Surrogacy Cost in Navi Mumbai 2020

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Navi Mumbai 2023?

Womb renting at reasonable Surrogacy Charges in Navi Mumbai

Often referred to as ‘womb renting,’ Surrogacy is an arrangement in which the woman agrees to provide her bodily services for carrying pregnancy on behalf of the intended parents. Intended parents or infertile couples hire a surrogate mother who provides her services in return for some compensation or for free. However, in India, only altruistic surrogacy is allowed, which means the surrogate mother does not receive compensation in return for her services. It is one of the most preferred fertility treatments for the couples dealing with the problem of infertility or especially when the intended mother is not able to carry a pregnancy due to various health reasons such as absent uterus, serious health disease, or other reproductive health conditions, which makes it hard for her to carry a pregnancy effectively to full term.

In the surrogacy arrangement, the surrogate mother carries the task of getting pregnant and carries the baby of the intended parents in her womb. She also promises to hand over the child to the intended parents and relinquishes any rights on the child after the delivery. For making things transparent, an agreement is made between the involved parties where they confirm regarding their role in the process of surrogacy; the surrogate mother promises to hand over the child to the intended parents and they cannot deny taking the custody of the child upon the delivery or when the surrogate mother hands it over to them.

Select IVF India is the best medical tourism company in India providing the services of well-experienced fertility specialists having extensive expertise in performing the most effective surrogacy treatment in Navi Mumbai. They make sure that the patients get the best treatment experience and the most coveted outcomes in their treatment. Our fertility experts and surrogacy doctors employ state-of-the-art technology and equipment for performing surrogacy treatment. In addition to the quality treatment, we have the database of healthy surrogates who have undergone comprehensive screening and medical testing before confirming their eligibility as a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy Cost in Navi Mumbai 2023
Surrogacy Cost in Navi Mumbai 2023

Various factors affecting the Cost of Surrogacy in Navi Mumbai

There are various factors upon which the surrogacy cost in Navi Mumbai depends and our fertility experts effectively analyze the condition of the patient and make the most cost-effective treatment plan that best suits their requirements. Our fertility experts utilize cutting-edge technology when operating the patients for different types of fertility treatments in Navi Mumbai and ensure that they receive the highest quality treatment that produces positive results.

Following are the major factors that influence the Surrogacy charges in Navi Mumbai.

  • The number of IVF cycles the intended parents undergoes in order to get desired outcomes. The patient may not experience success in a single IVF cycle and have to experience more than one IVF cycle before success is finally attained, which in turn increases the cost of surrogacy in Navi Mumbai.
  • The intended parents have to take other tests if they are having other health issues. The other medical treatment besides the surrogacy treatment increases the cost of surrogacy in Navi Mumbai as there will be additional procedures done for helping the couples in their quest to parenthood.
  • The intended parents may have to take the help of the egg donor or sperm donor if they are not able to make a healthy quantity of eggs or sperms. The additional costs for the egg or sperm donor affect the surrogacy cost in Navi Mumbai.

Affordable Surrogacy Cost in Navi Mumbai

Surrogacy cost in Navi Mumbai is the most reasonable and is the reason why international patients from across the world choose India for their surrogacy treatment. Select IVF India offers the services of highly experienced fertility experts having performed various successful fertility treatments in India. Our team at the network hospital immense cares to the patients throughout the treatment and make sure that they get the best results in their treatment.

The cost of surrogacy in Navi Mumbai ranges between INR 12,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 that involves the cost of all the necessary procedures and tests in the treatment. The mentioned price range is the lowest price range you can get for surrogacy treatment; however, the price range may differ in accordance with the patient’s condition. We provide the services of the healthiest and fertile surrogates who have the experience of giving birth at least to one child. Also, our success rates for different types of fertility treatments are the highest when contrasted with the success rates of other fertility clinics.

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  1. We need lowest cost for surrogacy. Live in navi mumbai. I m 52 no eggs very poor…husband healthy 47yrs good. sperm.
    We cannot afford high costing so looking for affordable guarnteed success to consided. How much total.
    In covid. How is this works.
    Pls reply

    1. Post

      Hello Geet,

      We understand that the covid days were hard-hitting for all of us. Nonetheless, now you are not required to worry more on the subject of Surrogacy cost. The surrogacy cost at our surrogacy centre starts from INR 10 lakh and it goes up to INR 15 Lakh as per the package you ask for. We ensure even you choose the standard package of Surrogacy; the team will come up with the best result.

      For complete information, you can contact with the support team of Select IVF. We would be pleased to give you the appropriate solution to attain pregnancy (or to have a baby via surrogate).

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