and this in turn have an effect on fertility level in both men and women. Advance infertility treatment, though quite invasive process but beneficial for all the fertility related problems and test tube baby in Hyderabad is one amongst the advance fertility technique.

You must have heard about ART technique before, if not, then let’s gather some basic information of it. ART is the acronym of Assisted Reproductive Technology; it consists of several treatments, which are only used to eradicate infertility issues. Fertility treatments such as Test Tube Baby, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Egg donor, sperm donor, embryo donor etc. all are include in ART technique. ART compromises only advance methods to treat infertility issues and comes up with the most effective result.

What is Test Tube Baby in Hyderabad?

Test Tube Baby treatment in Hyderabad is one of the most acceptable ART techniques to unravel impotency. During this treatment, eggs and sperms are mixed altogether to get fertilization accomplished. Eggs are collected through a minor surgical procedure and semen sample is (normally by ejaculation) taken by the male partner. Though it is a complex and multifaceted process that requires long time for accomplishment but it hands out best result for those who wish to have their own baby.

Test Tube Baby treatment is also referred as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). IVF consist three to four steps during process. Let’s gather some of the significant parts of Test Tube Baby Treatment such as its method, who can opt for this process and what is Test Tube Baby Cost Hyderabad etc.

 Suitable Candidate for Test Tube Baby–

  • Women, who have either fallopian tube blocked
  • Fallopian tube improper functioning
  • Premature Ovarian disorder
  • Ovarian dysfunction
  • Male factor Infertility
  • Women, facing with Endometriosis issue

NOTE – Male infertility factor includes low mobility of sperm, less motility, lack in average number of sperms. When a male produces less motile sperm then test tube baby treatment with ICSI is applied at the case. During ICSI with test tube baby treatment, a single (well motile and active) sperm is directly injected into the egg.

Procedure of Test Tube Baby Hyderabad –

There are 4-5 vital steps that are included in test tube baby in Hyderabad.

  1. Giving fertility medication to the female
  2. Collection of the eggs
  3. Semen Collection
  4. Fertilization
  5. Embryo transfer
test tube baby cost in hyderabad 2020

test tube baby cost in hyderabad 2023

Providing Fertility Medication to the female –

Initially in Test Tube baby course, a female (who is undergoing treatment) has to regularly (for 10-14 days) take medications that include oral injections (hormonal injection) and fertility drugs. This medication is given to stimulate the female’s ovaries in order to produce multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval or collection. All we need mature and healthy egg for the fulfillment of test tube baby Hyderabad.

During the days of fertility drugs, she has to regularly visit the clinic for the assessment of ovaries. The experts monitor the level of eggs maturity and once the specialist confirms about the egg maturity, next process soon begins.

Retrieval Procedure –

Once the specialist confirms about the mellowness of the eggs (by vaginal ultrasounds and hormonal level tests), eggs are retrieved by a minor surgical method. Eggs are collected carefully from each ovary by using a hollow needle (with a suction device into it that pulls egg) under the guidance of ultrasound. This is an outpatient basis process and complete safe process.

Collection of the Semen –

Once the eggs have been collected by the experts of Select IVF India, the next process is fertilization but for fertilization we require sperm. On the same day or so, male partner has to provide his semen sample to the fertility clinic for fertilization procedure. Male if not able to provide healthy or active sperm quality then the couple can go for Test tube with donor sperm. This is one of the factors that influences Test tube baby cost in Hyderabad.

Fertilization –

Once the semen sample clinic gets, then these sperms are kept with the eggs (which have been retrieved earlier) on a single culture dish. Active and motile sperm gets penetrated with the egg’s wall and if all goes well then cell division takes place and embryos form.

Embryo transfer –

After successful fertilization, embryo (or fertilized egg) at the stage of blastocyst or on 4th or 5th day of fertilization is placed into the uterus of the woman. Fertility experts choose one or two of the healthiest embryo for embryo transfer and then smoothly with the help of a small catheter, embryo (s) is placed into the female’s uterus and experts then wait for the process known as implantation (in which, the embryo attaches successfully into endometrial wall or uterine wall) and then a successful pregnancy soon begins.

Test Tube Baby Cost in Hyderabad – Reasonable and Affordable structure

True! Select IVF India serves out most affordable and the best medication for test tube baby treatment and also specialized in all the treatments of ART methodology. You must be wondering what Select IVF India is, Select IVF India comes up with the most amazing and comfort journey of couple’s IVF or test tube baby course and serves highest success rate in each fertility treatment.

If discussing about Test Tube Baby Cost Hyderabad, then let the readers be aware about that it is neither extremely high neither it is too low. IVF or say some other ART technique is not very cheap because it includes the charges of several medications, injections, egg procedure and so on. Several clinics represent their cost of IVF excluding the charges of fertility medication and attract numerous couples to come down in their clinic, be aware of such clinics. Doing so, you or whoever visiting the centre spends time, conveyance and energy too.

Before finalizing any fertility centre, make sure you get all the basic information about the cost breakdown structure. If you feel Okay after analyzing all the factors, go for the treatment.

Test Tube Baby Cost Hyderabad ranges between INR 1, 75,000- 2, 00,000.

Select IVF India is offering all the medication and the procedure in this charge. There is not any hidden cost or additional charges throughout the process of test tube baby treatment Hyderabad. This charge includes –

  1. Consultation charges
  2. Blood work and ultrasounds
  3. Fertility Lab charges
  4. Retrieval of eggs
  5. Semen Collection
  6. Fertilization
  7. Embryo Transfer

These are all the steps that come in the package of Test Tube Baby Cost Hyderabad.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Test Tube Baby Hyderabad –

Yes, there are numerous factors that add additional cost in the treatment. Factors such as –

  • Test Tube Baby Treatment with Donor Egg
  • Test Tube Baby Treatment with Donor Sperm
  • Test Tube Baby Treatment with LAH
  • Test Tube Baby Treatment with ICSI / IMSI
  • Test Tube Baby Treatment with embryo donor
  • Test Tube Baby Treatment with Sperm Surgical Aspiration method

Mentioned above are some of the fertility treatments that are combined with test tube baby technique on the ground of couple’s infertility case. If a couple is healthy enough to produce their own sperms and eggs, then the basic charge remains same of Test Tube Baby Cost Hyderabad.

Why to choose Select IVF India for Test Tube Baby in Hyderabad?

Select IVF India is unique in many ways. Some of the points are given below-

  • Personalized Care and Proper Attention
  • Clear and transparent structure of the cost
  • Veterans are highly qualified and experienced
  • World-class treatment with a decent live birth count
  • Best Infrastructure
  • Ultra-modern apparatus and equipments
  • Comes up with all the latest techniques

At the End –

Whichever clinic you opt, make sure to gain all the vital and fundamental information about the treatment, procedure, time and cost. IVF or test tube baby is the best fertility treatment if you have been facing a hard time to achieve your own baby. This process hands out best result in any of the case- whether it is the condition of male infertility or female. You need to make sure about the exact cause of your infertility and then after analyzing well go for the procedure of Test Tube Baby in Hyderabad. Happy Test tube baby journey!

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