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How many IVF cycles are safe?

How many IVF cycles are safe? – This is the second most common question that comes to a mind of a patient with a failed IVF cycle. IVF procedure can be emotionally draining for some. A fail attempt can disappoint a couple or mother for a long period of time. The failure of IVF cycle can stress the couple, they might experience frustration too, because of that many couples doesn’t opt for another attempt of IVF cycle. In that case they should consult the doctor and ask for suggestions.

What is considered a failed IVF cycle?

In Vitro Fertilization is a process where the egg of the hoping mother and the sperm of the hoping father are combined in a petri dish to form an embryo. For forming an embryo the sperm needs to fertilize the egg, this procedure takes place in a lab where the appropriate environment is made which is required for the fertilization process. Once the embryo is formed it is implanted in the mother’s uterus. The IVF will be successful if the embryo is implanted successfully. If due to any reason the embryo hasn’t implanted successfully it is considered a failed IVF cycle.

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What are the reasons of failed IVF?

There are many reasons for the failure of an IVF cycle; age is considered an important one. Women are born with a limited amount of eggs. As her age increases the quantity and quality of the eggs decreases which create difficulties in conceiving naturally.

Infertility can come from family genes in a human or with unhealthy lifestyle or with the age. Infertility issues in a man or a woman of age under 35 can be genetic or because of unhealthy lifestyle. In those cases, if they choose to have IVF treatment, the success rate can be higher on a condition of good quality eggs.  But when it comes to a woman of age above 35 and 40s, it becomes difficult for them to conceive through IVF with self eggs; it is because of the age factor. But if the woman uses a donor egg then the possibilities of conceiving can be higher than self eggs.

The success of IVF also depends on the Quality of an embryo once it is transfer into the uterus of hopeful mother. In many fail IVF cases the embryo seemed healthy but may have defects that stop it to grow.

Not following a healthy lifestyle can make a huge impact on the success rate of an IVF cycle. If you are regular smoker and drinker then the fertility specialist will ask you to stop smoking at least three months before starting the treatment. Also smokers usually required more IVF cycles than non smoker patients. And if you are overweight then it would be better to take some steps for maintaining a required weight.

Chromosomal abnormalities increase in a woman with the age.  Women of above 30 may experience these abnormalities which results in miscarriages and failure of embryo implantation in IVF.

How many IVF cycles are safe?
How many IVF cycles are safe?

Is it safe to do multiple rounds of IVF?

Going through multiple rounds of IVF can be tiring, frustrating and burdening on the pockets but it increases the chance of success rate. There are many successful IVF cases in first attempt that is because of particular criteria, if a woman falls under that the chances of successful IVF is high. If she does not fall under it the chances are less and that’s why a couple goes for further attempt. But the question is how many IVF cycles are safe or is it safe to do multiple cycle of IVF? – If the first attempt fails, doctor will advises you to go for another attempt, but not more than three. The reason for that is, when a couple decides to go for IVF treatment they develop hopes and sometime starts to imagine a life with their unborn biological kid, when the results turn out negative it affects them physically as well as mentally.

So when a couple chooses to have IVF treatment they should prepare themselves mentally for the unfavorable outcome too. In another words we can say that the failure of treatment can take hard toll on the couple, that’s why doctor advises them to not take more than three attempts of IVF cycle. In short we can say, if you will ask how many IVF cycles are safe for an infertile couple the answer would be three.

How long should you wait between IVF cycles?

There is lot of information available on the internet regarding how many IVF cycles are safe and the pause one should take between IVF cycles. Which might confuse you; in that case the best option is to directly consult the doctor. But if you want to know about it by yourself first then here we are to help you out in that.

If you are not mentally, physically and financially prepared for another attempt then there is no need to rush. The moment you believe that you are prepared, and it’s been at least 4 to 6 weeks from the last IVF cycle, go for it.

How many IVF cycles are safe?
How many IVF cycles are safe?

Where you can get the best IVF treatment?

Till now through this article you have developed a good amount of knowledge about how many IVF cycles are safe. Now it is the time to know where you can consult for another attempt of IVF or simply first attempt of IVF. 

Going for fertility treatment is not an easy task. Already a couple would be going through a lot mentally after knowing about their fertility issue. Knowing about fertility issues in them might not affect some but for some couple it likes turning their world upside down, for them the failure of fertility treatment can be difficult to accept. At Select IVF India we help them out by offering world class fertility treatment at a reasonable cost with high success rate.

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