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What is The PGD Cost in Thailand

Let’s bring together all the major details of PGD Cost in Thailand

PGD is the acronym of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD); is the latest technique of ART methodology that involves testing of the embryo in order to know any kind of chromosomal disorders or genetic defects. PGD has been widely used by numerous couples who want their baby in all hale and hearty condition without any disorders of chromosomes and genetic issues. PGD in Thailand ensures the couple to have newborn offspring free from any hereditary or genetic disorder (that a father or mother may carry).

Select IVF Thailand is the most preferred ART centre that offers matchless fertility treatment to the couples who are fishing around for the miraculous result via fertility treatment. We do have fertility veterans associated with us for IVF treatment and Surrogacy across the world. Select IVF Thailand not just provides the best medication but also it puts forward transparency and lucidity structure of procedure, case analysis, and suitable treatment and if the couple wants to go for PGD then we have a clear and sheer package of PGD Cost in Thailand.

Procedure of PGD in Thailand- How it works?

So, if you are planning for PGD in Thailand, then go ahead, it is a complete safe procedure for your future newborn. Choosing family balancing with IVF-ICSI along with PGD technique in Thailand doesn’t affect the treatment course of your IVF because PGD is not a long-time process and takes several minutes for completion.

PGD in Thailand always follow with IVF treatment (or IVF with ICSI) so, at the beginning of PGD technique, a female undergoes fertility medication and hormonal injections for few days; once the eggs are enough matured, the next step of PGD is to collect the eggs.

Eggs are retrieved using a hollow needle and kept in a culture medium dish and then fertilized with the male partner sperm. If the eggs are successfully fertilized, a biopsy is taken from each embryo for evaluation through PGD. Fertility experts finalize the healthiest embryo (safe from any genetic disorder) and then the last step is to transfer the embryo into the uterus during couple’s IVF treatment.    

The steps involved in the IVF procedure may vary from patient to patient depending on the recommended treatment plan but typically involve:

Steps or procedure of PGD in Thailand may differ from patient to patient on the basis of their treatment plan; however, a couple undergoing PGD Thailand involve –

  • A female patient is required to undergo 10-12 days of ovary stimulation medication and hormonal injections.
  • During the above course of medication, a female has to visit the centre for regular check-ups. Follicles containing eggs are monitored with the aid of ultrasounds and blood tests.
  • On the last day of egg collection, the expert gives trigger Shot injection (an hCG injection) before 36 hours of egg retrieval. This injection is given in order to get all the eggs at the matured phase.
  • Egg Collection is done with the help of a hollow needle and kept in a Petri dish
  • Sperms are combined with the eggs for fertilization (if the sperms are less motile then ICSI technique is performed)
  • If the eggs are fertilized with the sperm, a biopsy is taken from each embryo and evaluated via PGD technique
  • Embryo transfer is done after 2-5 days of egg collection
  • The female patient has to visit the centre within 10-14 days for the blood test to determine pregnancy  

Genetic Diseases that can be prevented using PGD Thailand

  • Any of the genetic disorder
  • Long-term chronic disorder
  • Couple with the background of two or more successive miscarriages
  • Patients undergoing IVF treatment
  • Women over 35
  • If a family has a history of Huntington disease

Acute genetic diseases also can be prevented using IVF with PGD technique that includes- Cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia or spinal muscular atrophy, etc. 

PGD Cost in Thailand – Here you are

Since above mentioned that PGD technique is always performed during IVF treatment, hence the charges of PGD Cost in Thailand is combined with IVF cost too.

Select IVF Thailand offers the Cost of PGD in Thailand in a much more affordable way than other centres provide. We do have a customized structure of PGD along with IVF so that each couple can avail this opportunity to undergo low-cost IVF with affordable PGD technique in Thailand.

Cost of PGD in Thailand is THB 4, 00,000 (Approximate) including all the medications and each step of IVF-ICSI along with PGD technique. A couple can pay PGD Cost in Thailand in installments (as per the clinic’s rule and regulation) easily and enjoy the days of their parenthood soon via this methodology

Cost of PGD in Thailand

ProcedurePGD Cost in Thailand
PGD procedure with IVF treatmentTHB 4,00,000 (approximate)

Advantages of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in Thailand

PGD in Thailand is a safe and uncomplicated procedure that gives 99%-100% guarantee to the couple to have the embryos free from any disorder. During the PGD technique, healthy embryos are hand-picked and selected before transferring the embryo into the recipient uterus. Family planning along with PGD in IVF treatment reduces the risk of miscarriage or abortion, termination of pregnancy because, during PGD in Thailand, embryos are carefully chosen through PGD technique that reduces all the risk of miscarriage. In conventional IVF treatment, embryo is selected and transferred into the female’s uterus, the embryo may or may not contain disorder or disease (related to any of the partners if any) so there is the chance of either or neither nor situation but in PGD, there is not such a situation faced by the couple.

During PGD, left-over embryos are safely kept after IVF treatment, it can be stored in frozen condition or embryo freezing can also be performed in the IVF lab and can be used when the same couple needs second pregnancy from their own embryo.  

Best of Luck for the journey of your IVF with PGD in Thailand!

So, if you are outlining for PGD along with your IVF Treatment, then go ahead (if you fulfill all the requirements of being a suitable candidate for PGD) and have your baby in healthy condition with low Cost of PGD in Thailand. Experience the best days of your parenthood with your new-born via the process of PGD in Thailand!

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