best Surrogacy Centre in South Mumbai

In quest of the best Surrogacy Centre in South Mumbai

When a couple fails at attaining conception by natural means, they are considered as infertile. The condition is severe and tons of people are dealing with infertility worldwide. It is a biological urge to become a parent and experience the journey of parenthood for every individual. It is a sad situation for a couple who are denied the opportunity to have their own child. For helping the infertile couples and making pregnancy possible for them, various assisted reproductive techniques are utilized.

Out of all the assisted reproductive technology treatment methods, surrogacy is a famous fertility treatment that gives the benefit of having a biologically related child. In a surrogacy arrangement, the infertile couple hires a woman called surrogate mother who accomplishes the task of getting pregnant on their behalf. The surrogate mother agrees to carry a pregnancy for the intended parents and handing over the child to the intended parents in the end. The whole procedure is legal and the involved parties sign an agreement where they agree to perform their mentioned roles in the treatment process.

The most important factor that determines the effectiveness of your surrogacy treatment is the fertility clinic where you receive the treatment. Select IVF India is a popular medical tourism company that has the best fertility experts and IVF specialists with more than three decades of experience in providing superlative quality fertility treatment. We have link-ups with the best fertility hospitals and surrogacy clinic in South Mumbai and our patients get the facility to pick the best hospital according to their requirements.

Criteria for selecting the best surrogate mother in South Mumbai

In order to become the best surrogate mother for the surrogacy treatment, the surrogate has to undergo a comprehensive screening where she is evaluated for her eligibility to become a surrogate mother in South Mumbai.

Below are the criteria on the basis upon which a surrogate mother is chosen in South Mumbai.

  • She should age between 22-39 years.
  • She should be in excellent health at the time of the treatment.
  • She should not suffer from any major physical ailments.
  • She should have great mental health and should not have depression.
  • She should have perfectly functioning reproductive organs and a fertile environment inside her body.
  • She should have a charming and pleasing personality.
  • She should possess the experience of giving birth at least to a single child.
  • She should have a BMI of not more than 28.
best Surrogacy Centre in South Mumbai
best Surrogacy Centre in South Mumbai

Different procedures of surrogacy in South Mumbai

Surrogacy is a treatment whereby the intended parents take the help of a surrogate mother who carries the pregnancy to term on their behalf. The treatment is performed by two methods, traditional surrogacy, and gestational surrogacy, both of which are explained below.

Traditional Surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy is a conventional method of surrogacy in which the surrogate gets artificially insemination with the sperms of the intended father. The doctor injects the sperms into the uterus of the surrogate mother with the help of a sharp needle. This type of surrogacy arrangement is not as popular as it does not provide the benefit of having a genetically related child. However, the father shares genetic ties with the baby if his sperms are used during the insemination process.

Gestational Surrogacy. This is the more preferred and extensively performed surrogacy treatment because of the benefit of sharing biological ties offered by it. In this surrogacy arrangement, the aid of IVF treatment is taken and the eggs and the sperms are obtained from the intended parents. These are fertilized in a lab and an embryo is formed. Afterward, the surrogate is invited to take part in the rest of the procedure and embryo transfer in which the embryo is transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother. The infertile couples prefer this surrogacy arrangement over the traditional one owing to the benefit of having a genetically related child provided by it.

Finding the topmost Surrogacy centre in South Mumbai

When choosing the best fertility centre for surrogacy treatment, it is important to keep in mind various factors such as the success rates of the centre, the experience of the fertility doctors, the number of successful treatments executed by them to date, etc.

Below are the most important factors that make a fertility centre the best surrogacy hospital in South Mumbai.

  • Experience of the fertility doctors and surrogacy specialists. It is crucial to get treated under the experienced hands as only an expert can offer high chances of success in the surrogacy treatment.
  • The database of healthy surrogates. The surrogacy centre should have the best fertile surrogate who can carry a pregnancy effectively and hand over a healthy child to the intended parents.
  • First-class facilities and amenities. The clinic should provide the patients to provide the patients the best amenities and facilities at a reasonable price. It should offer a great treatment experience.
  • Success rates of the surrogacy centre. The clinic should have realistic high success rates of various types of fertility treatments. They should offer the best-quality treatment that ensures high chances of success in the fertility treatment.

At Select IVF India, we have the best surrogacy Centre in South Mumbai having all the aforementioned qualities. Our patients receive the best treatment at a low price. Our fertility experts are well-experienced and well-equipped with the latest technological equipment and provide the finest quality treatment to the patients. We have a huge database of the most fertile surrogates that have successfully given birth to at least one child.

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