IUI Treatment Cost in gurgaon 2020

How Much Does IUI Treatment Cost in Nepal 2023

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) in Nepal

IUI in Nepal is a process whereby sperms are placed inside the uterus of a woman so that she could achieve conception unnaturally. It is the simplest assisted reproductive technology treatment that makes pregnancy possible without undergoing the natural process. IUI treatment is employed in the less complicated cases of infertility. It is the first infertility treatment option that pops up in the mind of infertile couples or a woman choosing to experience parenthood without the assistance of a man.

Infertility is a serious problem in which the ability of a couple to produce their own child is halted owing to some known and unknown reasons. The main reason why an IUI treatment is used is the incapability of the male partner to make adequate amount of healthy sperms. There could be various issues in the male sperms which make it impossible for the sperms to effectively penetrate and fertilize the egg, and consequently, make the woman pregnant.

Select IVF Nepal is a prestigious medical tourism in India serving in all parts of India. We operate in conjunction with highly experienced fertility experts having over three decades of experience in providing the best quality treatment. Our fertility specialists make sure to accurately assess the patient’s condition before suggesting a treatment. We offer the most affordable IUI treatment cost in Nepal in combination with the treatment provided by our adroit fertility doctors. They ensure that patients receive the finest quality treatment and go home with satisfaction. Our team works conjointly for a single objective, which is ensuring that the infertile patients, who come to us for fertility treatment, return home with a baby in their arms.

Who should go for IUI in Nepal?

IUI in Nepal is a simple, less complicated and minimally invasive fertility treatment option available to couples who are looking for an individual wanting to conceive through assisted reproductive technology. It is basically the first stage of fertility treatment to couple who have lost all hopes of becoming pregnant.

Besides infertility, there are other indications as well that necessitates the need for IUI in Nepal.

  • If a woman has irregular or no ovulation. Fertility medication can help induce the ovulation cycle.
  • Women with cervical scar tissue that make it hard for the sperms to penetrate the egg.
  • If a woman has ovulation disorders such as PCOS, endometriosis, hormone imbalances, etc.
  • Man with erectile dysfunction where he is not able to maintain a firm erection.
  • Men with low sperm count, poor sperm motility, abnormally shaped sperms, etc.
  • If a couple has been diagnosed with unexplained infertility.
  • Single women who wish to have their own child.
IUI Treatment Cost in Nepal 2023
IUI Treatment Cost in Nepal 2023

How is IUI performed?

IUI is provided at a sensible IUI cost in Nepal at the network hospitals in Select IVF Nepal. Before beginning the actual course of treatment, it is important to make sure that you are ovulating. To make you ovulate effectively, the doctor will prescribe medications. It is crucial that you make sufficient amounts of fertile eggs for the process of insemination as it will aid in increasing the chances of you getting pregnant. You will be given an HCG hormone injection and once a surge in LH hormone is observed, the doctor will then begin the process.

The male partner or a sperm donor will be asked to provide his semen sample. If the sperms are obtained from a sperm donor, then he will be first examined for any genetic diseases or other problems. Once the sperms are collected, they are thawed and washed for selecting the high motility sperms, which are essential for significantly increasing the chances of conception. The collected sperms will be directly injected into your uterus with the aid of a catheter. The process only takes about a few minutes to complete and is a less intrusive process.

After placing the sperms, you have to take rest for about an hour. Some pregnancy tests will be performed on her to confirm pregnancy after a period of two weeks.  We provide a reasonable IUI treatment cost in Nepal in combination with the services of our fertility experts.

Reasonable IUI Cost in Nepal

At Select IVF Nepal, the cost of IUI in Nepal is USD 250, which is the best affordable cost for IUI treatment in Nepal. The cost given by us incorporates the cost of all the important procedures that take place during the treatment. The fertility experts connected with us have extensive expertise in providing the best quality fertility treatment with high success rates.

IUI in Nepal is a highly affordable treatment for couples who are looking for cost-effective treatment. Our low IUI treatment cost in Nepal is the reason why patients from all over the world pick Nepal for their fertility treatment.

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