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How to find the best Surrogacy Centre in Chembur 2023?

Surrogacy treatment in Chembur

Surrogacy is an extensively used fertility treatment in which the infertile couples dealing with infertility or are unable to have a child due to other reasons, undergoes a surrogacy arrangements in order to get a child. In this treatment, a woman called surrogate mother is selected according to the requirements of the intended parents. The intended parents hire a surrogate mother who agrees on the prospect of carrying the child on their behalf and handing over to them when the time comes. The concerned parties in the surrogacy treatment undergo an agreement whereby they agree to perform their role in the process. The surrogate mother cannot refuse handing over the child to the intended parents and on the other hand, intended parents cannot reject the child borne by the surrogate mother.

During the surrogacy procedure in Chembur, the surrogate chosen for the process is in her best fertile health and is selected after comprehensive screening. Our patients get the benefit of choosing the surrogate that best fits their requirements. Surrogacy is performed via two methods in Chembur, that is, traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Out of which, gestational surrogacy is a preferred surrogacy process as it offers the added advantage of having a biologically related child. The surrogate then gets pregnant and carries the baby in her womb to term and delivers the baby to the intended parents who have chosen her to perform this task.

At Select IVF India, we have well-experienced fertility and surrogacy specialists extensively experienced in performing the most effective surrogacy treatment in Chembur. We are a well-established medical travel agency in India operating in conjunction with the best surrogacy centre in Chembur and surrogacy doctors having a record of performing various successful cases of surrogacy in Chembur. We have a huge database of healthy surrogates that are selected after effectively evaluating them for their eligibility as a surrogate mother. Our fertility experts perform the highest quality of treatment and put all their efforts to make certain the highest chances of success in your surrogacy treatment.

Surrogacy procedure explained

There are two types of surrogacy arrangements in Chembur, which are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. In the process of traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with the intended father’s sperms or donor sperms. Accordingly, the surrogate attains conception, carries the baby for the intended parents, and delivers the baby. This arrangement of surrogacy is less desirable as the surrogate gets genetically related to the child but the father remains biologically connected to the child provided his sperms are used during the artificial insemination process.

Whereas in gestational surrogacy, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment is employed where the intended mother’s eggs and the intended father’s sperms are mixed together in a lab, which leads to the formation of an embryo. Usually, more than one embryo is formed to increase the chances of conception. The embryo is kept in the lab for another 4-5 days so that it can develop completely. Thereafter, the surrogate mother is called into the process and the formed embryo is transferred inside her uterus. Consequently, she gets pregnant and delivers the baby to the intended parents after carrying their child to term. After delivering the child, she has no legal or parental rights on the child and the intended parents are termed as the legal parents of the child.

Gestational surrogacy is a more favorable surrogacy arrangement because of the advantage of having a genetically related child offered by it. The surrogate mother gets compensated in return for her pregnancy services or the intended parents can get someone from their friends or family who agrees to carry a pregnancy on their behalf, this form of surrogacy is called altruistic surrogacy.

Finest Surrogacy Hospital in Chembur

One of the foremost things that determine your probability of achieving success in your surrogacy treatment is the surrogacy hospital you choose for undergoing the surrogacy treatment. At Select IVF India, we provide our patients with the services of well-experienced fertility and surrogacy specialists that perform the effective surrogacy treatment at a viable cost. Our surrogacy doctors employ the use of sophisticated equipments when operating patients for the fertility treatment and stay updated with the technological advancements taking place in the domain of fertility treatments. We are connected with the best surrogacy clinics all over India and help our patients in finding the best surrogacy clinic in Chembur that perfectly matches their requirements. We have the best surrogate mother in Chembur that have undergone comprehensive screening and medical testing. Our surrogates have the experience of successfully giving birth at least to one child and have the best reproductive health, which is essential for carrying a healthy pregnancy. Also, our success rates for surrogacy treatment are the highest in the country that is why patients from over the world choose India for getting cost-effective surrogacy treatment.

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