IVF Cost in Ranchi 2019

What is the cost of IVF in Ranchi 2023?

Ranchi is a place which eases the financial burden on the couples below the poverty line who wish to have their own baby. The couples now can easily avail the benefits of the IVF treatment as the fertility experts at the network hospitals under Select IVF India offer reasonable and affordable IVF treatment to all the people across the globe. Dr. Nalini Gupta an IVF expert at Select IVF India focuses of maximizing the chances of successful conception at minimum cost so that each individual on this planet can enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby as her aim is not to make money from you but to deliver you a healthy baby without any complications.

By offering reasonable cost of IVF in Ranchi does not mean that Dr. Nalini Gupta compromises with the quality of the treatment, she will offer the same international standard quality of the treatment for all those couples who were struggling from long period to have an own baby and for those who are not able to afford expensive fertility treatments.

How much is the actual IVF Cost in Ranchi?

The actual IVF Cost in Ranchi will be confirmed by Dr. Nalini Gupta once she examines the couples properly and identifies the exact cause of infertility which is stopping you to get pregnant, however, the estimated cost of IVF in Ranchi for one fresh cycle is around USD 5,500 including the following:

  • Consultations, ultrasound scans, egg pick-up, embryo transfer, and day care stay at the clinic or hospital.
  • Standard medications
  • Pre-IVF medical test
  • Airport charges
  • Charges of IVF expert and embryologist

If you are unable to produce own eggs for fertilization and who need egg donor whose egg will be fertilized with the sperm of your husband then the cost of IVF with egg donor will be around USD 20,000 which includes the cost of India egg donor which is around USD 3,000.

If you wish to have Caucasian / African Egg Donors then the cost of IVF with egg donor in Ranchi will range between USD 32,000 to USD 35,000 as the compensation for Caucasian / African Egg Donors will range between USD 12,000 to USD 15,000 as they are international egg donors.

Why IVF Treatment Cost in Ranchi is reasonable?

IVF Treatment Cost in Ranchi is reasonable because the fertility experts at Select IVF India understand that people below the poverty line are not able to afford such expensive fertility treatments so keeping in mind for each individual the fertility experts designed the reasonable IVF treatment in Ranchi with world-class facilities and infrastructure. The equipment which is used by the fertility experts is purchased from the international market to deliver the high success rates of taking the baby home.

You will get the best personal and medical care with a pleasant and comfortable environment throughout your journey so that you can concentrate on your treatment to achieve the highest success rates of the treatment.

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