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Which is the Best Surrogacy Clinic in Hyderabad 2021?

Surrogacy treatment in Hyderabad

Surrogacy is a treatment that involves a woman known as surrogate mother who agrees to carry out the task of becoming pregnant for another couple. The process of surrogacy is extensively used and is the means by which the infertile couples are given a chance to have a biologically related child. Finding out the best surrogacy centre in Hyderabad is not exactly an easy task provided the multiple options available in front of the intended parents; it becomes difficult to decide the right one.

Searching the best surrogacy centre before you make progress towards the treatment demands some efforts and research on your part. Undergoing surrogacy treatment is time-intensive as the surrogate has to carry the pregnancy and before that IVF treatment is done for making the embryo. Besides time, it requires you to use a good some of money. Therefore, the work required for choosing the best fertility centre should not be taken lightly as a minor mistake can spoil all the effort and money used in the process.

You do not have to be too concerned or stressed out by the task of choosing the best surrogacy hospitals as we have come sprung up with some of the most critical tips that can help find your ideal surrogacy hospital. Make sure to apply all the tips given by us so that you make no mistake and pick the best surrogacy centre. But before we explore the crucial tips, let us understand the process and different types of surrogacy arrangements.

What happens during Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a type of arrangement where the intended parents use the pregnancy services of some other woman to get a baby. Nowadays, surrogacy majorly operates in an altruistic way in which the surrogate is paid nothing in return for her services. This type of surrogate is usually someone from the family or a friend and someone who is in great health to carry the child in her womb.

The two methods of surrogacy explained

Gestational Surrogacy. A more widely known method of surrogacy as compared to the traditional one. In this method, the intended parents first undergo the IVF treatment that leads to the creation of the embryo. IVF involves obtaining the sperms and the eggs from the intending parents and mixing them in a laboratory setting. The formed embryo gets introduced into the uterus of the surrogate mother who then carries the pregnancy originating from this embryo. This is a widely employed method of surrogacy as it gives the added advantage of sharing genetic ties with the baby to be born.

Traditional Surrogacy. This is a simple and less used surrogacy arrangement in which the surrogate mother undergoes IUI where she is inseminated with the father’s sperms for encouraging pregnancy. In this scenario, she uses her own eggs that make the process less desirable since she gets biologically related to the baby. However, the intending father becomes the biological father of the baby provided his sperms were used in the treatment.

Out of the two, gestational surrogacy is more preferred due to the fact that it offers the benefit of a biologically linked baby to the intending parents. No matter which surrogacy practice you choose our fertility experts at the centre are adept at performing both traditional and gestational surrogacy arrangements with the best results at the best surrogacy centre in Hyderabad. Our fertility centre provides the services of the best surrogates in case you are not able to find on your own. Our surrogates are screened effectively to ensure that they are in good fertile health to carry a pregnancy.

Some advice on searching the best surrogacy centre in Hyderabad

To find the best surrogacy centre in Hyderabad, there are some things to be kept in mind that is given below. These tips have been formed after relevant analysis and research and will provide you assistance in your quest to finding the best surrogacy hospital for your surrogacy.

  • The surrogacy centre should have the best surrogacy and other fertility specialists with extensive experience in conducting the most effective surrogacy treatment that brings effective results.
  • The clinic should have world-class infrastructure and finest amenities so that you can have the best treatment experience that is stress-free and comfortable.
  • The success rates should be high but not as high that they start to appear unrealistic. The centre should have a track record of implementing various successful surrogacy treatment.
  • There has to be the availability of high-tech labs where various tests and procedures are done. The centre should use modern technology and equipment for performing the treatment.
  • The location of the surrogacy should be within your within so you don’t face difficulty paying multiple visits to the centre. You are required to visit the centre every now and then for different tests.
  • The centre should have a valid proof of the qualification and experience of the doctor. The centre should be accredited by a well-known medical institution in the area.
  • They should perform both types of surrogacy treatments with accuracy and precision, which are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy.
  • In case you don’t have a surrogate by your side, they should have the database of the healthiest surrogate so you can select a suitable option for you.
  • All of the treatment services at the centre should be given at a low price or at least a price that is comparatively lower to the other fertility hospitals.
  • The surrogacy doctors and other team members at the hospital should offer a supreme quality treatment experience and should not charge you highly for the same.

Reach Select IVF India for finding the best surrogacy centre in Hyderabad

If you are still having baffled thoughts regarding choosing the best surrogacy centre for your surrogacy arrangement, then you can contact our medical tourism company in India. Select IVF India is a network of the best surrogacy and fertility clinics in India. We also operate with the best fertility experts having ample experience in providing the best fertility treatment to the patients. Our team at the various network surrogacy hospitals makes sure you get the best treatment and are always there to assist you at each step of the treatment.

We have a database of healthy surrogates that our patients can choose from for finding their ideal surrogate match. The surrogates provided by us are of the best fertile and overall health as they are diagnosed for their perfect health before confirming their eligibility as a surrogate mother in Hyderabad. Our surrogacy doctors use state-of-the-art technology when performing the fertility treatment on the patient to make sure that they get positive outcomes in their treatment.

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