Can IVF work with low AMH

Can IVF work with low AMH?

IVF is a popular assisted reproductive technique in which the couples attain pregnancy by combining the eggs and the sperms in a laboratory setting. For a healthy pregnancy to take place, the quality and quantity of eggs are extremely important. One of the ways to measure the availability of eggs is through the AMH test. AMH or Anti-Mullerian Hormone test is a test to determine ovarian reserve in women. AMH is a hormone produced by cells during the formation of ovarian follicles within the ovary. Analyzing the levels of AMH aids in finding out the ovarian reserve. In a way, it is an indicator of fertility as the ovarian egg reserve tends to diminish with the increase in the age of the woman.

However, the low AMH level is not the root cause of infertility as it can be caused due to various reasons. The AMH test indicates the present condition of your ovarian reserve, which in turn helps in determining the possibility of you attaining conception with the help of fertility treatment or naturally. If a woman has very less amount of eggs then it will be hard for her to conceive via IVF and she may have to take the help of IVF with egg donor treatment. Most of the cases related to infertility are due to the bad ovarian reserve, which is generally found in women over 40. But low AMH levels do not necessarily mean that the woman will not conceive with IVF or other fertility treatment. In fact, there have been reported many successful IVF treatments where women have conceived despite low AMH levels.

IVF will work with low AMH if you will receive the treatment at the best fertility centre. Select IVF is a well-known medical travel agency in India serving patients for over 15 years. We have the best fertility specialists that carefully diagnose the condition of the patient and suggest the highest quality fertility treatment. Our IVF specialists comprehensively analyze the condition of the patient before operating them for the fertility treatment; they perform all kinds of tests on the patients to see whether the IVF treatment will be effective for them and accordingly perform the best course of fertility treatment.

Conceiving with low AMH

It is possible to conceive via IVF even if you have low AMH levels. In the IVF treatment, the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries by giving fertility medication to the woman. In this method, even if the woman has a slightly poor ovarian reserve, can benefit from the treatment because only the best quality eggs will be used in the treatment, this may lower the chances of attaining conception but will not completely eliminate it as there are still some healthy eggs left. However, if the eggs are very few then it will be nearly impossible to get the best results in the IVF treatment.

IVF with donor eggs is the next best fertility treatment option for women with very low AMH levels. The help of an egg donor will be effective in case of poor ovarian reserve. In IVF with donor egg, an egg donor eggs provide her eggs for the fertility treatment, which are then fused and fertilized with the sperms received from the sperm donor or a male partner. At last, an embryo is formed which is implanted inside the uterus of the woman. The availability of donor eggs helps in achieving the positive outcomes for the woman with low AMH levels.

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