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In quest for a fertility centre that provides best and affordable ERA test for IVF

What is ERA test for IVF?

For women experiencing the IVF treatment in order to get a baby, one of their major concerns is whether the treatment is going to be a success as the considerable chances of risk of failure in the IVF treatment. One such possibility that leads to failure in the IVF is the issues in the endometrial lining of the patient that creates an unfavourable situation where the embryo is not able to get effectively attach to the endometrial lining due to its unreceptiveness.

While the chances of successful embryo implantation increases when the embryo is of the best quality, but there are still chances of implantation, reason being inability of the uterus of the woman to receive the embryo due to various unidentified issues. For the embryo transfer, the menstrual cycle of the woman is aligned with the time when the process of embryo transfer is to be conducted and the timeline varies according to different conditions of the patients.

For the purpose of finding whether the uterine lining of the patients is receptive of the embryo or has an environment that can effectively implant the embryo, ERA or Endometrial Receptivity test is done that helps in identifying such possibility. The test gives the information if there are any problems in the uterine lining of the patient so changes can be made accordingly so that the effective results of the fertility treatment are acquired.

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What does endometrial receptivity means?

Endometrium lining or uterine lining is a lining that covers the inside of the uterus and is the place where embryo rests before it is takes another form for the process of a pregnancy. Irrespective of the quality and health of the embryo, it may not give rise to a healthy pregnancy if the internal environment is unfavourable and if the environment is favourable we can say the endometrial lining is receptive.

There is a thing called a receptive time frame where the embryo implantation is most likely to occur since the endometrium is in highest receptive mode. This time frame varies greatly from patient to patient and is a determinant of different factors. The chances of a pregnancy can be increased if one can find out the receptivity time period of the patient, which is possible with the help of an ERA test.

How important is ERA test for IVF?

The test can prove to be highly beneficial in cases where the patient is facing repeated failure in the IVF and the probable cause can be unreceptive endometrial lining. The ERA test for IVF is done when the cause behind failure in IVF is hard to determine and the doctor suspects that the problems or misaligned menstrual cycle with the time of embryo transfer can be the reason.

If the results of the ERA test show receptive results it means that the endometrial lining was in its receptive mode when the test was done. In case of non-receptive results, the endometrium was not in receptive of the embryo at the time of the embryo transfer. 

ERA test for IVF
ERA test for IVF

Which fertility centre is best for ERA test?

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We have skilled fertility specialist who are excellent at ensuring a highest pass rate for a fertility treatment. It is a well-acknowledged fact that a fertility treatment comes with a risk of a failure considering the uncertainty involved at the various steps of the treatment. Regardless of the complexities, our fertility experts along with the assistance of our staff make sure that the patients get the best treatment without paying heavily for the same.

Our fertility specialists have precision and expertise in conducting ERA test for IVF and recommend the best course of treatment to the patients. They spare no effort when it comes to ensuring the success in your treatment and a satisfactory treatment experience to the patients. We serve the highest success rates for fertility treatment in India and this is what makes a popular choice for experiencing a fertility treatment for patients from international nations.

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