Surrogacy in Georgia

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Georgia?

The surrogacy cost in Georgia is much lower than in western developed countries. They have high prices that partners cannot afford. In comparison, surrogacy in Georgia Tbilisi cost ranges from USD 40,000, and charges in the US start from USD 110,000.  

Why Surrogacy in Georgia, Tbilisi?

Surrogacy cost in Georgia

Many couples worldwide choose Georgia as a desirable location to become parents. Today, several countries have legalised many forms of surrogacy. They have formed laws and regulations to control the misuse or exploitation of the resulting child and surrogate mother. A few nations have surrogacy processes for every person. Before selecting any place for your procedure, you should check their laws, process costs, and regulations. The surrogacy cost in Georgia is much more affordable than in developed countries.

Surrogacy is the best process that provides a healthy baby in your hands. It will suggest by fertility experts with severe infertility conditions that have no chance become pregnant. In surrogacy, another healthy woman conceives to deliver the child of a couple. It is a third-party reproduction process that opts for another female womb. The intended mother has no chance to become pregnant and carry the baby. The expert suggests surrogacy because it is a better process, has successful results, and is a better option than adoption (for the biological child). It is the topmost method over infertility or assisted reproductive treatment. They provide pregnancy results to the couple, but surrogacy successfully hands over the healthy child into the hands of the parents. It works with the eggs and sperm of partners, fertilize in the lab and implants into the surrogate mother’s womb.

What are the surrogacy laws in Georgia country?

Surrogacy in Georgia Tbilisi

Surrogacy laws in Georgia country are present to control some functions. It is available for international partners to become parents through the process. Single parents or same-sex couples can not choose surrogacy in Georgia. It allows heterosexual and married couples to select the process and become parents successfully. Homosexual or same-sex spouses are illegal in Georgia for surrogacy. Partners from different countries can opt for Georgia for their surrogacy process and become parents successfully. It helps them take the healthy, biological baby home with much happiness. Many people choose Georgia as the process has many legalities. Intended parents will have all parental rights over the child, and the surrogate mother will not. 

In surrogacy, the couple can use donated eggs or sperm to ensure successful conception. It will implant into the surrogate uterus to produce a pregnancy. All parental rights to the child will grant to the intended parents (even the donor assistance). Partners have to make a surrogacy agreement between them and the surrogate mother. They can take their child after birth to any country at any time. Heterosexual couples who have been living together for a year (cohabiting partners) are eligible for it for parenthood.

Who is the surrogate mother in Georgia?

Surrogacy laws in Georgia country

The surrogate mother in Georgia is a healthy woman ready to give her womb to another couple’s child. Partners select the females through an agency or find them themselves. You must check for different aspects of the surrogate before picking her. Choosing from any centre or agency helps to provide extensive databases and the perfect matches. They select the suitable surrogate after thorough medical and background examinations. It increases the chances of successful results as a healthy surrogate mother.

In Georgia, a surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child. She uses artificial reproduction to conceive the child of the intended parents. Outside of their bodies, partners’ eggs and sperm fertilize and implant in the surrogate womb. The actual parents are the intending parents after and before birth. Right after the childbirth, the date of the birth certificate will have the name of the intended parents and no mention of the surrogacy or surrogate mother.

How does the surrogacy process work in Georgia?

Surrogacy in Georgia Tbilisi is widely desirable for its affordability and legal process. Couples from different places select the best procedure in Georgia to become parents. The best surrogate mothers are from middle-class families and reputed backgrounds. Surrogacy occurs as the couple gametes (eggs and sperm) retrieve outside their reproductive system and fertilize in the lab. It transfers into the surrogate mother’s womb for the pregnancy outcome. The IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) process assists the conception results of the surrogate mother. Various approaches and advanced procedures can perform with IVF to manage other symptoms and problems affecting the pregnancy. The following are the stages of surrogacy in Georgia:

  1. Surrogate mother: You will look for a healthy surrogate mother through an agency. After extensive testing, they will provide a healthy and excellent match for the surrogate mother. Top ladies with expertise in conceiving and delivering infants can find them in vast databases maintained by agencies. They are from middle-class households looking for work and wish to assist a couple.
  2. Medical examinations: The surrogate mother and intended parents will undergo tests and screenings by your fertility expert at the clinic. They will assess the surrogate mother’s potential to conceive the child, fertility, and physical and emotional wellbeing. They will check the partners’ gametes for health to see if they can use them for fertilization. The specialist will undertake several blood tests, ultrasounds, and gamete analyzes of partners.
  3. Forming an agreement: You and the surrogate mother must enter into a legally binding contract. It will prepare by an experienced surrogacy lawyer. The formalities will demonstrate your parental rights over the pregnancy and child and the surrogate mother’s rights. The surrogate mother has no legal parental rights to the child in the country.
  4. Retrieval of eggs and sperm: Gametes from partners will collect outside their reproductive systems for artificial fertilization. Fertility medication will benefit from increased egg production because there will be healthy and more mature eggs. It will retrieve from the female uterus using a catheter inserted into the vaginal canal. It is necessary to extract healthy male sperm from the male partner’s sperm sample.
  5. Embryos and implantation: The specialist will inseminate the couple’s eggs and sperm in the lab. They will mix on a culture plate to assist the sperm and egg fertilization. In a few days, it will split and mature into fertile eggs. For the next five to six days, the specialist will watch the fertilized egg’s development into embryos. Because the hormone injection has primed the uterine lining, it will transfer into the surrogate womb.
  6. Pregnancy outcomes: After the embryo implants into the surrogate mother’s uterus, the results will take approximately 10 to 12 days. It will confirm by the surrogate mother’s blood test, and the pregnancy will perform. You will provide the surrogate with her basic requirements and desires during the pregnancy.
  7. Childbirth: During the pregnancy of the surrogate mother, you can give a caregiver, a regular doctor’s visit, and particular nutrition. The surrogate will deliver your child and hand it to you after nine months of a successful pregnancy. It can use a traditional vaginal or a C-type (Caesarean) birth.

What affects the surrogacy cost in Georgia? 

Surrogacy cost in Georgia ranges from USD 40,000 to USD 44,000. It is much lower than in developed countries, and people from different destinations can choose the process in Georgia. Your process price depends on several factors. These factors will associate with the gametes, the surrogacy process, the surrogate mother’s health, and her compensation. 

  • You will pay the surrogate mother compensation, her basic needs, caretaker, and nutritional supplements required for pregnancy. It will increase your processing charges and affect the budget. 
  • People from different countries select surrogacy in Georgia, which requires various charges for living, travelling, and staying. 
  • The agency you choose for the surrogate mother will charge you to provide the best match. 

The SELECT IVF is the best centre in Georgia for surrogacy. You can select the centre from any country to become parents successfully. We have the latest technologies and methods for treatments and procedures. 

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