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IVF Procedure Laos 2021 – Let’s gather a complete detail of it 

It is heart-breaking news when a couple gets to know that they are unable to hold the pregnancy. When any of the partner – male or female faces the issue with their fertility, they should consult it with the specialist before the situation gets worsen. Anyways, the inability of being pregnant is referred as infertility. Infertility occurs due to several reasons like environmental factors, chemical toxins, cigarettes, excessive intake of alcohol, and many more. Infertility cannot be treated permanently but it can be solved by ART techniques. Beyond shadow of a doubt, there are numerous solutions to have your own baby by medications of fertility. Out of many treatments, IVF is one of the most accepted ART techniques to solve the issue of infertility. Let’s get a complete detail about IVF procedure Laos.

Select IVF Laos is the leading name in the area of any fertility issue or fertility treatment and is the ruling name in giving best treatment of IVF in Laos.

A short description about IVF –

IVF also referred as In Vitro Fertilization or Test Tube baby treatment. This is the technique, which is widely used all over the world to unravel the issue of infertility complication.IVF is an advance methodology of Assistive Reproductive Technique (ART) and is very productive when looking into the matter of infertility. It’s a process wherein egg is fertilized with the sperms outside from the human body (in Lab) and after fertilization, best picked embryo is placed in uterus of the female to attain pregnancy. IVF process in Laos is the second to none place to get rid of the infertility problem.

Select IVF and your treatment done –

Let’s have a look how IVF procedure in Laos goes step by step –

  • Before starting IVF Process Laos, there are basic investigations or tests carried out by the experts of the clinic. This includes fertility check-up, screening that is performed just to ensure that female, and male partner are healthy enough to carry the entire step of IVF. Female partner has to go to several tests such as Blood hormonal test, ultrasounds etc and male partner has to give his semen sample to fertility clinic, to analyze any diseases like HIV, hepatitis or any sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Now the next step of IVF procedure Laos is Egg stimulation and this include a proper guidance and term of few days. Fertility drugs and hormonal injections are administered by your experts to the female partner so that stimulation of egg can happen. This process usually takes place for 12-15 days. These medications stimulate follicles and that in turns stimulate the eggs in its maturing stage.
  • Egg collection is aminor surgical process and a day care procedure, which needs a female patient to be in the clinic for few hours or may be half of the day. The eggs are then collected with the help of special tube or a hollow thin tube. Once the eggs are received, they are placed it in an incubator.

Typically, most of the follicles carry mature and healthy egg. However, not all follicles might yield mature eggs. It is rare that no eggs are matured found but if this case happens, then the treatment cannot proceed because of not getting eggs or getting the eggs that may be of poor quality, the doctor then discuss the probable causes of this with you and advice the suitable treatment. Donor egg option is given at this condition to the couple.

  • When the egg collection of IVF process Laos is done, then sperm (received from male partner) is mixed with the eggs to facilitate the process of fertilization.
  • As soon as the motile and active sperm gets penetrated with the egg’s wall and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg for further cell division, a successful fertilization soon happens to take place.
  • Post 5 days of the successful fertilization of embryo, best and healthiest embryo is chosen by the experts and then this embryo is transferred in the women’s uterus to achieve pregnancy.
  • After 2 week of implantation, pregnancy test is conducted.

Success rate of IVF in Laos is high, and depends upon the age factor of the female partner, male’s sperm motility, embryo quality and couple’s infertility case. Here we are at the end of this page of IVF procedure Laos.

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