Surrogacy India

India is an alluring surrogacy destination for a couple who wish to have a child through surrogacy. Here you man keep up constrained and expert associations with the surrogates. You can likewise have the advantages of adaptability in law. You are given the incredible medicinal services at low rates.

According to the law in India, the surrogates have no parental rights over the tyke conceived. Hence, they can't decline to hand over the infant to the expected guardians. we are presenting different sorts for surrogacy according to the comfort, the patient is free to Select any of the option for the procedure. Traditional surrogacy with the donor sperm, gestational surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and egg donation and gestational surrogacy and donor sperm. We are assuring that either patient Select gestational surrogacy or the gestational surrogacy with donor sperm. We believe to provide positive and the authentic result to the patient.

1. IVF & Self Egg Donation Program

This option involves the IVF cycle of the female partner.

The female partner’s eggs are fertilize with the sperm of male partner / sperm donor. The surrogate mother is then implanted with 3 -4 good looking embryos, and rest of the embryos created are frozen for future use.

Surrogacy India

2. IVF and Egg Donor Program

This option involves an egg donor. The eggs of the egg donor are fertilized with the male partner / single male’s sperms. The surrogate mother is then implanted with 3 -4 good looking embryos, and rest of the embryos created are frozen for future use.

Technically, there is the possibility of creating a child with a sperm donor and an egg donor. However, for Select, this arrangement is a case of last resort. We believe that it is in the child’s best interest to be biologically related to at least one parent. Also legally for foreign Intended Parents, the child must be genetically linked to either one of the Intended Parent to be granted entry and citizenship of their country.

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  • Please go to our contact us page and fill out a form to give your details. We will send you data about the doctor, our clinic, our success rates, costs and link you with our patients for a discussion.
  • We will also send you videos and photos of our clinic, the birthing suites, doctor etc.
  • We will also send you the profiles of the egg donors currently listed with us, if requested.
  • Select IVF Clinic is pleased to offer you the option of meeting our staff our Chief Consultant via Skype/Web Cam.
  • You will be encouraged to discuss your issues, opinions and questions with us to make the process more clear and understanding for you.


  • Matching: We will now recruit and surrogate mother for you and when the surrogate completes her psychological and medical screening. Once the surrogate is Selected we will ask you for your arrival dates in Delhi. According to your arrival process, the cycle of the surrogate mother and the egg donor / female partner will be matched/


  • legal contracts are signed by all parties and a meeting with the lawyer is arranged to understand the legal implications of the contract.
  • In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Program: Begin medications for synchronization of cycles and preparation for embryo transfer.
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  • Once the embryo transfer is made in the surrogate mother, we will do a blood test (beta hcg) on her to determine her pregnancy. If pregnant, she will undergo an ultrasound after one week to see her sack and another ultrasound after one more week to detect fetal pole (cardiac activity)
  • The clinic will send you the medical status of the surrogate (tests, ultrasounds etc.) every 4 -5 weeks and keep you updates with her health and her expected delivery date.
  • The clinic will want you present for the birth of your child or children. This is a very special moment for all of you. Typically a baby will remain in the hospital for one to two days after birth. Once your baby is given a medical clearance you will leave the hospital with your baby. The attorney will assist you in obtaining an expedited birth certificate and passport, where needed for travel.
  • Select IVF encourages our couples to talk or communicate by email to other couples in our program. Although we encourage this contact, it is not mandated. It is our opinion that having couples talk to one another helps everyone feel more confident and relaxed during their journey with our program. We encourage you to talk to our heterosexual and gay couples as each set of parents had invaluable information to share with you.

Surrogacy in India with Us:

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