Are you familiar with IVF? If your answer is no then stay with the article till the end to know all about In-vitro fertilization. Before reading the article first it is necessary to know who needs this treatment.

Fertilization is the treatment that helps one to complete incomplete fertilization with the help of modern and advanced techniques. The one who faces this problem after having many intercourses should go for treatment.

There are many reasons that could be the cause of infertility including low quality of egg and sperm, genetic infertility, age, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. also there are many reasons them there are different treatments are discovered by experts.

These treatments are IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, PGT, PGS, etc. these treatments are innovated to handle every critical, to make couples happy by giving the happiness of becoming parents.

The article is all about the best IVF Centre in Islamabad. With the best faculties of treatment at a low cost. Thus every infertile couple can enjoy their parenthood. IVF ( In-vitro fertilization)

In-vitro fertilization is the treatment completed through a laboratory process where the one will be asked for eggs and sperm and further will be kept in the same cultural dish to make them fertilize after 4 to 5 days the embryologist will keep the embryo (blastocyst) and transfer it into the female uterus.

The process of in – vitro fertility starts with a consultation, where the embryologist will diagnose the treatment that which treatment will be best for the couple as per the quality of eggs and sperm.

After the consultation part, there will be a blood test and ultrasound and as per the result there will be a dosage suggested to the couple to develop the fallopian into matured eggs.

Further, the embryologist will pick out good quality eggs from the ovary and keep them on the cultural dish with selected good quality fresh sperm from male patients.

Further, when the eggs and sperm combine its self and change into embryos at this stage the embryologist will transfer them into the uterus.

In addition, if the result of the pregnancy gets negative then the embryologist will go for the second cycle with frozen embryos.

Cost of IVF in Islamabad

#Types of TreatmentsCost in PKRCost in USD
1Self-Cycle IVF817,200.004,500.00
2IVF with Donor Egg998,800.005,500.00
3IVF with Donor Sperm744,560.004,100.00
4IVF with ICSI635,600.003,500.00
5IVF with TESE762,720.004,200.00
6IVF with MESA726,400.004,000.00
7IVF with PESA744,560.004,100.00
8IVF with Micro TESA817,200.004,500.00
9IUI treatments544,800.003,000.00
10IVF with Donor Embryo635,600.003,500.00

The cost of best IVF centre in Islamabad includes all the expenses that will be added while taking the services such as conclusion, ultrasound, blood test, laboratory expenses, cultural dish expense, embryologist charges, visits, frozen embryos charges, etc.

Also, there will be some extra charges included in different cases such as donor’s egg, donor’s sperm, donor’s frozen embryo, etc. In addition, the charges will be taken on more cycles. If needed to couples.

In this cost comparison table, the cost of IVF in Islamabad is compared with the cost of IVF in other countries so that one will get the prices of IVF and can take services as per the budget they have prepared for the service.

Which is the best IVF Centre in Islamabad

To get to know the best IVF Centre in Islamabad. So here is your important point which is going to discuss the reasons. And some best factors that one should consider while selecting the best IVF Centre in Islamabad.

Select IVF is the Best IVF Centre in Islamabad as it provides all kinds of infertility treatments at an affordable price with providing top-class faculties.

The experts of the hospital are well-experienced that have been certified by the best university. There is a team that handles infertility treatments. the experts diagnose the complication and suggest the best treatments as per the quality of eggs and sperm required.

Why one should go for the select IVF

Wanted Best In- vitro fertility treatment then the select IVF will be the best choice as the environment of the centre is welcoming where the treatment is done making the couples feel free and comfortable.

Get all infertility services at cheap rates with a well-skilled team of doctors that have more than 10 years of experience. In between the years, there are many fertility treatments done by them that get success and make the couples satisfied and well-being.


In conclusion, the article is about the Best IVF Centre in Islamabad. Wherein the couple will get knowledge from the infertility treatment. With its process so while taking the service one will be eligible to understand the factors. Further, there is a cost suggested in comparison to other countries so the budget can be maintained as per the cost of IVF in Islamabad.


What points need to be considered while taking IVF service?

There are some points that need to be taken care location, certification, the experience of the doctors, years of working, procedure, legal aspects in case of taking surrogacy service, etc.

What is the best treatment for IVF and IUI?

Both the treatment are best it depends on the couple which treatment they need to conceive the baby.

How much time will be taken to complete the procedure?

There will be more than 15 to 20 days taken to complete the in-vitro fertility treatment excluding the time period of pregnancy. There will be more than 20 to 30 days will be taken with the pregnancy test.

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