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January 11, 2023

Select IVF Russia Get Treatment Process Cost & Success Rates Details

Wipe out the issue of your infertility by choosing IVF in Russia

Infertility can be a distressing phase of many infertile couple lives. Further, if it goes from basic to advance level, then it may be more traumatizing for the couple to attain Parenthood. Infertility- it is the inability to give birth even after doing unprotected intercourse for more than 6 month. Infertility was more common in females few years back but now this disorder is found in male as well. One out of twenty male is facing with male infertility factor and one in six couples are experiencing with infertility hiccup. IVF Russia is one of the advance fertility treatments that puts an end to any of the concern issue related with fertility.Male Factor InfertilityOne of the common sign of male infertility is sperms impotency to swim or move actively to fertilize with the female’s egg. Second factor is the sperms unfit quality or abnormal shape (morphologically unfit). One of the rare factors of male infertility is zero sperm count in the male semen specimen. 1 out of 100 men faces with this issue, when no sperm is found in the semen, then Sperm Surgical Retrieval.Female Factor InfertilityUsually the egg of the female creates hurdle in achieving the pregnancy. Woman’s egg plays an important role in performing smooth and healthy fertilization. In most of the infertility cases, females are supposed to get trouble in their pregnancy due to their poor quality of the eggs. IVF in Russia is the ultimate solution to say goodbye from your infertility tag. Age always plays crucial role during any of the fertility treatments, during the procedure of IVF Russia, age is the first factor to get favourable outcome. Let’s know about some other important aspects of IVF in Russia.Select IVF Russia is the top-most leading fertility clinic that encompasses various fertility treatments and promises the words given to the patient. Select IVF Russia brings forth the A1 treatment of IVF in Russia providing all the comforts to the patient during their medication.

Who can choose IVF treatment in Russia?

  • Females, who have Premature ovarian failure
  • Individual with genetic disorder or facing with any chromosomal defect
  • IVF Russia is best suitable for those females who are suffering from irregular ovulation cycle and improper menstruation cycle.
  • Male factor infertility, where male produces low sperm count
  • Unknown or unexplained infertility
  • Women with their fallopian tube blocked or removed
  • Females, who are facing with endometriosis syndrome
IVF is also beneficial for those males, who have less motility of the sperms and this causes trouble in fertilization. If this case happens, then IVF in Russia with ICSI technique is performed to perform healthy fertilization.

A brief detail of IVF in Russia- The way it works

During IVF in Russia, Select IVF fertility specialists begin to supply with the fertility drugs and medications to stimulate the female’s ovaries, these medications are given to the female to enhance more than one egg and to get multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval procedure of IVF Russia. During this step of IVF Russia, the female need to visit the clinic for monitoring her follicles. These follicles containing eggs are monitored with the help of vaginal ultrasound and blood level test.Once the eggs get matured enough, the female patient has to undergo with the process referred as egg retrieval. As soon as the fertility specialists become assured about matured eggs, the process is started. This procedure of IVF in Russia is a minor surgical process and thus performed under sedation.With the help of a hollow needle (special needle used for assortment of the eggs), eggs are collected from the ovaries and kept on a culture dish for fertilization method. On the same day of egg retrieval, the sperms are collected from the male partner by ejaculation. These sperms are then combined on the identical dish where the eggs are kept.Fertilization is one amongst the crucial stages of IVF in Russia, where sperms and eggs are mixed within the dish for the natural fertilization, sperms gets penetrated with the eggs, if the sperm has successfully entered the egg wall and get fused with it then fertilization is achieved. When sperm motility is less or lacks average number of counts, at this situation, IVF with ICSI is performed, (a single motile and most active sperm is inserted into the egg) for high success rate of fertilization, once the fertilization is achieved, embryo is placed into the womb of the female partner to have flourishing pregnancy state.

Success Rate of IVF in Russia

As mentioned at the starting of the page that age plays one of most important role during IVF Russia, so success rate of IVF in Russia depends upon –
  • Age of the female and the male
  • Eggs quality
  • Embryo quality
  • Fertility clinic (or experts experience)
IVF Russia success rate is 60-65% (depending on the history of the couple’s fertility problem). If the age of the woman is below 35, then the chance of pregnancy by IVF Russia is high comparing with those women who have crossed the age limit of 35. There are several cases in the procedure of IVF in Russia, where the Select IVF fertility experts have solved the infertility case of those women whose age has even crossed 40; it’s all due to the master hands of the fertility specialists in solving the issue of infertility treatments. So, if you are fishing around for IVF treatment Russia, then you are on the right click, go ahead and undergo IVF Russia.Read Also:
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