Surrogacy Cost in South Mumbai 2020

What are the Surrogacy Cost in South Mumbai?

Attain pregnancy within an affordable Surrogacy Charges in South Mumbai

Surrogacy is a process where a woman called surrogate mother, agrees on the prospect of carrying a child on the behalf a couple who hire them for her fertility services. The main reason why a couple acquire the services of a surrogate mother is infertility; a condition that makes it impossible for the couples to have their own child due to various reasons. The infertile couples or intended parents are deprived from experiencing and enjoying their parenthood and thereby, takes the assistance of a surrogate who carries their child in her womb.

Sometimes the couples do not receive success with the other basic fertility treatments and have to take the help of a surrogacy treatment in order to have their own baby. If the woman has had recurrent miscarriages or due to some health condition, cannot carry the child, then surrogacy is the only viable option for assuring conception. The process of surrogacy in South Mumbai is transparent and legally controlled as the involved parties are required to undergo an agreement where they confirm their involvement in the treatment process.

After signing the agreement or contract, both the parties are obliged to play their role in the treatment and there will be serious legal implications upon the non-completion of their roles; the surrogate mother cannot refuse handing over the child to the intended parents and the intended parents cannot deny taking the responsibility of the child borne by the surrogate mother. There are two types of surrogacy procedures in South Mumbai performed at a low Surrogacy Cost in South Mumbai, which are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy.

Select IVF India is the best medical tourism company in India providing both types of surrogacy treatments within an affordable price range. We have well-experienced fertility specialists and IVF experts with substantial experience in executing the most-effective surrogacy treatment in South Mumbai. Our team at the network hospital makes sure that the patient receives the best course of their fertility treatment and gets the most coveted outcomes.

The process of Surrogacy in South Mumbai

There are mainly two types of surrogacy arrangements in South Mumbai that are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. At Select IVF India, our fertility experts offer the most reasonable cost of surrogacy in South Mumbai for both types of surrogacy treatment. During the gestational surrogacy process in South Mumbai, the intended parents are required to undergo the IVF treatment and for the process they provide their eggs and sperms for fertilization.

Then, the role of surrogate comes into play. The embryo formed as a result of fertilization is implanted inside the uterus of the surrogate mother and consequently, she achieves pregnancy and carries it to term. At the time of delivery, she hands over the baby to the intended and thereby, relinquishes any rights on the child. This is an extensively used surrogacy treatment owing to the benefit of having a biologically related child offered by it.

Whereas in traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother uses her own eggs for the pregnancy as she gets artificially inseminated with the father’s sperms. It is a less preferred surrogacy treatment as it does not offer the benefit of having a genetically related child.

Get a highly reasonable Surrogacy Cost in South Mumbai

At Select IVF India, we offer a highly reasonable surrogacy cost in South Mumbai and our patients get the supreme-quality treatment. Our fertility specialists provide their services at a low-cost and they do not undermine the quality of the treatment in order to conform to the low prices. They make sure that the patients get a stress-free experience and the best outcomes. Our team is always there to help the patients at each stage of their treatment and answer their questions regarding the treatment.

The Cost of Surrogacy in South Mumbai ranges between INR 12,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 that involves the cost of all the procedures that occurs during the surrogacy treatment in South Mumbai. The aforementioned price range includes the cost of the fertility specialist, the cost of the type of surrogacy treatment, compensation of the surrogate mother, the cost of various lab tests and ultrasounds, etc. This is the lowest price range for surrogacy treatment in India along with the services of highly experienced fertility specialists.

Our fertility experts employ cutting-edge equipments and technology for operating patients for surrogacy treatment in India. We have a database of healthy surrogates and our patients are given the facility to select the surrogate mother that best suits their requirements. Our surrogate mothers are selected after extensive evaluation to find out if they are healthy enough to carry the pregnancy.

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