Best Surrogacy Centre in Ghana

Top 5 Best Surrogacy Centre in Ghana 2021 With Success Rate

Top 5 Best Surrogacy Centre in Ghana

The surrogacy success rate is higher than other assisted conception methods, which makes surrogacy the best option or treatment to have a child for a couple with infertility with whom they can experience every moment of baby formation; from the formation of an embryo to the birth of a baby. To experience a memorable journey to parenthood, one needs to select the best surrogacy centre in Ghana that offers efficient surrogacy treatment with a genuine success rate. To put your work at ease we have added a list of the best surrogacy centre in Ghana that can turn your dream into reality.

Select IVF Cost Vs Indira IVF Cost Comparison

Infertility or inability to conceive naturally is not a choice; various reasons could cause infertility in an individual such as unhealthy lifestyle, smoking-drinking habits, genes, medical issues, and so on. Like other diseases or health issues, infertility doesn’t have strong and visible reasons. In many cases, an individual couldn’t even identify the issues for a long time as infertility doesn’t have many strong and visible symptoms. To diagnose infertility, an individual should do a regular fertility check-up with the help of clinics and labs that offers fertility tests.

Most commonly a couple or an individual realizes infertility health issues while trying for a child. When a couple is unable to conceive through a natural method for a year, infertility could be the reason. They should consult the doctor immediately without doing further delay because the more you will wait, the less will be chances of conceiving through assisted conception methods such as IVF.

When a couple couldn’t conceive with other assisted conception methods such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), a doctor could recommend surrogacy treatment to them. Surrogacy treatment cannot be recommended in every case. There are some scenarios where an expert suggests surrogacy.

What are the scenarios where a doctor suggests surrogacy?

Many individuals and couples with a non-medical background have a misconception regarding surrogacy that it could be recommended to anyone. Here I am going to clear this misconception for you; surrogacy cannot be suggested in every case. There are some specific cases where a fertility expert recommends surrogacy treatment to his or her patients.  Here are the following patients to whom an expert suggests surrogacy.

  1. A woman with no uterus
  2. A woman with acquired disorders (acquired disorder is a health condition where a woman’s uterus is unsuitable to carry pregnancy)
  3. A woman with a history of occurring miscarriages
  4. A woman with health risks through pregnancy
  5. The same-sex couple who wants to have a biological baby can also opt for gestational surrogacy

If an individual doesn’t fall under these circumstances then the doctor will not suggest surrogacy as a solution to have a biological child. Surrogacy is not recommended to those who want to avoid stretch marks, pregnancy weight gain, labor, and other pregnancy effects. The treatment is a solution for severe infertility that is mentioned above in the list. For them, surrogacy can bring happiness to their lives. There are two methods of surrogacy, but expert suggests gestational method.

What are the methods of surrogacy?

Doctors usually suggest the gestational surrogacy method, because it is considered safe for the baby. Another method of surrogacy is traditional surrogacy. Let’s understand briefly.

Traditional method: In the traditional method, the surrogate is genetically connected with the baby. Why is that? – In the traditional method of surrogacy, the female gamete or ovum which is fertilized with the intended father’s sperm through IUI is of surrogate. Due to this, the child can be born with the characteristics of the surrogate and the most concerning part is the child can even possess some genetic problems of surrogate. Also, doctors believe that the surrogate being connected with the child could affect the surrogate emotionally.

Note: In many countries, the traditional method is completed banned.

Gestational method: In the gestational method, the surrogate doesn’t have any DNA connection with the baby. The female gamete or ovum which is fertilized with the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm is either of the intended mother or donor through IVF. This method of surrogacy is considered safest for the intended parent(s) as the egg used in it is either of the intended mother or donor who has almost all the qualities that are preferred by willing to be a parent(s).

Surrogacy is still considered a controversial topic, many countries have strict protocols for performing surrogacy. There are two ways of paying methods in surrogacy. Out of which many countries recommend the only altruistic method.

What are the methods of payment in surrogacy?

In many countries, the altruistic method is legal in gestational surrogacy, and in some countries, the compensated method is on its urge to be banned. Let’s understand briefly.

Compensated method: If you ask a common individual about surrogacy, they are more likely to tell you the features of the compensated method. You might have been the one who would have only known this method. In the compensated method, the couple pays an amount which is called a fee for carrying a pregnancy for them along with the treatment expenses.

