How Much Does Female Infertility Treatment Cost in Bangalore 2023

Affordable cost of Female Infertility treatment cost Bangalore

There are several reasons, why male or female becomes impotent to conceive or facing with the hurdle to get pregnant. Have you ever considered the count of infertile females vs. infertile male counts? Guess No! Anyways, would like to tell you that more than 25 million of couples (70% of female and 30% of male) are facing with infertility disorder in India. Reason behind this issue is hormonal misbalancing and why this occurs, this may be due to the improper healthy diet, irregularity of the exact schedule, addiction of alcohol, smoking habit, urban lifestyle etc.

We all know that for a healthy body, healthy diet is mandatory, so to maintain your body, you really have to focus on your diet. Especially for the females, who have to carry so much during her entire life starting from menstruation pain, then at a certain phase of life- pregnancy, workload of the family and many more, hence to perform these all the activities, a female needs to be very strong.

Infertility – This is the term, which nobody wants to welcome in his or her life, unfortunately, this is the revolving issue, which is going nowadays. When the couple (either a female or a male) is unable to get conceived then here it comes- Infertility word. Select IVF India gives most illustrious medication of infertility all over the India.

Thanks to the advance medical technology, which not only has given individual’s hope to get pregnant but also it fulfils the dream of the infertile couples. There is not a single fertility treatment to eradicate infertility but there are several treatments, which are used to eliminate the black mark of infertility. In this page, we will be discussing about Female Infertility Treatment cost Bangalore and also we will go through the brief description of each and every female infertility treatment Bangalore.

Let’s get proper information regarding Female Infertility Cost Bangalore 

Given below the most accepted and efficacious female infertility treatment cost Bangalore

Fertility drugs

Most accepted and considered fertility drugs are Clomiphene and Gonadotropin. These medications are given to the infertile female when she is unable to supply with the healthy eggs at the time of ovulation. If the eggs are not healthy then it is quite hard to attain fertilization and if anyways (fertilization) happens then embryo quality won’t be of superior quality.

These fertility drugs are most often taken as a regular injection or by a nasal spray. Fertility drugs play a significant role in almost all of the fertility treatments. Female infertility treatment cost Bangalore of fertility drugs is just INR 10,000.

IUI – Intrauterine Insemination

IUI is that technique, where by special washing procedure; sperms are washed and inserted into the female uterus at the time of her ovulation. This procedure enhances the fertilization because here insemination gets easier than the traditional fertilization process.

Why sperms are washed, this is because; washing of the sperms eliminates any impurities and unwanted or immotile sperms. By doing so, the sperms, which later received, are free of any impurity.  IUI is performed in those infertile females, who have issue in their ovulation cycle and thus requires fertility medication that stimulates more than a single egg. IUI may have a risk of twins.

Female infertility cost Bangalore using IUI with fertility medication is INR 15,000-20,000.


IVF is completely known as In Vitro Fertilization, this is one of the best fertility medications that is used to eliminate female infertility disorder. IVF treatment should always be carried out with the veteran fertility experts. During IVF treatment, eggs are fertilized with the sperms outside the human body.

During this female has to take initially fertility drugs to stimulate her ovaries, once the eggs are matured enough, they are obtained with the assistance of a hollow needle. By mixing the eggs and sperms altogether in a culture dish, fertilization happens. IVF is appropriate for those women who have irregular menstrual cycle, premature ovarian disorder, ovulation issue or facing with unexplained infertility.

Female Infertility Cost Bangalore of IVF is INR 1,50,000, during this package of female infertility treatment cost Bangalore – fertility medication and hormonal injections, medications provided to suppress the natural menstrual cycle, vaginal ultrasound, extra checkups, egg retrieval procedure, achieving fertilization, embryo transfer etc.

Egg Donor IVF

IVF is combined with several other treatments as per the concern issue of female suffering with. IVF egg donor is selected when the female is not at all fit to produce good quality of the eggs for fertilization. This is the condition, when the couple goes for IVF with egg donor.

Step of egg donor IVF is same as traditional IVF only the way of achieving fertilization is different, that means instead of taking the eggs from the female partner, eggs are retrieved from the female donor. Female donor has to undergo all the steps like medication for suppressing of natural cycle, fertility medications and then eggs are obtained. Once she gives her eggs, her role is over. Embryo formed after fertilization then placed into the female’s uterus for successful implantation and pregnancy. Female Infertility cost Bangalore of IVF Egg Donor is INR 2,50,000 (with donor’s procedure cost and the steps after egg retrieval as well)


Hysteroscopy is an advance technique, where by an instrument – hysteroscope, fibroids, tumours or polyps (that is turning into hurdles for the achievement of pregnancy) are removed from the female’s uterus. This is quite complex procedure and must be carried with the crackerjack doctors. Female infertility cost Bangalore of hysteroscopy is INR 35,000.

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