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What does IVF Cost in Vikhroli 2021?

IVF – the best fertility treatment for achieving conception

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a fertility treatment in which fertilization is achieved by combining the eggs with the sperms in a lab. The procedure is performed so that infertile couples could attain conception despite their infertility. Infertility is a severe condition that negatively impacts the ability of a couple to produce their own child and give them the label of infertility. For curing the problem of infertility and helping the infertile couples in their quest to parenthood, various assisted reproductive treatments came into play. ART techniques include the methods where a couple can get the child through a reproductive technology or other than the natural way. IVF is one of the best assisted reproductive treatments provided within an affordable IVF treatment cost in Vikhroli at the best IVF centre in India.

Select IVF India is a prominent medical travel agency in India providing its high-quality services all over India including Vikhroli, Mumbai. The fertility experts and IVF specialists associated with us considerable experience in performing the most effective cases of IVF treatments at a reasonable cost of IVF in Vikhroli. The IVF doctors at our network hospitals use state-of-the-art equipments for operating the patient different types of fertility treatments and work with all their might until success in the fertility treatment is achieved. IVF is a treatment that makes conception achievable outside the woman’s body or in a lab. Our success rates for IVF treatment in Vikhroli are the highest, which is why patients from across the world choose India for the IVF treatment.

The procedure of IVF treatment in Vikhroli

In the process of IVF treatment in Vikhroli, the first step is to collect the eggs for the process. For obtaining the eggs, the woman is given fertility medication for some days for inducing her ovaries to produce a better quantity of healthy and fertile eggs. The quality of eggs plays a crucial role in determining the chances with which the woman attains conception with the help of IVF treatment. Ultrasounds are done to analyze the happening inside the woman’s ovaries and once the eggs get mature, it is time to perform egg retrieval. In egg retrieval, the surgeon extracts the eggs from the ovarian follicle with the aid of a hollow needle.

The next step is semen collection where the father or the sperm donor is invited into the clinic for offering their semen sample. The obtained semen sample is thawed and washed for removing impurities and only the best quality sperms are selected for the next stage of IVF treatment. The sperms and the eggs are combined and fertilized in a laboratory petri dish and this fertilization results in the formation of an embryo. The embryo remains in the lab for 5-6 days so that it can develop completely. This embryo is transplanted inside the recipient’s uterus in a process called embryo transfer. Pregnancy occurs within two weeks, which is confirmed with the help of pregnancy tests.

Factors that influence the IVF Cost in Vikhroli

There are various factors that affect the IVF cost in Vikhroli. Keeping these factors in mind can help the patient in deciding whether this treatment is going to be effective for them or is the right treatment option in order to attain conception. The cost of the IVF treatment may vary in accordance with the factors mentioned below as the different patients have different conditions.

IVF Cost in Vikhroli 2021
IVF Cost in Vikhroli 2021

The following are the various factors that affect the cost of IVF in Vikhroli.

  • Age of the woman undergoing matters when it comes to her chances of achieving success in fertility treatment. The fertility of the woman declines as she ages because of the diminished ovarian reserve. The egg quality and quantity is important for ensuring the highest chances of success in the IVF treatment.
  • It is important for the woman in perfect weight as being overweight or underweight can negatively impact her chances of achieving conception with the aid of IVF treatment. Obese woman face difficulty attaining conception and also, the underweight woman find it hard to get positive outcomes in the IVF treatment.
  • The condition of the patient undergoing the treatment as the severity of their infertility may differ according to their reproductive health. Some patient benefits from the IVF treatment or if their infertility condition is severe, they can choose to undergo advanced infertility treatments such as ICSI, PICSI, IMSI, etc.

Acceptable Cost of IVF in Vikhroli

The cost of IVF in Vikhroli ranges between INR 2,10,000 to INR 2,25,000. The price may go beyond the mentioned range for accommodating the specific requirements of the patients. However, this is the most reasonable price range offered by Select IVF India, which is the best medical tourism company in India providing the IVF treatment at the best IVF clinics in India.

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