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January 6, 2023

What is the IVF process step by step in Georgia?

The Inside Story of IVF Process Georgia

IVF – a short word but a long procedure, when any couple steps for the first foot on the path to IVF treatment, the path may seem quite uncertain. Each couple’s goal after marriage is to achieve a healthy and joyful parenthood days but it’s always not easy to attain pregnancy. When the couple faces struggling time to get pregnant even after trying unprotected intercourse more than six month or a year, this means the couple has infertility issue because of which they are unable to conceive by the natural method.

Brief Intro of IVF and IVF procedure Georgia

Each and every case of IVF procedure Georgia is unique and it is quite hard to predict exactly how the cycle of a patient’s will go. IVF treatment depends upon the good and standard quality of eggs and sperms. If the couple is undergoing or planning to undergo IVF treatment, then the couple must gain enough knowledge of IVF process Georgia before the couple begins their IVF journey from any of the clinic. Select IVF is the world-class fertility clinic that not only provides best medication / treatment but also it gives any of the fertility treatments in marked down cost. Whether it is basic IVF or advance IVF treatment, Select IVF brings forth the most reasonable cost and furnishes with the A-1 treatment to the patient. IVF is the preferred and favourable infertility treatment to get to the bottom of Infertility disorder. IVF process Georgia goes with a simple and smooth steps but this treatment must be carried out with the experienced and veteran fertility doctor, who must have already solved numerous cases of infertility. IVF is an ART methodology and is always used when the couple is unable to get pregnant. During IVF procedure Georgia, sperms and eggs are collected from the male and female partner in order to perform fertilization process inside the fertility laboratory. An average IVF cycle takes about six to eight weeks from doctor’s consultation to transfer of the embryo. The entire steps that take in IVF process Georgia is given below.

 Let’s read each steps of IVF procedure Georgia

During the first week, IVF procedure Georgia involves the initial meeting with the couple to doctor or doctor’s consultation. Once the initial consultation is done, the couple’s way of IVF journey is started. There will be pre IVF testing and the woman is prescribed for birth controlling pill. A female expects to take the birth control pills for 2-3 weeks after the diagnosis and testing, pre IVF testing includes-
  • A blood panel
  • Evaluation of the uterus
  • Sperm analysis for male fertility testing
  • Ultrasounds
  • Screening of any infectious disease (if present)
Once the female is done with the birth control pill, the next step of IVF procedure Georgia is known as COH (Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation). This process consist of –
  • Fertility drugs and hormonal injection
  • Monitoring visits
Fertility medication such as Clomid and injectable hormone FSH are used to stimulate the ovaries. Why these medications are supposed to be taken by the female, this is because; these drugs and hormonal injections stimulate the ovaries to mature multiple eggs. The main aim is to produce at least 5-6 eggs at the time of egg retrieval step of IVF process Georgia. These fertility medications will be of about 2 weeks. During this fertility phase, the female has to visit at least 5-6 times at the clinic. Blood tests and ultrasounds are involved in this phase of IVF procedure Georgia. These are done to keep a close eye on the female’s follicles and development of the eggs. Once the eggs are enough matured, it’s the time of a trigger shot. This trigger shot is the injection is given for the final maturation of the egg with HCG and then schedule the egg retrieval process just after 34-36 hours later of it. The eggs are retrieved after this trigger shot with the help of a hollow needle and then placed on a petri dish. Female’s male partner will have to give his semen specimen on the same day of egg collection process. Fertilization is done by mixing with the sperm and egg on a same petri dish. If all goes well, means sperms and eggs are of standard quality then fertilization occurs and embryos are created. Now the question comes when this embryo is supposed to be transferred into the female uterus; within 4-5 days of fertilization, two of the best and healthy embryo (s) is transferred into the female’s uterus for further IVF process Georgia. Some of the experts’ transfer the embryo once the embryo reaches at its blastocyst stage (5th day after fertilization). The embryo is then transferred into the uterus via a thin and flexible plastic tube that gently passes through the opening in the cervix and then direct to the uterus. This IVF procedure Georgia is painless and doesn’t need sedation.

Pregnancy test after IVF Process Georgia

A female has to take progesterone after the step of IVF procedure Georgia of embryo transfer. This supplement helps to support the endometrium or uterine lining to facilitate healthy & successful implantation. After 12 days of the embryo transfer, pregnancy test is scheduled. If the result is found to be positive, then the female soon goes with a normal pregnancy ahead. This is all about IVF process Georgia. Read Also:
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