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All about the details of Surrogacy Process Georgia 2021

If you are considering Surrogacy in Georgia then you have clicked a right page. All the basic to advance information of Surrogacy process in Georgia is given below.

Infertility comes when there is imbalance of hormones or hormonal changes that may occur due to several external factors such as environmental toxins, lifestyle habits, improper diet or unhealthy diet plan, overweight, under-weight etc. Surrogacy Georgia is the advance and latest technique to eradicate Infertility disorder.

Surrogacy is the endmost solution when a couple faces repeated miscarriages, unable to hold the pregnancy in womb and so, then Surrogacy Process Georgia is the one and only productive solution to treat this issue and to have a healthy baby.

If talking in short, then Surrogacy Process Georgia is an ART technique that comes up with the best result comparing with other ART techniques. Since surrogacy puts forward highest success rate, the cost of Surrogacy in Georgia is also a bit higher than other fertility treatments. Let’s proceed into the steps of Surrogacy process Georgia.

Best Candidate for Surrogacy Procedure Georgia

  • A woman who can manufacture healthy eggs or have correct biological process but her uterus is missing (due to the surgical removal of uterus- hysterectomy)
  • Medical issue with the female uterus.
  • Women facing with continuous miscarriage
  • Surrogacy is helpful for those females who have uterus and have good quality of eggs too but her uterus is unable to carry the pregnancy or incapable to hold an embryo till nine month of successful delivery.
  • Surrogacy is also recommended for gay couples

Surrogacy Procedure in Georgia – How it works

Surrogacy procedure Georgia follows 4-5 steps starting from Matching with a surrogate or intended parent and ending up with the treatment giving the baby to the intended couple.

Surrogacy Procedure Georgia is best performed by the specialists of Select IVF Georgia. Select IVF Georgia is the leading fertility centre that endows with best fertility treatment to the couples. The success rate of Surrogacy in Georgia by this clinic is 85-95%. It also comes up with guaranteed package.

The ongoing Surrogacy method in Georgia is Gestational Surrogacy. This method of surrogacy is much more acceptable as the baby in a complete way belongs to the couple. During traditional surrogacy, there’s a risk of emotional bond because the child will belong to both- intended father and the surrogate, therefore this sometimes causes attachment to surrogate resultant the intended couple partner suffers. In Gestational surrogacy Georgia, there’s not any link or any ties from the surrogate with the kid and this is the only reason this method is more popular and chosen by intended couple over traditional surrogacy method. Surrogacy process Georgia is the best manner and place to possess safe and healthy kid from the surrogate and fulfil the requirement of your own child by her. The surrogate mother or intended parent does not face any kind of complication and difficulty throughout the entire procedure of Surrogacy method in Georgia; this is because the work done by the fertility team of Select IVF Georgia is superbly maintained in a proper schedule and guidance.

Gestational Surrogacy is an ART technique, which is accomplished by IVF methodology. During this procedure, fertility drugs and medications are given to the intended female; once the eggs get fully matured, eggs are retrieved with the help of hollow needle by the fertility experts of Select IVF Georgia.

On the same day of the egg retrieval, semen sample collection is done; keeping sperms and eggs in the same culture dish, fertilization occurs. Fertility experts choose two best qualities of the fertilized eggs or embryo. Transferring the best quality of embryos inside the uterus of the surrogate, half of the Surrogacy Process Georgia is completed. When the surrogate ends 9 month of the duration of pregnancy, it is almost done by handing over the baby to intended couple. Gestational surrogacy is a safe procedure as the baby relates to the intended couple only. There is not any risk of emotional bonding and that is why gestational surrogacy is selected over traditional.

Eligibility criteria of Surrogate mother

There are some conditions and necessities of choosing a Surrogate Mother by the rule of ART specialist Clinic, some of those rules are –

  • A surrogate should be healthy and internally strong to hold a baby
  • There should not be any complication or any miscarriage found in the report of a surrogate.
  • Surrogate must have given birth to a single child
  • Supportive family
  • Signed all the legal documents of the agreement of surrogacy
  • Away from drugs, alcohol or any addiction
  • Pleasant personality
  • Must not have any history of major disease such as depression, or any severe disease like heart problems, BP issue etc.

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