IVF cost in Allahabad 2019

What is the IVF cost in Allahabad 2021?

An average cost of IVF treatment for one cycle in Allahabad can be around USD 4,500 which can rise up to USD 5,500 including the prescribed standard medicines and injection. It has been found that the cost of IVF treatment can fluctuate due to various reasons such as your medical history, your fertility issues, your age, etc. or you may require several other treatments along with IVF. IVF cost in Allahabad differ from clinic to clinic, however, if you visit the hospitals or clinics under Select IVF India then you find that these are the reasonable and affordable hospitals and clinics in Allahabad for IVF treatment.

Factors on which IVF cost in Allahabad depends

Other than your medical history and health records, the cost of IVF treatment in Allahabad depends on several other factors which include the experience of the fertility expert, cause of infertility, complexity of the couple’s case and the utilization of donated eggs, sperms or embryos. In case, you need the additional treatments such as ICSI and Assisted hatching procedure along with IVF treatment will increase the basic cost of IVF treatment. For some people, money could be a constraint because the treatment may appear to be out of budget for them, but IVF cost in Allahabad at the hospitals under Select IVF India can be significantly managed by fertility experts who offer the most suitable IVF package as per the personal needs.

How much does the additional IVF Treatment Cost in Allahabad?

If IVF treatment alone fails to provide the successful results then Dr. Nalini Gupta will advise you to undergo for the advanced procedures of IVF such as IVF with ICSI, IVF with egg donation, IVF with PGD, IVF with FET, IVF with Surrogacy, etc. With every advanced procedure of IVF, there is an additional cost is associated. For example, if you choose IVF with egg donation procedure where the eggs of other women are borrowed who is young, healthy and fertile. Her eggs will be artificially fertilized with the sperm of intended father to facilitate fertilization and once fertilization takes place the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the intended mother. The cost of IVF with egg donation in Allahabad is around USD 20,000 which includes the compensation of egg donor and the cost of the IVF procedure.

How much does the cost of medications which is used for IVF in Allahabad?

The cost of standard medications which is used for IVF in Allahabad will be included in the basic cost of IVF, however, the medications which you need to stimulate the ovaries will not be included in the basic IVF package and that will be paid by you according to the requirement. The cost of these medications will range from USD 2,000 to USD 5,000 per cycle and this depends on the dosage you require to stimulate your ovaries.

For more details on the cost of IVF treatment in Allahabad or any other details contact Select IVF India and our representative will attend you shortly will all the required information on the IVF treatment.

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