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How much sperm is needed for IVF?

For the successful completion of the IVF treatment, an adequate amount of sperms is required that will promote health fertilization. The process of semen collection is performed before retrieving the eggs and the sperms are stored for fertilization. The doctor washes the semen sample and selects the highly motile sperms, abandoning the rest of the unusable content and sperms in the seminal fluid.

If the male partner does not have severe male infertility issues, then he is invited into the clinic for providing his semen sample using the normal method of ejaculation. The couples choosing to undergo the IVF treatment are suggested to avoid intercourse for 2-3 days before the IVF treatment. This is done to increase the sperm quantity and quality for the process of IVF treatment.

However, there are more advanced methods for retrieving the sperms if the male partner has certain conditions that do not let the sperms out in the ejaculated semen naturally. The various methods of surgical sperm retrieval are MESA (microepididymal sperm aspiration), PESA (percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration), TESA (testicular sperm extraction), etc.

Sometimes, the services of a sperm donor can also be taken where the sperms received in the treatment of a healthy sperm donor. The sperms received from the sperm donor are also washed out for discarding impurities and are kept in the lab for using them on the day of the IVF treatment, the sperms are usually collected on the day of IVF treatment.

The sperms obtained from the male partner or a sperm donor are combined with the eggs in a lab. The sperm enters into the egg and this results in the formation of one or more embryos. If the sperm is quality is bad, then a procedure called ICSI is performed where a single high-quality sperm is collected and is injected into the cytoplasm of the egg, which increases the chances of pregnancy. The embryos are placed inside the uterus of the female partner in the procedure of embryo transfer. In the end, she achieves pregnancy within two weeks.

The number of sperms required for fertilization

For finding out how much sperm is needed for IVF, there has to be at least 30,000 sperm per milliliter at the time of fertilization. Out of these sperms, depending on the number of eggs, a very small amount of sperms is inserted into each egg. Then, fertilization happens and more than on embryos are created usually, which are implanted inside the uterus of the mother. The embryos formed as a result of fertilization are kept in the lab for another week and when they reach the blastocyst stage, they are ready for embryo transfer.

A semen analysis test is done to find out whether the male partner has the required number of sperms needed for the process of IVF treatment and if he does not have that, the couple can take the help of a sperm donor and try more advanced techniques that can help in collecting the sperms for the process of IVF. For fertilization to take place, only a single sperm cell and an egg are needed, so what is the need for 30,000 sperms per ml. The reason behind using this much sperms is that the higher the number of sperms injected the chances of a pregnancy happening.

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