Altruistic method: In the altruistic method, the couple pays for the treatment expenses, accommodations, and medication, but they don’t pay the fee to the surrogate. Why is that? In the altruistic method, the surrogate or gestational carrier is known of the couple. She could be a relative or friend which is the opposite of compensated method.

Further in this article is the list of best surrogacy centre in Ghana, that have high success rate, affordable cost and experienced staff and doctors.

List of top 5 best surrogacy centre in Ghana

  1. Select IVF
  2. World fertility Services
  3. Zoe fertility
  4. Lister hospital and fertility centre
  5. Ruma fertility and specialist hospital

1. Select IVF – Best Surrogacy Centre in Ghana

Select IVF
Select IVF

Select IVF is one of the well-known surrogacy centre that have completed thousands of surrogacy within ten years of span. The reason behind the hospital’s success is its highly experienced doctors, advanced technology, affordable cost, and 24*7 supports to its clients.

The success rate of surrogacy at select IVF is up to 885%. The fertility specialists at select IVF hold experience of more than two decades in the field of fertility treatments. Their experiences have helped many couples with severe infertility issues to seek a way for becoming parents.  

That is why it is one of the best Surrogacy centre in Ghana. Along with IVF, the centre provides other fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, male infertility program, and so on.

Contact details: +91- 9899293903 (coordinator)

2. World fertility services – Best surrogacy centre in Ghana


World fertility services (WFS) is a destination of almost every type of fertility treatment under one roof. You name it and they have it. The quality of their treatments is not less than a treatment offered by developed countries.

Their effective treatment and unique approach are some of the major keys to their popularity among couples or individuals seeking surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy at world fertility services (WFS) is also affordable for a middle-class group of people.

WFS has converted many couple’s dreams of having a biological kid into reality. Not only Ghanaians but WFS is also a popular destination for surrogacy among couples of many Asian and European countries.

Contact details: +91 9560712022

3. Zoe Royal hospital and fertility centre – Best surrogacy hospital in Ghana

Zoe fertility also famous as Zoe royal hospital is one of the leading surrogacy and fertility hospital in Ghana. Since 2010, the hospital has helped many couples to have a biological child through fertility treatments. The hospital is situated in Ghana.

The fertility expert at Zoe fertility understands the emotional state of willingness to be parents that is why they are determined to provide efficient treatment at an economical price to their clients without compromising their morals, values, and ethics.

Along with fertility treatment, they offer other services such as general Medical Services, maternal and child care, reproductive health and infertility management, alternative and herbal medical services, laboratory services, ultrasound services, electrocardiography(ECG), pharmacy Services, Family Planning consultancy, and Immunization, Vaccination, Pre-employment, Annual, and Bi-annual Medical Examination.

Contact details: +233205363614 | +233243239534

4. Lister hospital and fertility centre – Best surrogacy hospital in Ghana

Lister hospital and the fertility centre have been serving in the field of fertility treatment since July 2004. For almost two decades the hospital has maintained its quality of services and treatments which is why it has won many awards for fertility treatments, services, and facilities. As well as Lister hospital and the fertility centre is a technologically advanced hospital in Ghana and West Africa.

Along with fertility treatments the hospital provides other high-quality healthcare services such as Pediatric Gastroenterology, Paediatric Surgery, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Paediatric Neurology, Neonatology, Paediatric Haematology, Clinical Psychology, New Born Clinic, Internal MedicinePsychology, Physiotherapy, Urology, Pain Management Clinic, Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Rheumatology, Paediatric Neonatology.

Contact details: +233 303 409 040

5. Ruma fertility and specialist hospital – Best surrogacy hospital in Ghana

Ruma fertility and specialist hospital is guiding couples and individuals with infertility since 2012. The determination of fertility experts and staff has made the hospital people’s favorite destination to undergo fertility treatment. The success rate of fertility treatment at Ruma fertility is high. In 2016 the hospital has been honor with the best-assisted conception award. 

The treatments offered by Ruma fertility and specialists hospital are in vitro fertilization with embryo transfer IVF-ET, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), intrauterine insemination IUI, egg donation, sperm donation, surrogacy, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, and screening (PGD &PGS).

Contact details: + (233) 206-355-476

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    These hospitals are well known and follow an ethical path. There are many fertility hospitals that do fake claims to attract customers but these hospitals doesn’t practice these tricks and that is why they fall under the best surrogacy hospital in Ghana.

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