IVF Cost in Karnataka

How Much Does IVF Cost in Karnataka 2021?

How Much Does IVF Cost in Karnataka?

If you are a couple living in Karnataka, searching for IVF treatment with some budget, in this article we will give you detailed information on IVF cost in Karnataka. In vitro fertilization, a type of ART technique is available in almost every state of India and Karnataka is one of them. Some factors can affect the cost of IVF in Karnataka, let’s developed some knowledge about the factors that can affect the IVF treatment cost in Karnataka. Before moving ahead let me help you out in clearing some doubts by throwing light on queries that might or might not come to your mind but are momentous. This knowledge can turn out as an influential factor for not wasting your money on an unfitting treatment.  Also, it can advantage you in understanding the procedure while discussing with a fertility specialist.

Select IVF Cost Vs Indira IVF Cost Comparison

Who should opt for IVF?

In vitro fertilization helps couples with infertility or with health conditions to not able to have a biological child. In the procedure female’s (mother) egg and the male (father) sperm are combined to form an embryo. Then it implanted in the mother’s uterus.  In the case of women, the doctor advises women of age 40 and above to opt for this treatment as the age factor makes it difficult for them to conceive naturally.  But there are other conditions where a woman can take help of IVF at a young age

If the fallopian tube of a woman is damaged, it works as an obstacle in the fertilization of eggs naturally.

An ovulation disorder can lead to lesser egg quantity in women, which create a barrier in conceiving.

If any one of the partners has a genetic disorder can opt for IVF. It can help in implanting an embryo that doesn’t contain identified genetic problems although the process cannot identify all of them.

Uncorrectable semen abnormalities refrain a woman from being pregnant with her partner. Semen abnormalities are poor mobility of sperms, abnormal size of sperms, low sperm count, etc; these create difficulties in fertilizing an egg in the natural way of pregnancy.

Sometimes the reason for infertility in a couple cannot be found, it is called unexplained infertility, at that time couple can take the help of IVF treatment.

IVF Cost in Karnataka
IVF Cost in Karnataka

Types of IVF treatment

Listed below are the types of IVF treatment, which is used when the intended mother’s egg and the intended father’s sperm couldn’t form an embryo. 

With donor egg – there are reasons where a woman doesn’t prefer her egg for example failed IVF history. In that case, the donor egg is combined with the father sperm.

With a donor’s sperm – when the quality of the father’s sperm is low. It is recommended to use donor’s sperm by fertility specialists.

With embryo donor– if a couple has any genetic disorder and doesn’t want it to transfer to their child, doctors suggest IVF with embryo donor treatment.

With gestational surrogate– If a biological mother doesn’t have a strong womb due to medical or health issues to carry her child, the doctor suggests IVF with a gestational surrogate.

These variants of IVF treatment adds up to the standard cost of IVF treatment.

IVF Cost in Karnataka
IVF Cost in Karnataka

IVF treatment cost in Karnataka

There is an increase in infertile couples in India. The infertility rate in married couples in India is around 15%. Out of this, nearly 30 million couples are looking for treatment. Majorly in the urban area of India, a visible decline in the fertility rate has been recorded. There is a bunch of reasons for increasing infertility in India; changing lifestyle is one of them. 

With the help of advance medical science, there are medical solutions for every infertility problem. As you already know this article is about IVF treatment and the IVF cost in Karnataka. Above we have discussed IVF and the types of IVF. The motive behind mentioning types of IVF is its influence on the standard cost of IVF treatment.

The standard cost of IVF treatment in Karnataka is around 90,000 to 1,50,000. If the childless couple chooses a different type of IVF, additional charges add up to the original price. Select IVF India in Karnataka offers IVF treatment at an affordable price without compromising the quality of treatment. Apart from a valuable treatment they also assist their clients or patients in selecting an easy method of payment, so that every infertile couple can afford it without burdening their pockets and enjoy parenthood. Select IVF India is one of the best clinics in Karnataka for IVF treatment.

It is not hidden that the prices of almost every basic need are sky touching. Keeping that in mind select IVF India is providing world-class treatment at a reasonable price. The above mentioned is the detailed information on the cost of IVF in Karnataka and where you can get the treatment at its best price, hence no more waiting to become biological parents. It is just a call away. Go and book your appointment now.

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    Is IVF 100% successful?

    It is not accurate to say that IVF treatment is 100% successful. The success rate of IVF depends on age, health, etc.

    What is the best age for IVF?

    Like natural pregnancy, the best age for IVF is the late 20s to early 30s. After 35 the quality of eggs is not similar to the quality in the 20s, also the quantity of eggs decreases with age in women that made it difficult for a woman to conceive naturally. Similarly while choosing to have a child through IVF, the doctor advises starting the process as soon as possible.

    Can you have twins with 1 embryo transfer?

    It cannot be guaranteed but the chances of having twins with 1 embryo in IVF is more than in conceiving naturally.

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