How many IVF cycles are safe?

How many days rest after egg retrieval?

What to do after egg retrieval?

If the process of your egg retrieval is done, then you are way closer to your dream of getting pregnant than you think. Deciding to undergo IVF is a brave choice in its self as we all are well aware of the intricacies involved in the long-drawn process of IVF. Before pondering over anything else, you had to pick the fertility clinic after conducting a lot of research and be resilient in your journey of IVF no matter how many difficulties and failure you encounter, you are going to keep up with the treatment.

The course of IVF up until egg retrieval requires you take different tests and ultrasounds, take several injections, and follow up with the doctor’s advice to create a receptive and fertile environment inside your body. Once you are assessed for your ability as to what type of medication or course of fertility treatment is best for your health requirements, the fertility specialist begins the procedure by suggesting fertility medicines to you.

This medication aids in accelerating the production of eggs so that they can come out in great quantities and should be fertile. For the time being, the development of egg follicles is continually monitored using ultrasounds for deciding the probable time of egg retrieval. After ascertaining the time window for egg retrieval, the surgeon performs egg retrieval where he takes out the eggs from the ovarian follicles using a sharp needle.

A brief view of the IVF process till egg retrieval

You might think that you are almost there in your IVF journey but this is just the beginning of your pregnancy journey. These eggs are then mixed with the sperms in the lab and fertilization is awaited. It is essential for the sperms and eggs to be of the best quality as this will affect the chances of fertilization and the quality of the embryo to be formed. The fertilization converts this mixture into an embryo which is to be transferred inside the woman’s uterus. In this matter if you are wondering how many days rest after egg retrieval since you have gone through a long process till now.

The time gap between the egg retrieval and embryo transfer can be two weeks or more as it depends on the embryo as how fast it develops and culture. It takes 2-3 days for the embryo to mature or may be for 5-7 days till its reaches its blastocyst stage. But the story does not end here as the doctor has to make sure if your endometrial lining is well prepared to receive the embryo. Therefore, he performs some test and only after then confirms if the time for embryo transfer has arrived.

The two week period after egg retrieval

While it is normal to feel anxious in this two week time period and the time may appear to you longer than it actually is. But constantly worrying whether the embryos will turn out to be good is not advisable and you should take care of both your physical and mental health because is some days you will be experiencing the crucial process of embryo transfer. You can also opt for fresh embryo if you do not want to worry about the embryo quality and about this you can consult with your fertility specialist as he will be able to provide you a detailed look into as to what happens in this type of embryo transfer.

How many days rest after egg retrieval?
How many days rest after egg retrieval?

Tips of things to do after egg retrieval that will prepare you for the rest of the process

Here are some tips to deal with yourself in this crucial phase between embryo transfer and egg retrieval if you are not sure what to do exactly and still dubious about how many days rest after egg retrieval.

  • Stay in contact with the fertility specialist and inform to him everything you are dealing and in case you are heaving some issues with your health he can provide a probable solution.  
  • Avoid to watching news or doing social media activities that might disturb your peace of mind or may affect your health as well. This time is to be with yourself only.
  • Feel confident that you are going to get the best results but prepare for any bad news in advance since some chance of fallacy is still there and a little bad news should not come as a shock to you. You have to be hopeful no matter what.
  • Abstain from talking to your friends about how stressed or dubious you are as this will only increase your stress levels instead of reducing them.
  • The end of egg retrieval does not mean that you are free to resume your exercising routine as some recovery time after the egg retrieval procedure is still needed. You have gone through heavy medications and injections, therefore, your body needs some time to recover on its own for you get back to doing the physical work.
  • Take a day or two off from your work if you feel you are not in your senses as this is not the time for you to take up big tasks in your work sphere.
  • Get some tips on your health expert or the hospital on preparing your health for embryo transfer as may give you some suggestions that can increase your endometrial receptivity for the process of embryo transfer.

You are ought to do anything you can to make sure that you give your best during the phase and minimize the risk of any problem in your fertility treatment happening in the future. For experiencing the best IVF treatment, contact Select IVF India– the medical tourism company who has been serving infertile couples over past many years. We have highly experienced fertility doctors who give you the superlative quality treatment and advices you the best during the time of your fertility treatment. Our success rates for IVF are more than any other clinic in India and we give our treatments at a cost lower than any other fertility hospital in the area.

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