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Building your family at a low cost of surrogacy in Thane 2021

Technological advancements have made childbirth possible without requiring the aid of a human body. Assisted reproductive technology includes various methods whereby the infertile couples undergo a reproductive treatment with the aim of having a baby. Infertility is the reason why a couple decides to take the help of fertility treatment; it is a condition that makes it difficult for the couple to produce their own child. It is a severe situation where the couple fails at attaining pregnancy despite having regular unprotected intercourse for a year.

ART methods involve various fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, IMSI, ICSI, Surrogacy, etc. These treatments are often performed in combination for having maximum chances of achieving conception. Surrogacy is a popular method by which a couple attains conception and is performed when the female is not healthy enough to carry a pregnancy on her own. In the treatment, the intended parents get the assistance of a surrogate who promises to undertake the task of getting pregnant on their behalf and deliver the baby to them in due time.

It is an arrangement that has legal backing as an agreement is made between the involved parties stating their confirmation with regards to their involvement in the treatment. The intended parents agree on the prospect of acquiring the custody of the child upon its delivery and the surrogate mother promises to give up parental rights on the child after the delivery. Both of the parties cannot deny taking or giving up the child as it may have serious legal consequences.

Select IVF India is a widely acknowledged medical tourism agency in India offering the services of highly qualified fertility specialists having performed a number of successful surrogacy treatments. They provide high-quality surrogacy treatment at a low surrogacy cost in Thane and have over 30 years of experience in executing various successful surrogacy treatments. Our moderately priced treatment is the reason that compels international patients to pick India for their surrogacy treatment.

Why opt for Surrogacy in Thane?

Surrogacy is the best treatment option for couples who are not able to carry a pregnancy and need the assistance of a healthy woman who can carry a pregnancy for them. It is a viable option as opposed to adoption because it offers the benefit of having a blood relation with the child.

Gestational surrogacy is a surrogacy arrangement in which the intended parents provide their own eggs and sperms for the IVF treatment, and the formed embryo transferred inside the surrogate mother’s womb. This way the intended parents share genetic ties with the child. It is a preferred surrogacy arrangement as compared to the traditional surrogacy in India.

Surrogacy Cost in Thane 2021
Surrogacy Cost in Thane 2021

Besides infertility, there are many potential reasons due to which the couple opts for surrogacy.

  • Women with certain health conditions that make it impossible for carrying a healthy pregnancy to term can go for surrogacy treatment.
  • Another problem caused due to infertility such as miscarriages, which makes it hard for the couples to get pregnant or stay pregnant.
  • Infertile couples who did not receive benefits from other fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, etc, have no better option than surrogacy.
  • Couples who wish to have a genetically related child, which is a benefit that other types of fertility treatments do not offer.

How successful is surrogacy treatment in Thane?

Success in the surrogacy treatment is dependent upon various factors such as the fertility clinic, the fertility specialist, egg-quality, sperm-quality, the health of the surrogate mother, etc. There are also other factors that influence the chances of success in the surrogacy treatment but these are the most important ones.

One of the most important factors is the fertility hospital you choose in order to undergo the surrogacy treatment. It is crucial that the centre has the best fertility specialists and the highest success rates. They should also have the database of surrogates with great reproductive health and experienced at giving birth at least to a single child.

However, there are better chances of attaining success in the surrogacy treatment if the patient receives surrogacy treatment at our fertility centre. We have the highest success rates for surrogacy treatment in Thane, which is why patients prefer India in order to get fertility treatment.

Reasonably priced surrogacy charges in Thane      

Select IVF India offers a highly reasonable cost for different types of surrogacy treatments in India and our patients get the best-quality treatment under a world-class infrastructure. The gestational surrogacy cost in Thane ranges between INR 12,00,000 and INR 15,00,000, which is the most reasonable price range for gestational surrogacy in India.

The cost of surrogacy in Thane for traditional surrogacy is around INR 10,00,000 to INR 13,00,000 that involves the cost of all the procedures that take place during the traditional surrogacy treatment in Thane. Our fertility experts make sure to perform the most effective course of surrogacy treatment in India at a low price.

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