Best Surrogacy Clinic in Thailand 2020

Which is the Best Surrogacy Clinic in Thailand?

Surrogacy arrangement at the best Surrogacy Centre Thailand

Surrogacy is a process that helps infertile couples to become pregnant without requiring them to carry the pregnancy. In the surrogacy arrangement, the infertile couples are called intended parents as they are intentionally going to be the parents of the child borne through surrogacy. In the process, a woman called surrogate mother is hired and she becomes pregnant for the intended parents and carries their child to full term of pregnancy.

The surrogate chosen for the procedure has to provide her services on an altruistic basis as commercial surrogacy is not allowed in Thailand. It is the process in which the intended parents hire a surrogate mother who agrees to get pregnant and provide her services free of cost. However, the intended parents have to bear her expenses during the treatment but unlike commercial surrogacy, they do not have to pay her for carrying the pregnancy.

Surrogacy is a transparent procedure in Georgia as the process supported by legal documentation. The surrogate mother gives her consent to the prospect of renouncing any legal or parental rights to the baby after birth. On the other hand, the intended parents agree to become the legal parents of the child and take its custody. Neither of them can deny their role in the process once they have successfully performed all the legal formalities.

For achieving effective results in the surrogacy treatment, get the services of our well-experienced fertility specialists and surrogacy doctors. We are a famous medical travel agency operating in conjunction with the finest fertility experts. Our fertility doctors at the concerned center use advanced technological equipment for performing surrogacy treatment at the Surrogacy hospital Thailand. They put concerted efforts into making certain the successful results in the surrogacy treatment of the patients.

Best Surrogacy Clinic in Thailand 2020
Best Surrogacy Clinic in Thailand 2020

Various types of Surrogacy in Thailand

Surrogacy is Thailand is a legal process and only altruistic surrogacy is performed in Thailand. Regardless of the type of surrogacy, commercial surrogacy is prohibited in Thailand and the surrogate will be not given anything in return for her services. But she may be paid for the additional expenses incurred during the surrogacy treatment.

There are two methods of performing surrogacy in Thailand, which are explained below.

Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy is when the couples undergo IVF treatment if they wish to be biologically connected to the child. In the process, the embryo is formed after collecting the eggs and the sperms from the intended parents and fusing them together. The embryo is then transferred inside the womb of the surrogate mother. The surrogate undertakes the task of carrying the baby to term and deliver the baby to the intended parents in due time. It is a commonly performed method of surrogacy due to the benefit of having a genetically related child offered by it.

Traditional Surrogacy

This type of arrangement of surrogacy is not as favorable compared to the gestational one as the surrogate uses her own eggs for effectuating pregnancy.  In this surrogacy arrangement, the help of IVF treatment is taken and the intended parents provide their eggs and sperms for the fertilization process.  The embryo formed as a result of the treatment is implanted into the uterus of the surrogate mother. Subsequently, some pregnancy tests are done to confirm the pregnancy and after two weeks of pregnancy take place.

The surrogate mother carries the baby in her womb for nine months and hands over the baby to the intended parents in due course. It is a legally backed process and we are the best surrogacy centre Thailand for undergoing surrogacy treatment. The surrogate chosen for the process is a friend or someone from the family of the intended parents.

Looking for the best Surrogacy Hospital Thailand

Select IVF Thailand is the best surrogacy clinic in Thailand as we operate in collaboration with highly experienced surrogacy doctors. Our fertility experts and other team members work diligently to ensure that the patients achieve success in their surrogacy treatment. We provide immense care and assistance to the patients at each step of their treatment. Our team members at the network hospital ensure that the patients receive a stress-free surrogacy treatment and return home with a baby. Our success rates of surrogacy treatment are considerably high when contrasted with other fertility clinics in developed nations. This is the reason why patients throughout the world pick Thailand for undergoing surrogacy treatment. We offer the best surrogacy services and make sure to give the best quality treatment to the patient at each step of their treatment.

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