Surrogacy Cost in Andheri 2020

Where to Get a Reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Andheri 2021?

Surrogacy treatment at affordable Surrogacy Cost in Andheri

For a healthy pregnancy to occur, it is important that fertilization happens effectively and after fertilization, the woman should carry the pregnancy successfully to term. In some cases, it happens the woman is not able to carry the pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby due to various reasons, and that is when the intended parents need the assistance of some other woman to carry the pregnancy on their behalf. This whole process is called Surrogacy; an arrangement where the intended parents get the services of a third party or a surrogate who agrees to carry a pregnancy and deliver the baby to them in the end.

Surrogacy is becoming the most popular fertility treatment for building the family of the infertile couples, who are, due to various reasons, cannot have a baby. In the surrogacy arrangement, the intended parents can have a baby with the help of a gestational carrier or via traditional surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, the couple does not get to share genetic ties with the baby and whereas in gestational surrogacy, the intended parents get biologically related to the child due to the use of their sperms and eggs in the IVF treatment. Gestational surrogacy is a preferred fertility treatment because it offers the benefit of sharing genetic ties with the child.

The surrogate revokes any rights on the child after the birth and the intended parents become the legal parents of the child. To confirm their roles in the procedure, an agreement or legally binding contract is made between both the involved parties where they provide their consent regarding their roles in the surrogacy process. The surrogate has to give up the child to the intended parents and the intended parents cannot refuse to take the responsibility of the child. Surrogacy is a transparent process in Andheri and our fertility experts offer the highest quality treatment that ensures the best results.

Select IVF India is the best medical tourism agency in India providing the services of fertility experts and surrogacy doctors having ample experience in performing successful surrogacy treatments in Andheri. Our fertility experts employ state-of-the-art equipment when operating patients for surrogacy treatments and that too, at a low surrogacy cost in Andheri. Our patients get to choose the surrogate that best suits their requirements and receive the best-quality fertility treatment. Our success rates for the various fertility treatments are the highest as compared to that of the other fertility hospitals in Andheri.

Surrogacy Cost in Andheri 2021
Surrogacy Cost in Andheri 2021

Why choose Surrogacy in Andheri?

Surrogacy is the best fertility treatment option for couples who are searching for the best fertility treatment that will help them in having a genetically related child. It is a viable option for infertile couples who cannot carry a healthy pregnancy to term. Gestational is the type of surrogacy arrangement that provides the advantage of having a genetically related child to both the parents. However, in traditional surrogacy, the father may share genetic ties with the child if his sperms are used in the insemination process. Gestational surrogacy is a preferred surrogacy arrangement because of the benefit of having a biologically related child offered by it.

Andheri is the best place for undergoing surrogacy treatment as the fertility experts at Select IVF India offers the finest quality treatment within a reasonable price range. Surrogacy is the best treatment option for a woman who had recurrent miscarriages, a woman with an absent uterus, damaged uterus, and other reproductive health issues that make it impossible for them carry a healthy pregnancy to term. Surrogacy is also the best option when the loss of pregnancy is not easily identifiable. There are also conditions that prevent the woman from carrying a pregnancy such as heart disease, diabetes, and other major health issues.

At Select IVF India, we offer the supreme quality surrogacy treatment in Andheri and our fertility experts have substantive expertise in performing the most effective fertility treatments. They offer their medical services at a price that is not too heavy on your pocket. They make sure that the patients receive a treatment that best matches their requirements. Our team at the network hospital ensures that the patient gets a hassle-free treatment experience and goes home with a baby in their arms.

What is the Cost of Surrogacy in Andheri?

Select IVF India is a well-known medical tourism company in India that has the best fertility experts with over three decades of experience in offering quality fertility services at a reasonable price. The cost of surrogacy in Andheri ranges between INR 12,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 that incorporates the cost of all the relevant procedures that take place during the surrogacy treatment. This is the lowest cost for surrogacy treatment in Andheri and our fertility experts perform the best course of treatment that conforms to the requirements of the patient. Also, we have the best and healthy surrogates who are selected after medical testing and screening.

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