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Where to et Affordable Cost of IVF in Navi Mumbai?

In Vitro Fertilization- Treatment for battling Infertility

IVF is the most famous fertility treatment performed to treat and cure infertility. Infertility is an issue of the reproductive system whereby a couple finds it hard to attain conception even after having regular unprotected intercourse for 6 months to a year. It is a widespread issue impacting millions of people around the world. In India, the issue has become prevalent and more than 28 million people are dealing with the problem of infertility. Infertility treatments are various assisted reproductive techniques done to combat the problem of infertility and making infertile couples experience the journey of parenthood.

Assisted reproductive technology is the name for all the techniques involved when treating infertile couples. IVF is a popular fertility treatment in which the sperms and the eggs are fertilized in a laboratory setting. The sperms are retrieved from the father and the eggs are obtained from the mother for effectuating the process. This is the most effective fertility treatment that makes pregnancy achievable outside the human body. The embryo formed through fertilized is placed inside the woman’s womb and eventually, she gets pregnant.

One of the major factors that influence the success in your IVF treatment in the hospital that you choose for the fertility treatment. At Select IVF India, we are a well-known medical tourism company in India having the best fertility experts with over 30 years of experience in providing the finest quality fertility treatment. We have the best fertility specialists and doctors that have performed a number of successful infertility treatments. We provide our patients with the facility of choosing the best fertility centre according to their requirements and ensure that they get the best results in their IVF treatment. Along with the best quality treatment, our team at the network hospital makes sure that the patient receives a satisfactory treatment experience at an economical IVF cost in Navi Mumbai and gets the desired outcomes.

Why choose IVF in Navi Mumbai?

For a natural pregnancy to happen, it is important to ensure that the woman produces high-quality fertile eggs and the man makes a healthy and adequate amount of sperms for successful fertilization. The women should have perfectly functioning fallopian tubes and other reproductive organs so that pregnancy is made possible without any hindrance. Sometimes it happens that the partner is not able to accomplish pregnancy if they are dealing with one of these conditions due to various reasons.

IVF treatment is the right option if the patient is suffering from any of the following conditions.

  • Women with poor egg-quality who are not able to make the best quality eggs that are essential for healthy fertilization.
  • Women with different uterine issues such as endometriosis, PCOS, etc.
  • Women with ovulation problems who do not ovulate regularly.
  • Women who have experienced failure with other fertility treatments such as IUI.
  • Men with low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, etc.
  • Couples with unexplained infertility.

Understanding the process of IVF treatment

During IVF treatment in Navi Mumbai, the woman is advised to consume fertility medicines in the beginning so that greater production of healthy eggs is made certain. Thereafter, some tests and ultrasounds are performed on the woman to analyze the condition of the eggs and once the maturity of the eggs is confirmed, they are taken out from the ovarian follicle using a hollow needle. After retrieving the eggs, the next step is semen collection where the male partner or a sperm donor is invited to the clinic to provide his sperm sample. From the obtained sperm sample, the doctor selects the high-motility sperms and discards the unwanted sperms.

The collected sperms and eggs are combined in a lab so that the sperms could effectively penetrate the eggs. The fertilization results in the formation of the embryo. The embryo is then transferred inside the woman’s womb in a process called embryo transfer. Afterward, the woman attains pregnancy within a period of two weeks and pregnancy tests are done on the woman to confirm the same.

Moderate IVF treatment cost in Navi Mumbai

Select IVF India is a widely recognized medical travel agency in India that provides a highly affordable cost of IVF in Navi Mumbai. Our fertility specialists and IVF experts have over three decades of experience in offering the best quality fertility treatment to the patients and make sure that they get the best results without paying much. The IVF cost in Navi Mumbai is INR 2,10,000 to INR 2,25,000, which is the fairly priced range for IVF treatment in Navi Mumbai. The price range may go beyond the mentioned price in accordance with the requirements of the patient.

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