ivf success story with ivf twins

IVF Success Story – IVF Twins – Wished for one, surprisingly got TWO

Being pregnant and delivering a prosperous kid is not a new a thing but for me, it was. My pregnancy was hard to attain; I mean i was facing with infertility disorder. Let me explain you in more elaborate way, I was having the problem of ovulation. Though I maintain my life in a schedule way, i couldn’t ever imagine that I will face this issue. Anyways, Destiny is all there so i accepted it and made my plan to go forward for its solution.

For me, all these things were actually becoming burden and full of stress. However, I digested that i am infertile and couldn’t achieve my own baby naturally. I started to seek some natural remedy through net and begin to following them. One secret, I want to tell here, even after consulting with the doctor (one of my family gynaecologist nearby my house, Delhi), i didn’t go for my fertility treatment, she recommended undergoing some fertility tests and I got scared listening all this. So, I instead of choosing a clinic, i wasted my time doing some unwanted remedies for 6-7 months but nothing happened. That was my foolishness, and rigidness.

Finally, I decided not to waste my time anymore and to undergo fertility treatment soon. My Gynaecologist suggested top 5 fertility centres in Delhi (I reside in Delhi only), out of which I selected Select IVF India. The journey, which I got, from this fertility centre was amazing and cheerful. Amazing due to its marvellous team work starting from online consultation to the last step of my treatment and cheerful because they have fulfilled my desire by giving me a tag of Mom, which i was waiting for long. Guess what! My IVF results with twins. I was amazed when i heard this good news. Not One, Twoo!!! Seriously, that moment was just  wonderful.

Yes! I had been blessed with twins by the procedure of IVF treatment from the veterans of Select IVF India. They are just miraculous; especially for me my first IVF got a Big Boon success. Before beginning of my IVF, the consultants and the senior specialists made me aware about its success according to the age and also elaborated each and every thing in minute structure. So, i knew that it didn’t come up with guarantee package and my IVF could also become fail.

My husband and family member gave me full support during the treatment. Crossed fingers and taking God’s name i made myself high and optimism. And Guess what it worked! I am so so happy that I got conceived easily with the best experts of Select IVF India. They have fantastic co-ordination, full hygiene clinic, consultants full of etiquettes- these are some minute things that actually attracted me to choose this clinic for my IVF treatment.

One of the best factor about this clinic is it’s high success rate and the reasonable package they provide IVF (or may be other fertility treatments too) including all the steps, starting with fertility medications and ending up with embryo transfer. I have chosen the package of IVF with full steps like from fertility medication till the last process. I am very lucky that I had finalized this clinic and blessed with Twins. Bless you all with more patients and may the clinic reaches at its zenith level.

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