How much does the PGD Cost Delhi?

The PGD cost in Delhi ranges from (approx.) INR. 2,50,000. IVF with PGD cost in Delhi will affect by different factors and treatment approaches.

Why PGD with IVF treatment in Delhi?

IVF treatment is a process that helps infertile couples in conceiving and having their biological child. In it, various tests and screenings perform to know their conditions and diseases presence. Some have the risk of transmitting the genetic disorder to the child. For checking and restricting the transmission to the child, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) are the tests. It is a highly advanced technique that increases the success rate of the conception of a healthy child through IVF. PGD is the test that performs before the embryo implantation into the female uterus.

Delhi can be the best place to have PGD or PGS testing due to the vast and modern technologies availability. IVF with PGD cost in Delhi is reasonable than in other destinations. PGD IVF in Delhi can be a highly successful treatment to provide a high chance of conception. PGD is legal in India but only to detect the inherited disorder of the prospective parents to prevent transmission.

What is PGD?

PGD is the genetic testing that evaluates the person’s genes to detect the disorder or abnormality. In various conditions, a spouse of the couple has an inherited disease that will pass on to their child and affect their life. PGD helps them to confirm the child will be born without having the same conditions. The diseases that PGD can deduct and assist you to control are the following:

  • Marfan syndrome: People with this genetic disorder have issues with eyes, heart, blood, vessels, and bones. The reasons for it are unknown and, PGD can assist in controlling the passing of syndrome.
  • Hemophilia is a blood clotting disorder in which blood does not stop flowing after an injury, which might be a symptom. Blood does not clot usually in this situation, resulting in increased internal and external bleeding.
  • Huntington’s disease: It is an inherited disorder that affects the nervous system of a person. It causes degeneration of the nerve cell in the brain. For it, no cure is available but, PGD can control.  
  • Cystic Fibrosis: It is a life-threatening disease inherited from parents. It damages the lungs, intestines, pancreases, kidneys, liver, and digestive systems of infants.
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: It is the disorder that affects the muscles progress in boys. The genetic disorder causes muscle weakness, abnormality in the muscles growths, movement issues etc.
  • Aneuploidy: It is the condition when any spouse has an abnormal number of chromosomes. It is not an inherited disorder but affects growth and abnormalities.
  • Crossing Over is a chromosomal material exchange process that results in birth abnormalities, miscarriage, and mental issues.

The tests do not advise to every couple undergoing IVF as it considers in the following conditions:

*        If patients cannot conceive in the previous regular IVF cycle with the medicines.

*        You have faced miscarriages in the past year but cannot find any reason for it.

*        If your family has a history of an inherited disorder that affects daily life, can diagnose and control PGD with IVF treatment.   

How does PGD work with IVF in Delhi?

PGD IVF in Delhi accomplish in a laboratory and various centres are available that offer it. Many centres have packages for IVF with PGD costs in Delhi. Its procedure helps the intended parents to have a healthy and successful conception even if they have inherited disorder. Any dangerous condition that passes to the child through parents can affect the whole life. Its process in Delhi is following:

1.  The intended parents’ screen for the diagnosis of issues and disorders. Your expert will check the DNA of the female and male spouse to know the genetic or inherited disease presence. This process can take a few weeks to confirm the results.

2. After the complete screening, your reproductive doctor will stimulate the ovaries by prescribing hormonal medicines. It will enhance the ovaries function and tend them to produce the higher quality and number. If the higher eggs will retrieve so the chances of embryos getting the inherited disorder.

3.  At the centre, a doctor will retrieve the eggs from the female partner uterus. It will accomplish by inserting a catheter into it through the vaginal opening. With a needle, it will collect the eggs from the follicles. The semen sample will also get from the male partner.  

4.   The fertilization of eggs and sperm can perform either through the regular or ICSI can use. In Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) process, healthy sperm fills into injection to inject into the eggs. ICSI will increase the success rate of successful conception.

5.  It will divide the fertilized eggs and sperm into parts and form embryos to observe under expert observation. It will keep in the lab for more than five to six days to reach the blastocyst stage. The 2-10 cells will then be removed from each and placed in a test tube for PGD testing at the lab.

6. The specialist will examine the cells in the lab to determine the hereditary mutation and chromosomal abnormalities. For each embryo biopsy, your lab will provide results.

7.    After the results, your expert will suggest you the embryos have any disorder or not. If it does not have any abnormality or problem so can implant into the female uterus. The device assists in the transferring.

8.  The embryo will implant to have resulted in the uterus with the help of the device. After two to three weeks, the blood test will confirm the pregnancy result.

Where is PGD IVF available in Delhi?

For IVF and other infertility treatments, SELECT IVF SURROGACY is the best centre in Delhi. IVF with PGD cost in Delhi is reasonable than in other countries. PGD cost in Delhi ranges approximately from INR. 2,50,000 to 3,00,000. The centre provides packages for IVF and other infertility treatments.

IVF with PGD success rates are higher as the genetic problems can solve before the process. The treatment cost will affect by various factors like age, approaches, destination, infertility condition, clinic etc.

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