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What is the Cost of PGD in Gurgaon 2021?

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PGD for assessing the embryo quality at a low PGD cost in Gurgaon

PGD Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) testing is a method of evaluating the embryos for finding any genetic issues in order to prevent them from stemming in the future child. This is a special type of testing done when the couple are suspected of genetic problems or there is a hereditary condition going on in the family that should not be transferred to the child born through IVF.

What happens in PGD test is some cells are picked from the embryo, for taking them to the lab to find any faults. If there are no issues with the embryo, then it can be used in the next step of embryo transfer. If there are confirmed genetic anomalies in the embryos, then they are discarded and destroyed then and there.

Qualifying the embryo as good becomes important even if you do not have genetic issues, just to confirm that embryo is of great health and contributes in creating great results in IVF. The transfer of defected embryo to the uterus of the mother can create major problems in future and can result in ineffective foetus development or a miscarriage.

Thus, this testing is essential and is given at the best PGD treatment cost in Gurgaon. The cost at which PGD is offered by us lesser than to the other place because we thrive to make fertility methods affordable to the couple who do not take the help of ART methods because they are expensive despite their sever infertility problems.

This testing is done to have successive results for IVF; a fertility treatment method done to help the infertile couples in becoming parents of a child. It is the first fertility treatment springs to the mind of couples when they are diagnosed with the problem of infertility, which is a term for a situation where a couple is unable to get pregnant despite the recurrent attempts of conceiving for a year.

Select IVF India is a medical travel agency that offers acceptable price ranges for different fertility treatments combined with finest quality treatments. We have link ups with some of the best fertility hospitals in India and we present our patients with the option to pick the best fertility clinic that best suits their specific requirements. Our embryologists and fertility experts performed an efficient embryo testing and find out the problems in it if there are any.

PGD Cost in gurgaon 2021 - select ivf india
PGD Cost in gurgaon 2021 – select ivf india

The method of PGD testing in Gurgaon

For performing the PGD test at a reasonable PGD cost in Gurgaon, it important to have embryos, for which IVF treatment is to be done. In the conventional procedure of IVF, the father and the mother has to provide their sperms and eggs. The female has to take medication to accelerate the production of eggs inside her ovaries. These eggs are taken out in the process of egg retrieval after confirming their maturity through ultrasound.

Then, it is time to get the sperms and for that the father is to provide his semen sample in the clinic by the natural process. The sample is filtered for picking out the best sperms for insertion into the egg by the doctor. The selected sperms are combined with the eggs in the petri dish in a lab. The fusion results in the formation of one or more embryos and one of this embryo has to be tested via PGD before embryo transfer is done.

The embryologist select the cells from the outer hardened shell of embryo and analyse them in lab. On the other hand, the embryo is kept in lab by freezing it a very low temperature so that it’s quality remains intact and can be used after thawing it. In the PGD testing, if he found any genetic abnormalities in the embryo, he rejects them and destroy them so that cannot be used by mistake in future. But if the results are negative, it means that they are free from any problems and can be used in the next step of the IVF treatment.

Fair Cost of PGD in Gurgaon

We offer the a highly accessible range for PGD treatment cost in Gurgaon, which is INR 2,50,000 and can be more than if the situation demands so. We have the best embryologist that have performed various PGD tests with accuracy and have helped the couples in assuring whether the embryo crated by them is free from any defects, so that they can proceed with the further process of the treatment.

Select IVF India is a medical tourism company in India known for providing the highly acceptable price range for a superior quality fertility treatments given by the adroit fertility treatments. They make sure that the patients get what they expect and acquire the best results without facing major intricacies. Our affordable price range and the high quality treatment is the reason for you to pick us without thinking twice.

We also have the highest success rates for different types of ART techniques. Our experts have over thirty years of experience in providing the best quality treatment to the patient that matches their conditional needs. These all are the reasons that impels the patients from over the world to come to us and experience affordable treatment of a supreme quality.

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