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How Much Does Test Tube Baby Cost in Bangalore

Get rid from your childlessness tag by settling on Test Tube Baby Cost Bangalore

By 2016, more than 6 million babies had born using the advance technique of ART treatment – Test Tube Baby Bangalore. Why the couple takes the help of fertility treatment, when they are unable to reproduce? What happen when the couple unable to conceive? Many of the individuals think that being pregnant is as simple as a pie but it is not. Yes! Some of the couples easily achieve parenthood in their life while some might face struggle during the pregnancy or achieving a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, it is requisite to gather all the vital information if you are stepping ahead and planning to attain pregnancy. Let’s start from Infertility, then we will go through with Test Tube Baby Bangalore, in which ways it is fruitful for removing infertility tag from the couple’s lives? Is Test Tube Baby Cost Bangalore reasonable or above the reach and so on.

Infertility- Infertility means a couple, who is unable to achieve their pregnancy even after 1 year of having regular or unprotected sexual intercourse. A male is considered infertile when he has too few sperms in his semen specimen, morphologically unfit sperm or too unhealthy sperm, which makes unable to combine with a woman’s egg. A female is said to infertile, when she has trouble becoming pregnant, this may be due to her poor quality of eggs, irregular menstruation etc, however the female’s main issue is her unhealthy eggs during fertilization. Select IVF India is the running fertility clinic that puts forward the best treatment to the infertile couple and ends with a favourable outcome.

What is Test Tube Baby Bangalore?

Test tube baby Bangalore is one of the best and advance fertility treatment to say Good-Bye from your infertility tag. Test Tube Baby Bangalore is the treatment, which comes in ART methodology and ART is a generic term that consist of fertility related treatments.

Test Tube Baby Bangalore is also known as In Vitro Fertilization or IVF treatment. During this treatment, sperms and eggs are collected from the couple’s (male and female) and then it is fertilized.

At the initial, phase of test tube baby Bangalore, fertility medications are given to the female, this makes the ovaries of the female stimulates. Stimulation of the ovaries is done in order to receive multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval.

Once the eggs are stimulated or we can say once the eggs become mature enough to get retrieved, with the assistance of a hollow needle these eggs are pulled out in a careful manner by the fertility experts of Select IVF India. This procedure is done under sedation.

As soon as the eggs are collected from the female’s ovaries, the next step is fertilization. Semen specimen is collected from the male partner. Now the eggs and sperms are combined altogether in a culture dish, motile and active sperm self penetrates into the egg wall and gets direct in the cytoplasm of the egg and thus fertilization process of Test Tube Baby Bangalore is done.

On the 4th or 5th day of fertilization, these fertilized eggs or embryos are transferred into the female’s uterus for successful implantation (usually 1-2 healthy embryo is placed). If the embryo has appropriately attached in the uterus then soon normal pregnancy begins to take place.

What is Test Tube Baby Cost Bangalore?

Be relaxed, as it won’t be creating a big obstacle in your treatment’s journey. True! Test Tube Baby Cost Bangalore is easy to pay by each infertile couple who is planning to undergo test tube baby treatment Bangalore.

Test Tube Baby Cost Bangalore varies accordingly your infertility case.

If the couple, that means- the male and the female is using own sperms and eggs for IVF fertilization, then test tube cost Bangalore is INR 1,50,000, this charges include –

  • Consultation charges
  • Visits in the clinic
  • Fertility medications and hormonal injections
  • Ultrasounds
  • Blood level tests
  • Egg Retrieval procedure
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer

When the male is unable to produce healthy and motile sperm and this is creating an obstacle for fertilization then donor sperm IVF is used to achieve fertilization, test tube baby cost Bangalore using donor sperm is INR 1,80,000 (where sperm donor cost is INR 30,000)

Same goes for female, which means if the female is unable to unleash healthy and lacks the standard quality of the eggs then donor egg IVF is used to accomplish fertilization process. If the couple is going for egg donor IVF then Test Tube Baby Cost Bangalore, using donor egg is INR 2,75,000 (where the charges of egg donor Bangalore is INR 1,25,000). This is all about Test tube baby cost Bangalore and the treatment procedure of test tube baby Bangalore.

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