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Which is the Best Surrogacy Centre in Thane 2023?

Surrogacy – A complicated and rewarding journey to parenthood

Infertility is a condition that creates an obstruction in the natural path of attaining pregnancy. It is a situation whereby a couple fails at achieving conception in spite of having regular unprotected intercourse for about a year. This way, this condition makes the couple’s life miserable and their dream of having a baby out of reach. Surrogacy is one of the ways by which the couple can experience the joy of parenthood despite their infertility. It is an assisted reproductive technique that enables the infertile couple to hire the services of a woman called surrogate mother, who gets pregnant and delivers the baby to them.

Surrogacy is a process by which the infertile couples or intended parents get the assistance of a surrogate mother who agrees on the prospect of carrying pregnancy on their behalf. The surrogate bears the task of carrying on a child for the intended parents in exchange for some monetary compensation or may choose to provide her services on an altruistic basis. There are two ways by which surrogacy is accomplished, first is traditional surrogacy and the other is gestational surrogacy. Also known as a gestational carrier, gestational surrogacy is a preferred surrogacy arrangement as the intended parents get the chance to share genetic ties with the kid to be borne by the surrogate.

The process of surrogacy is legal in India and the involved parties have to undergo a legal agreement before beginning the process of surrogacy in India. In the legal agreement or contract, the surrogate agrees to hand over the child and thereby, relinquishes parental rights on the child on the child. On the other side, the intended parents are obliged to take custody of the child and become the legal parents of the child. At Select IVF India, we provide the services of the well-experienced doctors widely experienced in performing the most effective fertility treatment in India at the best surrogacy clinic in Thane. We offer the best surrogacy arrangement to the patients and make sure that they experience the best surrogacy treatment experience without paying much.

What is involved in the different processes of Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process that can be performed via two methods, which are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Select IVF India both types of surrogacy treatment at an economical price. Our surrogacy doctors perform the treatment with efficacy and precision. Also, our team at the concerned surrogacy centre provides extensive care and assistance to the patients throughout their surrogacy treatment and make certain that they get a stress-free treatment experience.

Traditional Surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy is an arrangement of surrogacy where the surrogate achieves pregnancy by the process of artificial insemination where the doctor artificially inseminates her with the father’s sperms or donor sperm. Then, she carries the pregnancy to term on behalf of the intended parents and delivers the baby to the intended parents. This is a rarely chosen surrogacy arrangement because of the disadvantage of having a genetically unrelated child. However, the intended father may share genetic ties with the child if his sperms are used for insemination.

Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is a procedure that incorporates the use of IVF treatment whereby the father’s sperms and the mother’s eggs are fused together in a lab and as a result, an embryo is created. Afterward, the surrogate mother’s role begins and the embryo is implanted inside the uterus of the surrogate, who then carries the pregnancy to full term. It is the most extensively used method of surrogacy as it gives the benefit of sharing genetic ties with the child. With the help of this surrogacy arrangement, both the father and the mother get genetically related to the kid if their sperms and eggs are used in the process of IVF treatment.

Best surrogacy Centre in Thane 2023
Best surrogacy Centre in Thane 2023

Looking for the best Surrogacy Centre in Thane 

The hospital or the fertility centre where you receive your fertility treatment is an extremely important factor as it helps in determining the chances with which you will achieve conception. If you are on the lookout for the best Surrogacy clinic in Thane, then Select IVF India is the best option. We are a world-recognized medical travel agency in India providing the services of the best fertility experts and surrogacy doctors extensively experienced in the domain of surrogacy treatment. They have over 30 years of expertise in offering the best surrogacy treatment at a reasonable price. We have the best surrogacy centre in Thane and are known for providing the highest success rates for surrogacy treatment. The patients who receive treatment at our fertility centre get world-class facilities without paying any additional charges for the same. We have the database of most healthy and fertile surrogates and our patients get to choose the best surrogate that best matches their requirements. The superlative quality treatment and low-cost is the reason why patients prefer India for surrogacy treatment.

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