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Which is The Best IVF Centre in Nepal?

IVF – Fertilizing In Vitro

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the most extensively performed fertility treatment where conception is achieved with the assistance of assisted reproductive technology. ART methods are a method involving making pregnancy possible via technology and IVF is one such assisted reproductive technique where fertilization occurs in a lab environment and not inside a woman’s body, which is why the term in vitro is given to this fertility treatment method because fertilization takes place in a glass in a laboratory.

Infertility is a prevalent reproductive disorder in which the ability of a couple to achieve pregnancy is permanently halted owing to various reproductive health issues. It is a problem that has impacted both men and women and is not something that only a woman experiences. There are a lot of reasons why an individual has to deal with this sad situation such as endometriosis, PCOS, low sperm count, couples with unexplained infertility, and other serious health problems that make it impossible for an individual to have intercourse.

Before making headways toward a fertility treatment, it is essential to do your homework and choose the best fertility centre as the doctors and clinics you wish to acquire fertility services is a significant factor in determining your chances of conception. In case you are searching for the best IVF centre in Nepal, then Select IVF Nepal is your best bet as we are famous fertility treatment services providers in Nepal with the adroit fertility specialists and medical professionals. Our success rates for different types of fertility treatment are considerably high when compared the same with other fertility centres all over the world.

The complete course of IVF treatment

Before beginning the course of a single IVF cycle at the best IVF clinic in Nepal, the woman has to intake some fertility medicines with the purpose of making her ovaries ovulate fertile eggs in more quantity. The aim of fertility drugs is to ensure the best quality of eggs, which is essential for the successful execution of IVF treatment in Nepal.  Once it is made certain that the eggs have matured, the subsequent step would be to take out the same from the ovarian follicle with the help of a fine needle.

The obtained eggs need to be fertilized with the finest quality sperms. The sperms are collected with the help of a process called semen collection in which the man or a sperm donor is invited to provide his semen sample. Then, the doctor washes and thaw the semen sample in order to separate and withdraw the best quality sperms, which are essential for healthy fertilization. The eggs are fused with the sperms in a culture dish. The incident of fertilization results in the formation of an embryo and the formed embryo takes another 4-5 days to grow fully.

Afterwards, the embryo is transferred to the uterus of the woman by a small surgery called embryo transfer. Once the embryo is successfully implanted inside the woman’s womb, then it is just a matter of days and pregnancy occurs. For conforming pregnancy, various ultrasounds and pregnancy tests are performed. We provide the best IVF treatment at our IVF centre in Nepal.

Select IVF Nepal – the best IVF centre in Nepal

Select IVF Nepal is the best IVF clinic in Nepal for availing fertility treatment services. We have tie-ups with the best fertility experts having over 30 years of experience in providing a wide range of fertility treatments. Our medical professionals have a track record of performing several successful infertility cases and help the patients in their journey to parenthood. We make sure that our patients return home with a kid in their arms and experience minimal discomfort in the course of their fertility treatment.

We offer our patients the highest chances of getting pregnant if they choose our IVF centre in Nepal for undergoing fertility treatment. IVF treatment is a long and uncertain journey, and one should definitely weigh their options before undergoing such treatment. At Select IVF Nepal, we thrive on making the fertility treatments of our patients successful without charging them unreasonably. Apart from the supreme quality treatment, we also offer reasonable prices for different types of fertility treatment in Nepal, which is why Nepal has become a preferred place in India for receiving fertility treatment services.

Thorough research is required when you are on the lookout for IVF clinic in Nepal as investing in fertility treatment is a great deal and you should put your fate in the most trusted and successful hands. Select IVF Nepal offers the best IVF treatment with high chances of success in the same. Also, our staffs at the concerned network hospital are skilled at comforting the patients and making their fertility treatment a fruitful experience.

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