Best Weather For IVF in India

Best Weather For IVF in India

Which season is best for undergoing IVF treatment in India?

IVF is a fertility treatment performed on a wide scale in India owing to the positive results provided by the treatment. It is a treatment that an infertile couple undergoes when they are not able to achieve conception on their own. Infertility is a situation that creates an impediment for the couple in attaining pregnancy via the natural method. It is a complex situation that millions of couples are dealing with worldwide. As a solution, various assisted reproductive techniques are used whereby conception is made possible without requiring the assistance of a human body.

If you are thinking of undergoing an IVF treatment, then you must prepare yourself and receive treatment in the best time of the season as it will aid in ensuring better chances of success in the treatment. Although undergoing the IVF treatment at the best time of the year may not promise successful results but it will improve the results to a considerable extent. The month in which you achieve conceive does make a difference in the chances of success but there a lot of other factors that impact the results of the fertility treatment. Even if you conceive at the most appropriate, you still may not be able to get effective results if your infertility is too severe to be treated by IVF.

The time of the treatment may differ in accordance with the condition of the patient as each and every patient is different. However, the spring season is considered to be the best season for IVF success in order to get successful results in the IVF treatment. The months of June, July, and August are the months in which the infertile couples have the highest chances of receiving success in the IVF treatment. The weather of winter, autumn, and summer is also good for effectuating conception but is the spring season where the best results in the treatment are observed.

No matter the weather, if you choose our medical tourism company for IVF then success in your fertility treatment is quite certain as our team in the network clinic put concerted efforts in assuring that you achieve positive results in your fertility treatment. The best time for IVF largely impacts the results of your fertility treatment.

The best weather for IVF in India

Often referred to as test-tube baby treatment, IVF is a treatment in which the mother’s eggs and the father’s eggs are fused together in order to attain fertilization. Once the sperms fertilize the eggs, an embryo is formed as a result that is kept in the lab for another 4-5 days so that it can evolve. The embryo is transferred into the recipient’s uterus. At last, pregnancy occurs in a timely manner. Since it is a sensitive treatment and each step requires extreme care, the weather in which it is performed plays a crucial role in determining the possibility of getting pregnant in the treatment.

Summer is also the best time for IVF treatment as the Vitamin D received from the sunlight is highly beneficial in increasing the fertility rates of a woman. It is a season that boosts the happiness levels of a person when compared to the winter season; exposure to sunlight improves the mood and reduces stress levels. IVF is a treatment that demands a lot of efforts both physical and emotional; therefore, it is important to keep your spirits high when dealing with the complexities of the process.

Best Weather For IVF in India
Best Weather For IVF in India

But spring season is better than summer as it is a time period in which high success rates of IVF treatment are observed each year. However, other factors such as the quality of the eggs, the severity of the patient’s infertility, their medical history, and the number of IVF cycles they have undergone. Also, the fertility centre that you choose for undergoing fertility treatment is critical for ensuring the chances of success in the fertility treatment. The best season for IVF success includes the month of June to August. The success rates in these months are higher when contrasted with the success rates in the other months of the year.

Select IVF India is one of the best medical services providers in India that offers superlative quality IVF treatment at a low cost. Our fertility specialists have over two decades of experience in providing the best course of IVF treatment in India. The medical experts at our network hospitals effectively evaluate the condition of the patient with the purpose of suggesting the best treatment at the best time of the year.

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