Not Mandatory for the Surrogate to be Close Relative – Parliamentary Panel

Not Mandatory for the Surrogate to be Close Relative – Parliamentary Panel:

Surrogacy –an advanced ART treatment, is used when the woman is unable to carry the baby in her own womb due to some acute reproductive issues. Surrogacy is the most-expensive assisted reproductive technique that helps the infertile couple to have their own baby. This treatment is always found as the debated and discussed topic in India for its final law and changes.  

Surrogacy Bill India has always seen in some modification by the Board members. An amendment has proposed by the panel on November 21, 2019, where some major changes have been observed –

  • It has been said by the committee that the surrogate for altruistic surrogacy must be a close-relative of the intended couple
  • To opt for surrogacy, the couple must have been legally completed her 5 years of marriage, then only they can plan for surrogacy

According to the most recent information on Surrogacy Bill India, Dated 5th Feb 2020, based on a parliament panel a few modifications have been proposed in the last surrogacy amendment.

There were substantial fifteen adjustments advocated by using the parliament panel. The latest Surrogacy Bill Changes (Feb 5 2020) proposed by the parliamentary panel are as follow –

  • The first recommendation is that-It should not be mandatory to have a close-relation of the surrogate with the intended couple. Any woman can be a surrogate, if she is willing to carry the baby of the childless couple.
  • Also, the panel said, looking ahead to five years to pick surrogacy or to have a baby via surrogate is just too long for the couple who want to have a child; for this reason, there could be some flexibility in this aspect.
  • The committee has additionally recommended that, a surrogate also can be a divorcee or a widow (of 35-45 year); or say ‘Single Indian Woman’ is allowed to avail surrogacy.
  • The panel has also shown the concern towards the surrogate that there should be increased the insurance coverage for the surrogate from proposed 16 months to 36 months.
  • The committee has also encouraged getting rid of or deleting the duration of five-year looking forward to the couple to undergo surrogacy India.
  • Besides above changes in the bill, the board said there should no longer be the requirement of the certificate of tested or confirmed infertility isn’t in any respect justified inside the case in which –
  • Absence of uterus (by birth)
    • The female has undergone hysterectomy surgery (uterus removal due to cancer or fibroid etc.)
    • Non-functional uterus
    • Woman with a severe reproductive condition, in which the woman cannot keep the baby in her womb as like in a normal pregnancy
  • With the deletion of ‘Infertility’, any needy person can are looking for and plan for surrogacy at any time on the floor of a medical certificates indicating the requirement of gestational surrogacy.
  • The panel has proposed that PIOs – Persons of Indian Origin may select surrogacy India (as soon as the meant individual gets the certificates of the advice from the surrogacy boards).
  • The committee additionally made some amendment on altruistic surrogacy to avail all the mandatory expense including nutritional food, maternity wears, and so on.

Surrogacy law Bill India 2019 is yet to be announced by the Rajya Sabha; more than ten meetings have been done since the last surrogacy changes have been made on November 20, 2019.

Surrogacy Law Bill India is so far on Hold and yet to be declared by the Cabinet officials.

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Reference: Hindustan Times

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