Punjabi Egg Donor Cost in India

What is the Punjabi Egg Donor Cost in India 2023?

Obtaining the services of healthy Punjabi egg donor

Egg donation is a process in which the eggs are retrieved from the egg donor for creating embryos and transferring them to some other woman. The potential Punjabi egg donor has to undergo a comprehensive screening process whereby they are evaluated for their eligibility for becoming an egg donor with the help of various medical testing. The patients get to choose the best egg donor from the various Punjabi egg donor profiles for receiving the fertile eggs.

The reason why the services of an egg donor are used is the inability of the woman to produce a sufficient quantity of fertile eggs. There are various reasons that slow down or completely stop the production of fertile eggs such as premature ovarian failure, menopause, or other female reproductive health disorders that impede the production of eggs. For making fertilization achievable, the couple has to acquire the donor eggs for the insemination process. The collected eggs from the Punjabi egg donor are mixed with the sperms for facilitating the fertilization and forming embryos, which are implanted the recipient’s uterus.

Select IVF India is the best Punjabi egg donor agency in India that has the database of the best Punjabi egg donors that is formed after extensive screening procedures. Our patients are given the facility to choose the egg donor that best fits their requirements within a low price range. Also, our fertility experts have more than 30 years of experience in providing supreme quality fertility treatment and make sure that the patients receive the most coveted outcomes in their fertility treatment. Our team at the network hospital makes sure that the patient gets a satisfactory treatment experience and world-class facilities.

How to select the best Punjabi egg donor?

For selecting a suitable Punjabi egg donor, the couple has to go through her profile, which will be provided by our network hospital that the couple has chosen for this purpose. The egg donor’s profile will display all the relevant information that a couple needs to find out if she is the right match for them. Besides checking her profile, they can also ask the concerned hospital regarding the other important information such as:-

  • Previous egg donations given by her
  • The success rates of the treatment performed with her eggs
  • Number of eggs she is capable of producing in one cycle
  • Quality of the eggs produced by her
  • Her age, educational and professional background
  • Her medical history

In addition to the basic details, it is also crucial to find out if she is not accustomed to any type of addictions such as smoking, alcohol as this will have a detrimental effect on the quality of her eggs. These are the things that the couple has to check thoroughly for ensuring that they choose the best Punjabi egg donor for acquiring the best-quality fertile eggs. The egg donor has to be mentally and physically healthy and should not have serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, AIIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, etc.

The hospitals and clinics associated with the medical tourism company- Select IVF India to offer the services of the egg donor at the lowest price in India. Our low prices for the treatment are the reason that forces the patients to pick India for receiving the services of an egg donor.

Affordable Punjabi egg donor cost in India

Select IVF India is a widely known medical travel agency in India that offers the most reasonable price range for providing different types of fertility services in India. Our fertility experts are well-equipped with the latest technology and have extensive expertise in providing the best quality treatment in India. We have the best Punjabi egg donor profiles that our patients can choose from in order to find a potential match for their treatment.

The Punjabi egg donor cost in India ranges between INR 75,000 to INR 2,00,000, which is the lowest price range for receiving the services of a healthy Punjabi egg donor. The cost includes the cost of all the necessary procedures performed during egg donation such as the cost of the medication, blood tests, ultrasounds, etc. Also, our success rates for different types of fertility treatments are the highest in the city that is why patients from over the world choose India for obtaining fertility services. Our team the network hospital makes sure that the patients get the best treatment at a reasonable price and get desired results in their fertility treatment.

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  1. I am saulick chandurlal from mauritius and would like to search for egg donor in india.my problem is that I do not get sufficient erection for penetration and I am not married.please advise for solution as I am interested to become father.Marriage or surogate will be the solution taking into consideration the prevailing laws.Also provide cost for different process.Thanks.

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