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IVF Nepal 2021 – Step By Step Procedure of IVF in Nepal

IVF is fully known as In Vitro Fertilization or Test Tube Baby treatment, is one of the most selected fertility treatment of ART techniques. ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) is a medical terminology that includes number of advance fertility treatments.  IVF is one amongst widely spread ART technique all around the world.

IVF in Nepal is performed under the guidance of Select IVF Nepal experts. Select IVF Nepal is the leading and ongoing fertility clinic, which has become center of attraction for several infertile couples for its high IVF success rate. Select IVF Nepal is the golden platform for infertile couples who are searching a right and appropriate place to eradicate their infertility issue.

Pregnancy is a natural process wherein a sperm penetrates with the egg’s wall and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg for cell division, resultant embryo formation, but when it comes down to the line of Infertility then ART and other unnatural mode of fertilization techniques are the ultimate support of those couples who are unable to conceive. One of the most effective ART techniques to unfold infertility is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

IVF in Nepal is a stroke of luck for numerous infertile seekers because of its sky-scraping success rate, safe and uncomplicated procedure. During the treatment of IVF Nepal, sperms and eggs are collected (female’s eggs are retrieved safely after giving fertility medication from each ovaries) from the partner to achieve natural fertilization inside the fertility lab under the guidance of Select IVF Nepal fertility experts.

Let’s get elaborate structure of IVF in Nepal – How It Works 

There are five to six steps of IVF in Nepal, starting from fertility medications to embryo transfer.

Hormonal Injection and fertility medication

IVF Nepal step begins with fertility medication and hormonal injection. Fertility medications and hormonal injection involves 12-14 days of the female. These medications include Clomid and injectable hormone FSH, which is used to stimulate female’s ovaries.

Drugs and hormonal injections stimulate the ovaries to release multiple eggs. This intake of drugs for fertility are given so that the female instead of releasing a single egg, releases multiple egg at least 5-6 eggs at the time of egg retrieval procedure. The duration of this phase of IVF Nepal takes 2 weeks.

During this fertility phase, the female has to visit at least 5-6 times at the clinic. Blood tests and ultrasounds are involved in this phase of IVF Nepal. These are done to keep a close eye on the female’s follicles and development of the eggs.

Trigger Shot Injection before Egg Retrieval

Once the eggs gets complete matured, fertility specialist of Select IVF Nepal now apply injection, referred as ‘Trigger Shot’. This trigger shot is the injection, which is given for the final maturation of the egg with HCG and after that, the specialists schedule the egg retrieval process just after 34-36 hours later of it.

Egg Collection and Semen Collection

Once trigger shot’s time is over, the eggs are collected with the help of a hollow needle and then the eggs are placed on a petri dish. This process of IVF Nepal is a minor surgical process, where a thin and hollow needle is carefully placed into the female’s ovaries and from each ovary, eggs are pulled out. As soon as the eggs are collected, male partner (or donor, if infertility case of patient is required) provides his semen specimen on the same day of egg collection process.

Fertilization Process

Fertilization is the process of IVF in Nepal, where eggs and sperms are mixed altogether. Fertilization is done by mixing with the sperm and egg on a same petri dish. If all goes well, that is, if the sperm has successfully fused with the egg’s wall and get inside of the cytoplasm of the egg then soon embryo formation begins. Just at the moment that sperm gets fused into the egg’s wall and reaches the cytoplasm for cell division, fertilization is done.

Embryo Transfer

Here the question comes when this embryo is supposed to be placed into the recipient’s uterus; within 4-5 days of fertilization or at the stage of blastocyst, two of the best and healthy embryo (s) is transferred into the female’s uterus for further process of IVF in Nepal.

The embryo transferred into the female’s uterus via a thin and flexible plastic tube that gently passes through the opening in the cervix and then direct to the uterus. Embryo transfer is the last process of IVF Nepal.

Steps included during IVF cycle in IVF Nepal

If a couple wants to go further after embryo transfer, then it’s their wish whether they want to opt for that clinic or other for pregnancy tests. International patients, who travel in India for their IVF, generally return after their IVF embryo transfer so it’s complete couple’s decision but hereafter the procedure of embryo transfer, there will be additional fee that has to be paid by the couple (after embryo transfer). Let’s get to know IVF Nepal cost consists of which steps.

There is a complete package of IVF in Nepal that include

  • Fertility medications
  • Consultation charges and each meet-up with the doctor
  • Blood-work, Ultrasound
  • Egg Collection
  • Fertilization
  • And, Embryo transfer

Pregnancy test after IVF in Nepal

A woman has to take progesterone supplement after final step of IVF Nepal of embryo transfer. This supplement supports the endometrium or uterine lining to facilitate healthy & successful implantation.

After 12 days of the IVF Nepal embryo transfer procedure, pregnancy test is scheduled. If the result comes positive, then the patient soon goes with a normal pregnancy ahead. This is all about IVF Nepal.

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