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Which is the Best Surrogacy Centre in Mumbai 2021?

Surrogacy practice at the best Surrogacy Centre in Mumbai

Surrogacy is a form of infertility treatment that includes using the services of a surrogate who gives her consent regarding carrying the child of the intended parents. Hiring another woman for carrying pregnancy becomes essential when the intended mother cannot carry the same due to various reasons. Surrogacy seems to be the only option when all other fertility treatments do not bring the desired outcomes.

The intended parents observe the surrogacy practice as the only option left when other options cannot deliver them a child especially if they want to have a biological child. Surrogacy can give them the experience of parenthood that they have desired from so long but it may not give the intending mother the experience of carrying the pregnancy where she keeps the child in her womb for nine months. The arrangement of surrogacy is more complicated than the procedures of simple fertility treatment such as IVF because it requires finding the ideal surrogate, the best surrogacy centre, the skilled fertility specialists, etc.

Choosing the best surrogacy centre in Mumbai is a tiresome task because you have to find a centre that provides the best surrogacy arrangement along with the services of healthy surrogate mothers. Once you have decided to go through the process of surrogacy for having a child, then the next most important step is finding the fertility hospital where you want to experience it, which is not easy to task considering the plethora of options available to you and lack of parameters with the help of which you can decide the best fertility centre amongst them all.

What are the different types of surrogacy practices?

The best surrogacy centre in Mumbai is usually the one that offers both traditional and gestational procedures of surrogacy. Let us have a quick introduction to both of them. Surrogacy can be executed via two methods, namely, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.

Traditional Surrogacy. A Surrogacy practice where the surrogate carries the pregnancy for the intended parties by using her own eggs. The reason why she uses her own eggs is that she gets artificially inseminated with the intending father’s sperms and attains pregnancy eventually. This practice is less desirable since the intending mother does not get to share the biological ties with the child but the father may share if his sperms were injected to the uterus of the surrogacy mother in artificial insemination.

Gestational Surrogacy. Whereas in gestational surrogacy both intending mother and father get the privilege of being biologically related to the child. In this widely employed method of surrogacy, IVF treatment is involved wherein the gametes of the intended parents are obtained for fusing them and the mixture of eggs and sperms results in an embryo. The embryo thus formed is transferred into the womb of a surrogate mother who then carries the child as a result of IVF pregnancy.

Out of the two arrangements, gestational surrogacy is a popular option since the reason why a couple opts for surrogacy in the first place is that they want a genetically related child. However, traditional surrogacy is used when the intending mother does not have the adequate supply of eggs required for IVF fertilization or if there is no female partner involved in the process of surrogacy.

How to find the best surrogacy centre in Mumbai?

If you do not have the slightest idea on how to find the best surrogacy centre in Mumbai, then you need not worry. Here are some points that will help in your quest to find the best surrogacy hospital and applying them will prevent any mistakes from happening when the topic of choosing the best surrogacy centre is concerned.

Availability of healthy surrogates at the surrogacy centre

The surrogacy centre should have a huge database of healthy surrogates that is compiled after extensively monitoring the surrogate mother for their efficiency to carry a healthy child without involving any major complications. The most important role in the process of surrogacy is of the surrogate mother because she is the one who is going to carry the outcome, which is the child. Therefore, ensure to choose a fertility centre that is known for providing healthy surrogates in the town.

 However, this does not concern you if you choose to take the path of altruistic surrogacy where the surrogate is someone from your family or friend and is someone who does not ask for money for providing her surrogacy services. The surrogate of your choice still has to undergo a rigorous screening procedure before she is confirmed as the potential surrogate mother for your surrogacy treatment.

The expertise of the surrogacy doctors

You can put your faith in obtaining a baby via surrogacy only in someone well-qualified to do that. Whereupon we come to the importance of the experience of the surrogacy doctor, your surrogacy doctor should possess the proven-track of conducting various successful surrogacy arrangements. The expertise is one of the few ways by which you can decide whether you have picked the right surrogacy hospital. You cannot give away your money to someone who does not have experience in the field of surrogacy treatment. Thus, experience the surrogacy treatment under the aegis of a surrogacy doctor who is immensely experienced in performing the superlative quality surrogacy treatments.

Comparing the success rates of different surrogacy clinics

Another important facet that aid in searching for the best surrogacy centre is the success of the fertility centre. The centre that has credible success rates of performing successful surrogacy treatments. Success rate is the percentage that shows the number of effective fertility treatments performed by a particular surrogacy hospital. Choose a surrogacy centre that has the highest success rates and make sure that the success rates displayed by them are not fake and are shown only to attract maximum number of infertile patients.

Cost of the various surrogacy procedures

Analyze the cost offered by the various fertility clinics and select the one that you think is offering highly reasonable prices that match the quality of their services. Pick the one that is well-known for providing the efficacious surrogacy processes in combination with the treatment from adroit surrogacy specialists and other fertility doctors. The best surrogacy doctors inform their patients about all the important steps that are going to take place during the surrogacy treatment and make a customized treatment surrogacy package accordingly that satisfies their specific requirements.

Supreme-quality Surrogacy treatment at the best Surrogacy Centre in Mumbai

If you are not satisfied with the information yet, then Select IVF India is the only fertility treatment services providers to consult for further information for deciding the best surrogacy centre in Mumbai. We are a famous medical tourism company in India that provides the surrogacy treatment services of its fertility specialists in all parts of India. Our surrogacy specialists and IVF experts have over thirty years of experience in the domain of surrogacy treatment.

We have the highest success rates for surrogacy treatment in Mumbai and provide the services of the best surrogates in Mumbai. Our experts use state-of-the-art equipment when operating the patients for different surrogacy procedures in Mumbai. Our staffs at the hospital make certain to provide our patients with a first-class treatment experience and assure that they get the best result in their surrogacy treatment.

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